Bessie Lorraine

Carol Michaud
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Bessie was born June 1, 1904 in Utica, NY, daughter of Frank and Dinah (Geary) Lorraine, and died August 16, 1926 in Utica, NY of tuberculosis.  Her brother Floyd, born in 1902, also died of tuberculosis in 1920.  

The picture of the home she lived in with other tuberculosis patients (one of several) says "East Bunch Wing - All had TB".  There are several pictures of her friends at the "TB Hospital".  Photos taken on the outside of the building show it to be of grand architecture and one had "Saranac Lake" written on the top of it.  Possibly, having lost her brother Floyd, the family went to some expense to find to find a cure for Bessie if the "TB Hospital" was located in Saranac.