Newspapers and Magazines

There have been several newspapers and magazines printed in Oneida County dating back as far as the 1790's.   Listed below are the names of the newspapers, their dates of publication and information about them (if known),whether or not they have been microfilmed, and the place where the microfilm can be found.  If you know of any other newspapers please let us know.


NYS Newspaper Project

Advance Journal
    NYS (1885-1888)
    NYS (1959 - 1981)

Black River Herald
    NYS (1855-1871)
    Utica College - ( 17 Feb 1860 - 29 Feb 1871)
    (See Boonville Ledger below)

Boonville Herald
    NYS  (1885-    )
    Utica College (9 Mar 1871 - 27 Dec 1962)
    (See Boonville Ledger Below)

Boonville Ledger
    This newpaper was first published in March 1852 by James H. Norton.  It was sold to the L.C. Childs & March 1855 who changed the name to the Black River Herald.  It was published until March 8, 1862 when it sold to H.P. Willard.  Mr. Willard subsequently changed the name to the Boonville Herald.

Camden Advance
    NYS  (1873 - 1884)
    Started in 1873 by W.C. Stone

Camden Advance Journal
   NYS  (1888-1959)

Camden Freeman
    Started in 1860 by Orlando Squires who ran the paper until February 1861 when he sold it to E. Henderson.  Mr. Henderson changed the name to The Monitor and it was published until the year 1864 when it was purchased by J.H. Munger.

Camden Gazette
    Published in 1842 by Munger & Stewart

Camden Journal
    Started in 1864 by J.H. Munger

Camden News
    This paper commenced in the month of Janaury 1866 by Rev. W.S. Franklin.  It continued until May 1 1867 when it's patronage was transferrred to the Camden Journal.

Clinton Courier
    (See Clinton Signal Below)

Clinton Signal
    Started by L.W. Payne on July 10, 1846.  In 1848 certain memebers of the senior class of Hamilton College offered their aid to the paper and it was called the Radiator. This lasted only a year and the name was changed back to the Clinton Signal.  Mr. Payne was joined by Ira D. Brown and the two established the Oneida Chief.  In 1856 it was sold to Francis E. Merritt who a year later sold it to Galen H. Osbourne.  He changed the name to the Chief and Courier.  In August of 1859 Mr. Osbourne sold the paper to M.D. Raymond.  Mr. Raymond continued publish the paper until May 1, 1875 when he finally sold it to J.B. Sykes.  Mr. Sykes changed the name to the Clinton Courier and is still published today.

Columbian Gazette
    This newspaper started in Rome in August of 1799 by Thomas Walker and Ebenezer Eaton as the Colombian Patriotic Gazette  It was moved to Utica in 1803.  In 1835 it joined the Utica Sentinel and became the Sentinel and Gazette.

Columbian Patriotic Gazette
    See Columbian Gazette above

Daily Republican
    This paper commenced on October 22, 1877 and evetually became the Utica Republican

Daily Sentinel
    NYS (1976 -     )

    Started in the year 1829 by B.B. Hotchkin and William Williams. It merged with the Sentinel and Gazette in 1834 and became The Oneida Whig.

    NYS (1850 - 1850)

Evangelical Magazine

Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
    Utica College (15 Dec 1855 - 1900)

Free Trader
    NYS (1846 - 1847)

Observer Dispatch
    NYS (1969 -       )
    Utica Public Library (4 June 1922 - Present)

Oneida Chief
    (See Clinton Signal above)

Oneida Morning Herald
    NYS (1847 - 1853)
    Utica Public Library ( 1 Nov 1847 - 30 Apr 1853)
    This paper started in November 1847 by Robert W. Roberts, Richard U. Sherman and Edwin R. Colston.  It merged in Janaury 1857 with the Herald and became the Utica Morning Herald and Daily Gazette

Oneida Observer
    This paper began as the Utica Observer but became the Oneida Observer when the Utica Observer moved to Rome in 1818.  In the year 1819 the paper moved once again to Utica and the orignal name was resumed.

Oneida Weekly Herald
    NYS (     - 1857)
    Utica Public Library ( 30 Sept. 1851 - 25 Oct 1859)

Oneida and Utica Weekly Herald
    Utica Public Library (3 Jan 1868 - 16 Nov 1875)

Oneida Weekly Herald and Gazette and Courier
    NYS (1857 - 1863)

Oneida Whig
    Utica Public Library ( 20 May 1834 - 30 Jun 1846)
    The Oneida Whig began in the year 1834 when the papers the Elucidator and the Sentinel and Gazette merged.  It was published as a weekly issue of the Utica Daily Gazette until 1857

    NYS (1803 - 1804)
    This paper was started as the Whitestown Gazette (see below) but was bought in 1803 by John H. Lothrop in 1803.  It eventually became The Utica Patriot. It was purchased in 1811 by William H. Maynard and eventually joined the Patrol in the year 1816.  The name was again changed in the year 1819 to The Utica Sentinel.

