The town of Ava lies centrally on the northern boundary of the county.
In the year 1797, Ebenezer Harger came from Connecticut to Whitestown,
and in 1798 removed to Ava.  Zephania and Abner Woods followed soon
after, and about the year 1800 Philo Hager, Benjamin Jones, Lemuel Wood
and Justus Beardsley arrived.  The town was created from the town of
Boonville by an act of the Legislature, passed May 12, 1846.
They held the first town meeting on the fourth Tuesday in May of 1846.

Current Historian:
William Belewicki
Ava, NY 13303

1850 Sketch of Ava from Rome Citizen

Ava Residents 1907

West Leyden Evangelical Lutheran and German Reformed Parish