The Boonville Ledger

Vitals from the Boonville Ledger - Feb 1853 - March 1855
Was Published on Saturdays by Ela Kent.
Boonville Ledger beun 1852 - Norton, purchased by Ela Kent
in 1853 sold by Kent in Feb 1855.
The dates in () are dates of publication.

ADAMS, Asa L. of Hawkinsville, ml Elizabeth Tice of North Western, in Boonville at R. Hurbut Hotel by Rev. A. Hall, Jr. "no date"  (BL 23 Dec. 1854)

ALLEN, Calvin 'Deacon' - died Williamsville on 30th ult., age - 62 yrs.  (BL 4 Feb. 1854)

ANDERSON, George William died Hawkinsville on 14th inst., age - 14mos., only son of John
Anderson, esq. (BL 19 Mar. 1853)

ANDREWS, Rose Ann - died this village on 12th inst., age 60 years, relict of late Aaron Andrews of Alder Creek   (BL 17 June 1854)

ARMSTRONG, Charles T. - died Vernon Center on 10th, the age 17 years, son of Earl F. Armstrong, member of Academic Dept. at Madison University  (DL 28 May 1853)

ARTHUR, Duane - the little daughter of Duane Arthur drowned in New Bremen last week  (BL 19 Aug. 1854)

AVERY, Jane "Miss” of Leyden m. Heman Ward of Vernon in Leyden at Jonathan Avery's on 9th
by Rev. Wm Weld   (BL 16 July 1853)  note:  Heman is correct

BACON, Moses - died Watertown on 20 inst., age 76 (BL 26 Mar. 1853)

BANNINC, George D.   m. Miss Anna M. Atkins  Leyden, in Boonville on 3rd inst. by Rev. E.S. Barnes
(BL 6 May 1854)

BANNING, Helen Sophia - died Leyden on Fri., Dec. 30, 1853, age 5 years 7 mos. 3 days

BANNING, Lydia Ann - died Mon., Jan. 9, 1854,  age 3 years 20 days

BANNING, Ellen Maria age 2 years 7 mos. 8 - died Thurs., Jan 12, 1854, days
All of croup, all daughters of Sally & Joseph Banning
 'Verse' (BL 21 Jan. 1854)

BARNES, Ezra C. of Boonville, m. Miss Harriet Murphy of Port Leyden in Boonville at Empire Hall on 12th Inst., by J.R. Tharatt esq.  (BL 14 Jan 1854)
BARNFORD, A.E. 'Miss' - Mar. See: Lyman, P.G. Mr.

BARRITT, Samuel - of Boonville, m. Miss Marilla Ann on 8th inst. Powers of Trenton, in Boonville by Rev. E.S. Barnes   (BL 11 Mar. 1854)

BEARDSLEY, Mary Miss – of Ava, m. Amos E. Scofield of LeRoy, in this village on 19 inst., by J.R. Tharratt, esq. (BL 25 June 1853)

BENEDICT, Daniel - died on 24th inst. in 69th year (BL 28 Jan. 1854)

BOYD, Magdalena 'Mrs.' - died Boonville on 27 inst., age 58 years, daughter of the late Rev. David DeVoe (BL 30 Dec. 1854)

BRAINARD, Emergene 'Miss' - m. Stephen Earl, both of West Turin, in West Turin on 25th inst.
by Rev. L.L. Palmer  (BL 30 Dec. 1854)

Brainard, Jonathan S. - died Bristol, Ct. on Oct 8, 1853 age 52 years, see: obits for bro. & sis., Orlando V. & Nancy Ann Brainard (BL 6 May 1854)

BRAINARD, Nancy Ann - died West Turin on 2nd ult., age 35 years, funeral services in
Constableville on 4th inst., see:  obits for bros., Jonathan S. & Orlando V. Brainard (BL 6 May

BRAINARD, Orlando V. - died New Britain, CT on 15th ult., age 29 years, see: obits for bro. & sis., Jonathan S. & Nancy Ann Brainard  (BL 6 May 1854)

BRAINERD, Jesse - died Lee at the residence of his son on 7th inst., age 76 years, (BL 23 Dec.