    NYS (1815 -1816)
    Started in the month of Janaury 1815 by the printing house Seward and Williams, it merged with the Patriot (see above) in 1816.

Pennysaver Weekly Features Mid-York Weekly Online

Queens Central News
    NYS (1974-       )

Utica Daily Gazette
    NYS ( 1842 - 1857)
    Utica Public Library ( 3 Feb 1842 - 30 Jun 1855)
    Rufus North began this paper in the year 1842 and was the first daily paper printed in Utica.

Utica Daily Observer
    NYS (1848 - 1884)
    Utica Public Library ( 3 Jan 1860 - 28 Mar 1884)

Utica Daily Press
    Utica Public Library ( 13 Mar 1882 - March 1987)
    Utica College  (Jan 1952 - Mar 1987)

Utica Democrat
    This paper was started in the year 1836 by John G. Floyd.  It merged with the Observer in 1853.

Utica Deutsche Zeitung and Oneida Demokrat
    The original paper was started in 1853 by a stock company consisting of Charles Bierbauer, Paul Keiser and J.J. Hamlin.  In 1855 Mr. Keiser became the sole owner of the company.  It was purchased in 1865 by John C. Schrieber.  It was published semi-weekly until 1865 when it began to publish three times a week.

Utica Evangelical Magazine

Utica Evening Dispatch
    Utica College (22 Dec 1898 - 14 Mar 1900)

Utica Herald
    This newspaper was a descendant of the Whitestown Gazette and was started in the year 1803

Utica Herald Dispatch
    Utica Public Library ( 10 May 1901 - Apr 1920)
    Utica College (15 Mar 1900 - April 1922)

Utica Herald Dispatch and Daily Gazette
    NYS ( 1900 - 1921)

Utica Magazine

Utica Morning Herald
    NYS (1853 - 1857)
    Utica College ( 2 Jan 1871 - 28 Jan 1900)
    Utica Public Library (2 May 1853 - 28 July 1879)

Utica Morning Herald and Daily Gazette
    NYS (1857 - 1900)
    Utica Public Library (13 Aug 1857 - 31 Dec 1870)

Utica Morning Telegraph
    Utica Public Library ( July 1920 - 11 Jan 1922)

Utica Observer
    NYS (1831-1852)
    NYS (1884 -1922)
    Utica Public Library ( 31 Mar 1884 - 3 June 1922)
    Utica College ( 6 June 1874 - 17 April 1891)
    This paper began in Utica in the year 1816.  The operation of the paper was moved to Rome in 1818 and the name was changed to the Oneida Observer.  It was changed back again to the UticaObserver when the paper moved back to Utica once again in 1819.

Utica Observer Dispatch
    NYS (1922-1969)
    Utica College ( Jan 1952 - Oct 1996)

Utica Patriot
    NYS (1804-1815)
    (See Patriot above)

Utica Saturday Globe
    Utica Public Library (12 Jan 1895 - 9 Feb 1924)
    Utica College (7 jan 1899 - 9 Feb 1924)

Utica Sunday Tribune
    Utica College (6 May 1877 - 30 April 1922)

Utica Semi Weekly Herald and Gazette and Courier
    NYS (1863-1896)

Utica Sentinel
    This paper began in the year 1819 when the name of the Patriot and Patrol was changed.  It was published until the year 1835 when the operation was sold to Samuel D. Dakin and William J. Bacon. It became known as the Sentinel and Gazette in 1835.

Utica Sentinel and Gazette
    Started in 1835 when the Utica Sentinel joined with The Columbian Gazette.

Utica Sunday Tribune
    Utica Public Library

Utica Weekly Herald
    Utica Public Library (22 May 1894 - 28 Dec 1897)

Utica Weekly Observer
    This paper began in January 1872 as a weekly paper of 8 pages.

