Garland Photographs

These Photographs were sent in by Joanne Garland


This 1908 photo was taken at the corner of Mary and Nichols Streets in Utica, NY.  Joanne's great grandparents ran the store for a short time when they lived in the upstairs apartment.  The man on the horse-drawn delivery wagon is her great grandfather Edwin James Garland, who was born in Cassville, Town of Paris, on May 2, 1869 to Civil War Veteran James J. (or K) Garland of the NY 121st and Marinda Johnson daughter of Edwin A. Johnson and Betsey Huggins of Paris.  The woman in the doorway is her great grandmother Emma Verby Harrison, born in Fort Plain, Montgomery County, April 23, 1873 to Alvira Van Etta (daughter of boatman Lewis Van Etta and wife Mary C. Wiles of Canajoharie) and broommaker Richard Harrison.  The boy shown seated at the left of the photo is a neighborhood child her grandfather always identified as Billy Richardson.


This is a photograph of a Sunday school class in the Utica area around the year 1903 to 1905.
Joanne's grandfather, Roy Harrison Garland, is the boy in the upper left.  He was born in 1896 and lived in Sauquoit, New Hartford, and at various times in the Cornhill area of Utica.  Most likely this photo was taken in Utica. Roy's parents were married in the Presbyterian church in Sauquiot, so these boys and their teacher may have been Presbyterian.  We do not know the names of the other boys, but perhaps some viewers may recognize their grandfathers in the photo.

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