BRANDSTATER, Henry - of Boonville, m. Miss Eliza A Gookins of Leyden, in Leyden at
residence of W.J. Hall by Rev. E.S. Barnes. (BL 11 Nov. 1854)

BRIDGMAN, Mrs._____ - died Highmarket on 13th inst.  the wife of Oliver Bridgman
(BL 21 Oct. 1854)

BRINOKERHOFF, Helen - died Hawkinsville on 18th inst., infant, only dau. of John L. & Ann

BRINKERHOFF, Anna – died Hawkinsville on 1st inst., age 7 years (BL 23 July 1853)
BRINKERHOFF, Sarah Maria -  age 8, both daughters of Alonzo Brinkerhoff, (BL 6 Aug 1853)

BROOKS, Mary A. - died Rome on 31 Inst., age 24 years, father - Merit Brooks  (BL 13 Aug. 1853)

BROWN, John W. - of Greig, m. Miss Susan J. Ager of Leyden on 25 inst. by Rev. E.S. Barnes
at his residence (BL 28 Oct. 1854)

BROWN, Ellen - "Shocking Death” , died in Greig on 10 inst., age 15 years, the daughter of
Caleb Brown, esq. of Greig, She was burning stumps in the field with her brother when her
clothes caught on fire.  Blade   (BL 21 Oct. 1854)

BRUNDIG, John - "Suicide of an old Waterloo Soldier", comm. suicide on Feb 23, old resident of
Illinoistown, from:  Bellville (Ill.) Advocate  (BL 18 Mar. 1854)

BUCK, Almira Jane - died Boonville on 20 ult., age 4 yrs. 4 mos., dau. of Charles & Hannah Buck  (BL 7 Oct. 1854)

BUCK, Betsey “Miss” - m. Mr. Charles Kilts, all of Ava, on 22 inst. by Rev. Wm. M. Weld   (BL 24 Dec. 1853)

BUCK, William N. - died 5 inst. at Rome, age 1 yr. 10mos.  youngest son of Ebenezer H. & Lydia
A. Buck of Boonville, funeral at Methodist Church   (BL 7 Oct. 1854)

BURROWS William - m. Miss Mary Jane Carmichel all of Boonville, in Leyden at Barrett’s
Hotel by Rev. E.S. Barnes  (BL 26 Mar. 1853)

BUTTS, Frances Amelia – the dau. of Thomas B. Butts, esq. of Boonville, m. George in Buss late
of  Sterling, Mass.,  in Boonville on 25th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes  (BL 29 April 1854)

BUTTS, Hannah Ann - the dau. of Thomas B. Butts, esq., m. Benjamin E. Jones, all of Boonville, in Boonville on 27th inst. by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL __Feb./Mar. 1855 - date is cut off, last paper in Vol. III)

CHILD,________  - the little son of Erastus Child, age 2 years, died in Whitestown, he fell into a pail of boiling water (BL 8 July 1854)

CHURCHILL, Augusta – died in Boonville on 28th inst., “no age”, wife of Reuben Churchill, funeral tomorrow, Sunday in Alder Creek (BL 29 April 1854)

CLARK, Cephas – died in West Turin on 1st inst., age 90 years, in the county 52 years, one of the 1st settlers (BL 16 Dec. 1854)

CLARK, Hulda R. – died in Constableville on Thursday 7th inst., age 25 yeas, wife of Lorenzo N. Clark.

CLARK, J. Scott – died Winona, Minn. Terr. On June 24, age 24 years, emigrated from Copenhagen, Lewis County in the spring of 1852 to improve his health (BL 12 Aug. 1854)

CLARK, Mary “Miss” – of Leyden, m. Edward Bush on the 4th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes at his residence in this village (BL 7 Jan 1854)

CLARK, Orson H.  – of Turin, m. Miss Philemia C. Wood, of West Turin, in West Turin on 5th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 8 Oct 1853)

CLARK, Prudence – died in Leyden on 8th inst., age 60 years, husband – Dennis Clark, “enjoyed New England privileges” (BL 16 July 1853)

CLEMENS, Jacob A. – m. Miss Elizabeth L. Lints, all of Boonville, in this town on 3rd inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 7 May 1853)

CLEVELAND, Richard F. Rev. DD – died in Holland Patent on 1st inst., age 49 years, Preacher 25 years, born CT., graduated from Yale & Princeton, Funeral on Tues., leaves 9 children: eldest dau. a missionary in India, one son is a minister (BL 8 Oct 1853) “Father of Pres. Grover Cleveland”