Rome Citizen
    NYS (1840-1888)
    Jervis Public Library, Rome (7 July 1840 - 25 Dec. 1863)
    Begun in Vernon in July of 1835 as the Vernon Courier.  It was moved to Rome in 1840 and the name was changed to the Rome Citizen

Rome Daily Sentinel
    NYS (1881-1976)
    Jervis Public Library, Rome (8 Nov. 1842 - 12 Dec. 1881)
    (See Rome Sentinel below)

Rome Republican
    (See Rome Sentinel below )

Rome Sentinel
    This paper was begun in February 1825 as the Rome Republican.  In 1830 it merged with the Oneida Republican, a paper begun in June 1828 as The Republican. In 1831 E. Moon took over as proprietor and changed the name to the Rome Telegraph. In the year 1838 the paper was again sold, this time to R. Waldby who changed the name to the Democratic Sentinel. In 1840 the name was changed once more to the Rome Sentinel when H.F. Utley and S.W. Morton became proprietors.  The Rome Daily Sentinel was begun in July 1852, in connection with the Rome Sentinel, and continued until 1860 when it was suspended. In June of 1864 Augustus C. Kessinger a native of Alterkirchen, Germany formed a partnership with Franklin B. Beers to run the Rome Sentinel.  The Sentinel began as a daily again in 1881.  Mr. Kessinger's descendants still own and manage the newspaper today.

Rome Telegraph
    Jervis Public Library, Rome (8 July 1834 - 12 Dec. 1837)
    (See Rome Sentinel above )

Saturday Globe
    NYS ( 1885 - 1924)

Vernon Courier
    (See Rome Citizen above )

Waterville Times
    NYS (1950 -      )

Western Recorder
    NYS (1824-1830)

Whitestown Gazette
    The Whitestown Gazette was started in the Town of Whitestown (In a part which is now the Town of New Hartford) in the year 1796 by William McLean and eventually became the Utica Herald. It was first printed on a crude hand-press that  Mr. McLean had poled up the Mohawk River on a bateau.

Whitestown Gazette and Cato's Patrol
    NYS (1798-1803)
    In 1798 William McLean moved his printing operation from New Hartford to Utica and changed the name of his newspaper adding Cato's Patrol.  Mr. McLean sold his operation to John H. Lothrop in 1803 due to poor health and the name was changed to Utica Herald.

From the 1869 Oneida County Directory Publications of Oneida County - Sent in by Sheila Hoffman

The first newspaper published in Oneida County was The Western Centinel, commenced at Whitesboro, in January 1794, by Oliver P. Eaton, who was succeeded by Mr. Lewis, and afterwards by Lewis & Webb.  The paper was continued about six years.

The Utica Christian Magazine was commenced by the Oneida Association and Presbytery in 1813 and was published about three years.

The Club was published at Utica by Henry Goodfellow & Co. about three months in 1814.

The Civil and Religious Intelligencer was started in 1815, at Sangerfield, by Joseph Tenney. In 1825 it was changed to
The Sangerfield Intelligencer, and in 1835 it was removed to Fabius, Onondaga County.

The Utica Christian Repository (monthly), was commenced by Merrill & Hastings in 1822, Wm, Williams, publisher.  About 1825 its name was changed to The Western Recorder, a weekly religious paper, G. Tracy, publisher.

The Baptist Register was commenced by Elders Galusha and Wiley.  In 1825 it was published under the auspices of the Baptist denomination; Alex. Beebe, editor, and Cephas Bennett, publisher.  In 1830 it was leased to Bennett & Bright for five years; and in 1835, the lease was renewed for seven years.  In 1840 Mr. Bright withdrew.  It was successively published by Bennett, Backus & Hawley, Dolphus Bennett, A.M. Beebe and D. Bennett, and in 1854 it was sold and united with the New York Recorder, of New York City.

The Baptist Sunday School Journal (monthly) was commenced in 1828 by C. Bennett.

The  Universalist (monthly) was commenced at Utica, by Rev. J. S. Thompson, L.R. Smith and G.B. Lislier, in 1825.  It was removed to Philadelphia the next year.

The Western Sunday School Visitant and Christian Miscellany was commenced at Utica, b G.S. Wilson, in 1828.

The Utica Intelligencer was commenced by E.S. Ely in 1826.  In 1830 Joseph H. Buckingham became editor, and Joseph Colwell, publisher, and in 1831 the paper was united with

The Mechanics' Press, which was commenced in 1829 by J. M. Todd & W. Schram.  The united papers were published for a a time as The Utica Intelligencer and Mechanics' Press, by Joseph colwell, proprietor.

The Utica Magazine was commenced in 1827.  It soon passed into the hands of Rev. Dolphus Skinner, who issued it semi-monthly as The Evangelical Magazine. In 1830 he united it with the Gospel Advocate, of Auburn, and published it weekly as the Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate.  In 1851 it was merged in the Christian Ambassador, since published simultaneously in New York and Auburn.

