Dr. Scollard Obituary

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Dr. James I. SCOLLARD Dies Suddenly – Clinton Loses an Old and Influential Citizen – A Widely Known Physician Who Will Be Missed.
Died February 20th, 1903

There are many things which the people of this village and vicinity have had reason to be truly thankful, and one of the most important is the fact that Clinton has been and now is the home of many professional men and others, of character and influence who are and always have been a benefit and help of the community.  Death has taken from this community many such men, and it has been the sad duty of the Courier in the past years of its existence to chronicle the passing away of many of these honored citizens.  Among the older physicians who have gone, we recall the names of Dr. BRONSON and Dr. F. M BARROWS, and now we name the last to be called – Dr. James I. SCOLLARD.

The death of Dr. SCOLLARD occurred last Friday afternoon in his office on East Park Row about 2 o’clock.  He was out driving during the morning, making calls and transacting other business, and returned between twelve and one o’clock.  After dinner he went to his office and met Mr. HENRY, his tenant on the farm near the Clinton Cemetery, with whom he transacted business.  Thos. JONES, of Churkery, and Mr. PLUNKETT, of Clark Mills, were also callers at the office about this time.  Mr. HENRY left the office, and Dr. SCOLLARD and Mr. JONES and Mr. PLUNKETT sat together in the office for nearly five minutes, when they noticed that the doctor was not feeling just right and the two gentlemen went to his side.  He expired almost immediately.  Drs. HAMILIN and BARROWS were hastily summoned but he was beyond medical aid.  Death was due to heart failure.

Dr. SCOLLARD was born March 30, 1824, at Springfield, Otsego County and was therefore in his 79th year.  His parents afterwards removed to Manlius, N. Y., and when but a very young man he became interested in medicine and studied in the office of Dr. NUMF in that village.  Afterwards he attended the Medical College at Albany and received a diploma of that institution.

Dr. SCOLLARD came to Clinton in 1849, and became associated with Dr. George BISSELL, then a well-known and prominent physician, in the practice of medicine in this village.  After being associated with Dr. BISSELL for several years he concluded to practice for himself and bought out his partner’s interests in the business.  Dr. BISSELL then removed from Clinton.

Dr. SCOLLARD was a most successful physician and his practice extended over a great territory.  He was often called to Madison, Sangerfield, Oriskany Falls and other towns south of Clinton to attend patients.  During his earlier years of practice he rode almost continually during the day and was always ready to serve his patients at night.  He attended closely to his business and never neglected to do his very best for the large number of those whom he served in his profession.  Beginning as he did, over fifty years ago, to practice medicine in this community and the surrounding towns, and continuing without interruption for so many years it is probable that no man in Oneida County or Central New York has had the privilege of a wider acquaintance.  His face and figure will be missed on all the roads of the towns where his profession and other business called him.  Dr. SCOLLARD was a great admirer of good horses and always drove the best horses to be seen in the community.  Because of the large territory that he was obliged to cover as a physician he needed the best road horses and was proud to own them.

Not every professional man can be called a good business man, but this was not true of Dr. SCOLLARD.  He was a man of large financial interests.  By close attention to business and hard work, together with strict economic methods and honest dealings, he was able to accumulate a large amount of property both real and personal, and his interests extended outside of this village and community.  He owned several of the finest farms in this locality which have been improved in many ways since he came into possession of them.  He never bought a piece of property but that he improved it in some way and thereby increased the value of it.  He was the owner of the Opera House and Clinton House Blocks.

Dr. SCOLLARD was largely interested in the Utica, Clinton & Binghamton and the Rome & Clinton railroads.  He had been president of the former company nearly if not quite twenty years, and of the latter company since 1887.  He took a deep interest in the Clinton Cemetery Association and had served as its president for sixteen years.

Hamilton College is largely indebted to Dr. SCOLLARD for its fine water system, as he gave valuable water rights to the institution by which it is enable to maintain a good water supply.

Dr. SCOLLARD was a Democrat in politics but had never been actively interested.  However, he was elected a supervisor of the town in 1856 and served one year.  He was interested in whatever was for the best welfare of the town and for the carrying on of its affairs in a strictly business like manner.

The village of Clinton is indebted to Dr. SCOLLARD for a great deal.  He became president of the village in 1877 and continued to serve for six successive years.  After six years had elapsed he was again elected president in 1888 and served for three successive years.  During these many years of service on the village board of trustees, many improvements were made about our village in the way of making it more attractive.  The beauty of the Park was on e of his special prides, and in fact he was always anxious to have our town look as neat and tidy as possible.  Dr. SCOLLARD believed in the most economic and careful expenditure of the people’s money in the conduct of village affairs.

Dr. SCOLLARD was not associated with any religious denomination, but he had profound respect for religion.  He often attended church especially on Sunday evenings and gave to the support of Christianity.  He was a member of Clinton Lodge, F. & A. M.

To all outward appearances Dr. SCOLLARD was in perfect health.  A man of fine physique, straight and robust.  He had, however, for many years suffered from heart trouble and had been subject to slight attacks similar to that which resulted in his death.  He expected to be taken away suddenly and had spoken of it to his family and others.  His death was sudden, but without suffering.

An ideal citizen, a self made man and a good physician – such may be said of Dr. SCOLLARD.  He was a prominent and influential man, whose advice was often sought after in business matters.  An able financier who counsel and advice has been accepted in large business interests.  A man of pleasing address, jovial and pleasant, whose presence and words of encouragement as a physician in the sick room were often better than medicine.  His loss will be deeply felt in many families where he has so long served them as a physician.  The pleasant face and familiar form of Dr. SCOLLARD will be greatly missed, and his place in the community will be hard to fill.  In the death of Mr. SCOLLARD, Clinton loses a citizen of greater value to the community than the people can realize for some time to come.

Dr. SCOLLARD was twice married.  He is survived by his wife and one son, Clinton SCOLLARD, who was in the south at the time of his fathers death.

Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at the family residence on East Park Row.  The capacity of the house was tested almost to the limit by the large number of people present from this town.  The services were conducted by Rev. Oliver OWEN, of St. James Church, who read the Episcopal service and made brief but appropriate remarks.  A male quartet from the College sang “Lead Kindly Light.”  Rev. Dr. T. B HUDSON conducted the services at the Clinton Cemetery.  The bearers were C. D. HAYES, O. W. KENNEDY, P. M. HULL and Ellery STEBBINS.

There were present at the funeral the members of the Board of Directors of the Utica, Clinton & Binghamton and Rome & Clinton railroads, and many prominent men who have been associated with Dr. SCOLLARD in business interests.