The town of Boonville lies on the northern border of Oneida County. It was formed in the year 1805
and had been included at one time in the towns of Whitestown, Steuben and Leyden.  The first
settler of the town was Andrews Edmunds who was an agent for Gerritt Boon, an agent
of the Holland Land Company.  He arrived in the year 1795 and with the help of others built a saw mill
and grist mill.  The year 1796 saw the arrival of Phineas, Silas and Martin Southwell, as well as
Asahel and Ezekiel Porter, Aaron Willard, Jacob Springer, Jeptha King, Hezekiah Jones and son,
and Luke Fisher and his son.

Current Historian:
James S. Pitcher
159 Schuyler St.
Boonville, NY 13309

1830 Assessment Roll Vitals from Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853-Mar 1855
1850 Sketch of Boonville in Rome Citizen Early Boonville Settlers
First Methodist Episcopal Church 1928 - 1929 German Evangelical Lutheran Church
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