COE, Brainard – died in Leyden on 3rd inst., age 84 years, came from New England to Lewis County at a very early date. (BL 10 Sept. 1853)

COMBS, Abigail 'Miss' - died Boonville age 67 years, wife of the late Solomon Combs, funeral
 tomorrow at Union Church  (BL 8 April 1854)

COMBS, Samuel E. - of Boonville, m. Miss Ladotia of Ava in this village on 1st inst., by Rev.
E.S. Barnes (BL 4 Feb 1854)

CONNER, Matthew - "Fatal Accident" - killed in Rome village, run over by the cars (BL 18 Nov.

COOK, Atwater died Salisbury on Monday, age 27 years "politician" (BL S Mar. 1853)

COOK, Nathan - died Remsen on 11th May, age 23 years,
COOK, Simeon - died Remsen on 29th May, age 18 bros., smallpox, funeral by Rev. 31st ult.
(BL 4 June 1853)

COONRADT, Adam - died in Troy jail yesterday, suicide (BL 5 Feb. 1853)

CORWIN, Charles Fisher - of Martinsburg m. Miss Helen M. Fisher of Turin, at Hotel of Hon. R.
Hurlbut on Feb 1., by Rev. A. Hall, jr. (BL 3 Feb. 1855)
COVENHOVEN, Isaac D. – died in Little Falls, Herk. Co. on 3rd  inst., age49  (BL 10 Feb. 1855)

COVENHOVEN, Margaret 'Mrs.' - died in Hudson, Mich., on 17th ult., age 31 years, widow of
John B. Covenhoven formerly of Boonville (BL 3 Feb. 1855)

CRAWFORD, Mary ‘Miss’ – m. John Higgins, both of Turin, in this village on 23rd inst., by Rev.
E.S. Barnes (BL 30 July 1853)

CROFOOT, James, Jr. - died in West Turin, 19th inst., age 33 years, 1st 22 years spent in West Turin, m. 1843 Miss. Hannah M. Plum, they were mar. 7 years, she died Nov. 22, 1850 “Big write up” (BL 25 Feb. 1854)

CROGAN, Edward - drowned, Monday evening near Floyd Road  "of this village"  from Rome
Sent. (BL 25 Feb. 1854)

CRONK, B. Franklin - m. Miss Lydia Samantha Potter, both of Western, at Empire House,
13 inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 16 Sept 1854)

CROZIER, Francis E. - the son of the late Lewis Crozier, aged about 12 years, left Hamilton,
Madison Co. in May of last year,  "found Dead in canal"   (BL 25 Feb 1854)

CUMMINGS, Margaret Mrs. – died Boonville on 6th inst., age 82, b. Hillsborough, IRE., emigrated with
her husband in 1819, settled Boonville, Presbyterian, her husband died in 1849, 10 children, all survive
(BL 11 Nov 1854)

CUNNINGHAM, George Hannibal – died this village on 21st inst., age 15th year eldest son of Foster L. * Asenath Cunningham, funeral at Union Church (BL 21 Oct 1854)

DAVIS, Isaac – died Herkimer, age about 20 years, Englishman about 20 years old found dead on towpath on the 8th inst., from Herkimer Democrat  (BL 21 Oct 1854)

DEACON, Robert Arch, esq. – of New Bremen, m. Miss Wihelmina Grotrian, of the same, in Boonville on 30th August, by Rev. Agijah Hall (BL 2 Sept 1854)

DEAN, Caroline – died Constableville on 21st inst., the infant daughter of George B. Dean (BL 30 Dec 1854)

DENNIS, Catherine Mrs.  – died in Boonville, 29th inst., age57 years, wife of Tilness Dennis (BL 1 Apr 1854)

DENSLOW, Jeremiah – Notice for claims against the estate of Jeremiah Denslow, late of Boonville (BL 14 May 1853)

DEPEYSTER, Fanny – died Constableville on 25th inst. Age 2 years, father –Pierre DePeyster (BL 30 July 1853)

DEWEY, Chester G. – m. Miss Mariah K. Hall, both of Leyden, in Boonville, on 10th inst., by Rev. A. Hall at his residence (BL 18 Nov 1854)

DICKINSON, George H. – m. Miss Mary Dickinson, both of Turin, at Eagle Hotel on 2nd inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 7 Jan 1854)