The Gospel Messenger was commenced at Auburn, by Rev. John C. Rudd, in 1827, and was removed to Utica about 1835 and published as The Gospel Messenger and Church Record.  Wm. A. Matson succeeded Mr. Rudd as editor.  He was succeeded by Rev. Wm T. Gibson, D.D., the present editor [1869]. It is now published as The Gospel Messenger, by Grove & Bailey.

The American Citizen was published at Utica by George S. Wilson, in 1830, Bennett & Bright, printers.

The Christian Journal was published at Utica in 1830, by E.S. Barrows.

The Co-Operator, a semi-monthly, was published at Utica in 1832, by Quartus Graves; M.R. Bartlett, editor.

The Lever was published at Utica, by W.S. Spear, in 1832.

The Oneida Democrat was commenced at Utica in 1833, and continued about two years.

The Oneida Standard was commenced at Waterville in 1833.  It was subsequently removed to Utica, and after the Democrat was discontinued it assumed the name of The Stardard and Democrat, Quartus Graves, publisher.  In 1835, on account of its abolition sentiments, the office was entered by a mob and a part of the type and furniture thrown in to the streets.

The Friend of Man was commenced at utica in 1836, by the New York State Anti-Slavery Society; Wm Goodell, editor.  In 1841 Stanley P. Hough became editor, and in 1842 Wesley Bailey became proprietor, and united with it The Abolitionist, of Cazenovia,and changed the name to The Liberty Press.  It was disconintued in 1849.

The Utica Teetotaler was commenced by Wesley Bailey in 1849.  In 1856 A.K. Bailey became proprietor.  In 1858 it was united with the Ilion Independent, the new paper taking the names of G. W. Bungay and A.K. Bailey, editors, until 1860, when it was merged into the Utica Weekly Herald.

Youth's Miscellany was published at Utica, by Bennett & Bright, in 1834.

The Christian Visitant (monthly) was published at Utica, by a. B. Groosh, in 1835.

The Talisman was published at Utica, by Bennett & Bright, in 1835.

Mother's Monthly  Journal was published at Utica, by Kingsford, Bennett & Bright, in 1836.

The Examiner was published at Utica in 1836, and The Freeman in 1837, both by E. Dorchester.

Y CENHADWR AMERICANAIDD ( a monthly) was published in Welsh at Utica, in 1832.  In 1834 it was removed to Steuben, and has since [1869]been published by Rev. Robert Everett, D.D.

Anti-Slavery Lecturer was pbulished at utica a short time, by Wm. Goodell, in 1839.

Y CYFAILL (Welsh) was removed from New York, by Rev. W. Rowlands, in 1841. In 1844 it was returned to New York.  In 1854 it was removed to Rome, and in 1857 to utica.  It was published by Thomas Jenkins until 1861. From 1861 to 1867 it was published by Rev. Wm. Rowlands, D.D. it is now [1869] published by Mrs Wm. Rowlands and edited by M.A. Ellis.

Central New York Washingtonian was published at Utica and Rome in 1842.

The Wesleyan Methodist was commenced at Utica, by David Plumb, in 1841.  A paper known successively as the Cortland Luminary, Reformed Methodist intelligencer and Fayetteville Luminary, was united with it and the name changed to the
Methodist Reformer.  In 1842 it was removed to Cazenovia, and soon after to Utica; W.Bailey, publisher.  In  1843 it was merged in the True Wesleyan of New York  City.

The Utica Daily News, the first daily paper in Utica, was commenced by Joseph M. Lyon, John Arthur, C.Edwards Lester and Jarvis M. Hatch, in January, 1842.  It was continued about seven months.

The Uticanian was published a short time by Squires and Soliss, in 1842.

The American Journal of Insanity (quarterly) was commenced by Dr. A. Brigham, in1843, and was edited for  a time by Dr. T.R. Beck.  It is now [1869] edited by the officers of the Asylum.

The Washingtonian was published at Utica, by J.C. Donaldson, in 1843.

Cysell Hen Wladyn Americanaidd (Welsh) was published at Utica,  by E. E. Roberts, in 1843.

Seren Orllewinol (welsh) was commenced at Utica in June, 1844.  In 1846 it was removed to Pennsylvania.

Washingtonian News was published at Utica,by Matteson Baker, in 1845.

The Central News was published at Utica, by M. Baker, in 1846.

Haul Gomer, (Welsh), a semi-monthly, was commenced in 1847 and issued one year.

