Rear Admiral Mervine, U. S. N

Rear Admiral Mervine, U. S. N. was born near Philadelphia, March 14, 1791.  He died Sept.15,1868.  He entered the navy in January, 1809, and had been in service nearly sixty years, twenty-five years at sea and four years on shore or other duty, and twenty-eight years unemployed.  He was on duty on board the sloop-of-war John Adams when the War of 1812 broke out, and, with other young officers he volunteered to join in the hostilities on Lake Erie.  In an engagement with the British at Black Rock, on the Niagara River, he was severely, wounded by a musket ball in the side. (See Cooper Naval History, Pages 339-341.)  Before the close of the war he was stationed at Sackett's Harbor.  Mr. Mervine was married to Miss Amanda M. Crane, of New York, in 1815.