Andover Society for the Methodist Episcopal Church Early Marriages

The Andover Society for the Methodist Episcopal Church was organized April 21, 1834, in the town of Westmoreland, Oneida County, New York, in what is now the village of Lowell.  Riley A. McFadden has contributed this list of early marriage record, commencing 1865, under eight different ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Riley A. McFadden
All Rights Reserved

Marriages performed by C. S. Shepard, Minister:

 July 11, 1865  Charles Eddy of Rome, age 21, born NYS, occupation cooper
                        Lotty Stebbins of Oswego, age 18, born NYS

Sep. 5, 1865    William J. Martin of Hounsfield, NY, age 58, born NYS, occupation farmer
                         Frances Gunn of Lowell, age 39 born NYS

Sep. 14, 1865   George Smit of Lowell, age 26, born NYS, occupation farmer
                          Sarah E. Brown of Hampton, age 19 born NYS

Mar. 23, 1866   Ebenezer R. Cline of Lowell, age 23, born NYS, occupation farmer
                          Laurza Abbert of Vernon, age 22 born NYS

Apr. 14, 1867   Joseph Thompson of Westmoreland, age 21, born NYS, occupation farmer
                         Louesia Wicks of Saratoga, age 24, born NYS

May 28, 1867   Charles S. Young of Lowell, age 21, born NYS, occupation mechanic
                          Henrietta C. Lehr of Lowell, age 21 born NYS

Marriages performed by A. G. Burlingame, Minister:

Jan. 8, 1868   Frederick Meil of Verona, age 27, born NYS, occupation mechanic
                      Abigail Miller of Verona, age 21, born NYS

Marriages performed by H. R. Northrup, Minister:

May 29, 1868  James W. Shaw of Seymour, Conn., age 24, born NYS, occupation meachinist
                        Fanny H. Weaver of New York Mills, age 23, born NYS

Dec. 31, 1868   Eugene Bristol of Durhamville, age 21, born NYS, occupation mechanic
                         Amelia Pease of Oneida Valley, age 17, born NYS

Jan. 1869        Aaron Ingersol of Lewis County, age 33, born NYS, occupation farmer
                       Lorena Brown of Vernon, age 24, born NYS

Oct. 14, 1869    William J. Turner of Utica, age 33, occupation carriage maker
                           Mary Ann Robson of Westmoreland

Dec. 8, 1869   Stephen Curtice of Vernon, age 26, born England, occupation boot & shoemaker
                        Ellen Adams of Vernon age 18, born Lowell

Dec. 30, 1869  Oscar D. F. Holbrook of Pompey Center, age 29, born Pompey, occupation farmer
                         L. Pamelia Northrup of Ontario, Wayne co., age 30, born Webster, Monroe Co.                                                   (minister's sister)

March 30, 1870   Andrew E. Lewis of Westmoreland, age 24, born NYS, occupation farmer
                             Lydia A. Wood of Westmoreland, age 21, born Ava

Marriages performed by C. D. Greenleaf, Minister:

Aug. 1, 1870   John Levens of Waterville
                       Alice Cressett of Verona, age 21

Dec. 4, 1870   Daniel Goodell of Westmoreland, occupation farmer
                        Emma Smith of Vernon

Jan. 21, 1871  George H. Blood of Hampton, born Hampton, occupation artisan
                        Margaret E. Fuller of near Lee Center, born Rome

Aug. 20, 1871    William H. Fuller of Town of Rome, occupation farmer
                           Lizzie E. Tierney of Town of Rome

Oct. 1, 1870      Almond S. Brown of town of Westmoreland, occupation farmer
                          Polly Palmer, town of Lee

Mar. 6, 1872    Irving Adams of Martinsburg, NY, occupation farmer
                         Ellen A. Burr of Westmoreland

Jan. 25, 1872     Charles H. Shaver of town of Lee, age 21, born town of Lee, occupation farmer
                           Bertie H. Reveley of town of Verona age 23