The Central City Cadet was started at Utica in 1849, by James & Howard. In 1850 it was changed to
The Cadet's Banner, and was discontinued soon after

The Opal, a monthly, was commenced in 1851.  It was edited and printed by patients in the Insane Asylum. It is now [1869] discontinued.

The American Free Missionary was removed from McGrawville to Utica in 1850 or 1851.

The American Baptist was commenced by the Free Mission Society, in 1850; Wm Walker, editor.  In 1856 it was removed to New York City.

The Diamond, a monthly, boys' paper, was published at Utica two  months, in1850,by A. K. Bailey, E. Wetmore and C.W. Butler.

The Northern Farmer, monthly, was commenced at Utica in January, 1852, and continued until 1860.  It was edited by T.B. Miner.

The Rural American was commenced at Utica in January, 1856, as a semi-monthly.  In January, 1859, it was published weekly and continued to  1861.  The publication was then, suspended until 1863, when it was revived as a semi-monthly and continued until October, 1868, when it was changed to a monthly.  T.B. miner is its editor  and proprietor.

Mechanics' National Reporter was published at Utica a short time in 1851.

The Utica Evening Telegraph was commenced by Thomas R. McQuade, J.F. McQuade, editor, in May, 1852. In February 1858, the office was burned.  The pbulication was resumed in May and continued until  Mary, 1867.

The Scientific Daguerreian, monthly, was commenced at Utica, by D.D. T. Davis and Guerdon Evans, in January, 1853.

Y Gwyliedydd (Welsh) was published at Utica, by a company, in 1854; Morgan Ellis, editor.  In 1856 it was removed to New York City and united with Y DRYCH. which was removed to Utica in 1860, and published by J. W. Jones. The paper has a large and increasing circulation, and is the recognized national organ of the Welsh people of the Untied States.  It is now published [1869] by J. Mather Jones.

Young Folks' Advocate, monthly, was commenced at Utiica in July, 1858. Edited by T.B. miner.

The Civil and Religious Intelligencer was published at Sangerfield in 1818.

The Compass was published at Verona in 1840.

The Parlor Journal and Literary News Letter of Central New York (monthly) was published at Rome, by Graham & Co. in 1843.

The Primitive Christian (semi-monthly) was published at rome, by Rev. H. Mattison, in 1845.

The Spiritual Magazine (monthly) was published at the Oneida Reserve in 1848.

The Oneida Mirror was published at Camden, by Edward Pickard, in 1849.

The Central State Journal was commenced in 1850, by L.W. Paine; S.S. Norton, editor. Its name was soon after changed to The Central New York Journal, and in January, 1853, to The Vernon Transcript; J.R. Howlett, proprietor.  In October, 1855, Niles Jewell became a partner; and in 1856 the paper was discontinued.

The Waterville Advertiser was commenced by R.W. Hathaway in 1851.

The Empire State Health Journal was commenced at Rome,  in 1851.

The Waterville Journal was commenced in January, 1855, by A.P. Fuller & Co.; C.B. Wilkinson, editor.  It was discontinued in March, 1856.

Y Arweinydd (semi-monthly Welsh) was commenced at Rome in January, 1858, by R.R. Meredith, editor, and Thomas T. Evans, assistant editor. It was discontinued in 1860.

The Saturday Evening Telegraph was started at Utica, in February, 1868,by David F. Ritchie, its  present publisher [1869].

Manufacturer's and Lumbermen's Journal, an advertising sheet, was started in April, 1867, by the Wood & Mann Steam Engine company. It is still issued monthly.[1869]

The Temperance Patriot was started in October 1867, and is still published [1869] by W.M. Ireland, editor and proprietor.  It is a weekly paper, the organ of the Independent Order of Good Templars, has a circulation of 4,000 and constantly increasing.

The Waterville Times was started in 1857, by McKibbin & Wilkinson, who conducted the paper until 1860, when the office was sold to J. H. Yale, who continued its publications until November 8, 1866, when the paper passed into the hands of R.S. Ballard, the present proprietor.  It is an independent journal with a circulation of 500 copies.

The Northern Light was started by Johnson & Merritt, who were succeeded by O'Ferrell, who  continued its publication until his death in 1853 or 1854.

The Christian Weekly Monitor and Sabbath Morning Report was started in June, 1814, at Waterville, by Joseph Tenney.  In 1816 it was united with The General Adavertiser, which was started in May, 1866, by john Tillinghast, the present [1869] publisher.  It is an advertising sheet and issued monthly at Utica.