Jan. 10, 1872    Adelbert M. Brownel of Village of Clinton, age 21, occupation merchant
                          Ada A. Gypson of town of Westmoreland, age 19

Sep. 19, 1872   William Haroll Burg of Lowell
                          Lida Collins of Lowell

Marriages performed by H. G. Miller, Minister:

June 1874    Mr. Remington of Lowell, age 21, occuaption farmer
                    --------, Brown of Lowell age 19

Aug. 25, 1874    W. E. Sheldon of Stockbridge, occupation farmer
                            Ella Kimball of Lowell

Sep. 29, 1874    George R. Dixon of Belvedore, Ill, occupation farmer
                           Ruth J. Robson of Lowell

Nov. 4, 1874    Philander Shedd of Lowell, farmer
                         Emma M. Sanford of Lowell

Nov. 18, 1874     John L. Ackley of Lowell, occupation farmer
                            Mrs. Sarah A. Burr of Lowell

April 19, 1875    Samuel A. Millham of Burlington, Vt.
                           Sarah H. Robson of Lowell

Jul. 6, 1875   Maynard G. Lawrence of Lowell, occupation merchant
                     Hattie M. Mason of Sangerfield Center, NY

Nov. 4, 1875   Samuel Marsland of Ilion, NY, occupatio machinst
                        Mary S. Realey of Forestport, Oneida County

Jan. 7, 1876   Samuel Wells of Westmoreland, occupation farmer
                      C. Elle Buckley of Boonville

Marriages performed by Webster Ingersoll, Minister:

Sep. 15, 1876   Charlie W. Adams of Vernon, age 21, occupation farmer
                          Ada A. Bates of Verona, age 19

Oct. 22, 1876   William Rufus Gypson of Lowell, age 23, occupation farmer
                          Emma Hodierene of Lowell, age 22

Dec. 20, 1876   Jotham R. Hillman of Canandaigua, age 27, occupation mechanic
                         Libbie Tudman of Lowell age 20

March 7, 1877   George Tudman of Lowell, age 23, occupation farmer
                           Maggie A. Pine of Vernon age 22

Marriages performed by Isaac Turney, Minister:

Feb. 13, 1878   George W. Reveley of Verona, occupation farmer
                          Celia A. Gypson of Lowell

Feb. 25, 1878    George Smith of Lowell, occupation farmer
                           Ann C. Reveley of Verona

Marriages performed by C. Manson, Minister:

Jan. 28, 1879    Elmer Tuttle of North Bay, occupation carriagemaker
                         Libbie M. Davies of Lowell

Aug. 10, 1879    William S. Harter of Oneida
                           Ella Haslem of Oneida

May 3, 1879   Frederic C. Fadner of Rome, occupation lawyer
                       Effie Jean Powell of Rome

Jan. 17, 1880   Frank S. Orcutt of Waterville, age 20, born Madison, occupation farmer
                        Libbie M. Larabee of Vernon, age 2, born Martinsburg, NY

April 7, 1880    Wesley C. Smith of Westmoreland, born England, occupation farmer
                         Lillian A. Gypson of Westmoreland, born Westmoreland

Jan. 30, 1880   Herbet Pearsall of Rome, age 27, born Lowell, occupation farmer
                        Libbie Cummings of Rome, age 22, born Lowville

Jun 4, 1880    Chipman Taber of Rome, age 23, born St. Johnsville, occupation mechanic
                       Amanda C. Cook of Rome, age 18, born Rome

Oct. 7, 1880  Harry R. Simmons of Lowell, born Camden, occupation merchant
                      A. Florence Wylie of Lowell, born Lowell

Nov. 4, 1880    Robert Williams of Binghamton
                         Alice Rawson of Lowell

Dec. 25, 1880   John Hutchenson of Hampton, age 26, born Hampton, occupation farmer
                         Eliza Bielby of Hampton, age 25