DICKSON, ______ - 8 year old boy kicked by a horse in West Utica, “little hope of recovery” (BL 15 April 1854)

DOUGLASS, Charlotte – died in Leyden, 27th April, age 70 years, wife of Nathan Douglass of Leyden (BL 24 June 1854)

DOUGLASS, Nathan – died Ellisburgh, Jefferson County on 20th inst., age 70 years (BL 24 June 1854)

DOYLE, James – m. Miss Ann Monahon, both of Hawkinsville, in Hawkinsville on 12th inst., by D. Marshall, esq. (BL 18 Feb 1854)

DRAKE, Melzar – of Boonville, m. Mary Goodenough of Martinsburg, in West Martinsburg, 14 May by V. R. Leonard, esq. (BL 28 May 1853)

ELLIOT, John – drowned Erie Canal, age 10 years, Daily Sent. Of June 8th (BL 10 June 1854)

EVERETT, Margaret Mrs. – died in Remsen on 8th inst., age 27 years, wife of Lewis Everett, daug. Of Morris Roberts (BL 13 May 1854)

FAULKNER, Emma C. – died this village, 5th inst., age 25 years, wife of H.D. Faulkner, esq., daug. Of William B. & Mary Hyde of Richfield, Otsego County, remains to Jordanville (BL 6 Aug 1853)

FIELD, Albert M. – died South Rutland 22nd ult., age 30 years 11 mos 27 days (BL 6 Jan 1855)

FISK, John M., esq. – m. Delia Allen, in this village on the morning of the 1st at the residence of John Cross, esq. By the same (BL 4 June 1853)

FOLTS, John – died Alder Creek, 17th  inst., age 4 years, eldest son of William and Amanda Folts (BL 21 Jan 1854)

FRANKLIN, Betsey Ann – m. Robert Wad, both of Ava, in Ava, 16th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 19 Mar 1853)

FRANKLIN, Gilbert – died Ava, the morning of 20th inst., age 51 years (BL 22 April 1854)

FYLER, Mrs. ______ - the wife of Alfred Fyler was murdered near Syracuse at Split Rock, husband is suspect (BL 11 mar 1854)

GARDINER, Eliza – died Boonville, 22nd inst., age 34 years, wife of Alfred Gardiner (BL 27 May 1854)

GARDINER, George – of Berlin, Chenango County, m. Miss Minerva Newman, of Jefferson County, at J. Barrett’s Inn, Dec 29th by Isaac Parsons, esq. (BL 7 Jan 1854)

GATES, Philo A. – drowned on 23rd, a tinner at Knox’s Corners, formerly of Rome, from: Rome Citizen (BL 17 Dec 1853)

GEBHARD, Eliza – died this village, yesterday morning, age 3 years, funeral today at Methodist Church (BL 17 Sept 1853)

GOLLY, Andrew – of Lee, m. Miss Ellen McClusky, the daug of John McClusky, esq. Of Boonville, on 4th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 8 July 1854)

GRAHAM, Lewis I., esq. – of Hawkinsville, m. Miss Sarah Ann Eackor, of Boonville, in this town, 3rd inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 5 Mar 1853)

GRAVES, Harriet W. – died in this village, Saturday 15th inst., age 6 years, only daug. Of Henry Graves, esq. (BL 22 Apr 1854)

GUILLAUME, Frederick – m. Miss Mary Lewis, both of Boonville, in Boonville, 13 Jan., by Rev. A. Hall Jr. (BL 20 Jan 1855)

GUIWITS, Alida Louisa – died this village, 18th inst., age 2 years, parents – Mr. & Mrs. Henry Guiwits (BL 19 Feb 1853)

GUIWITS, Marium, of Boonville, m. William Shaver, of Springfield Centre, Otsego County, at the residence of Isaac Guiwits, esq. Of Boonville, 21st inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 25 June 1853)

GUIWITS, Susan – died Boonville, 16th inst., age 23 years, youngest daug. Of Isaac Guiwits, esq. (BL 25 Nov 1854)

HADDEN, John E., esq. – “of this village”, m. Miss Clarissa Seymour of Western, in Utica at the McGregor House on 24th August, by Rev. O. Lincoln of Utica (BL 2 Sept 1854)

HALL, Julia Miss – died Leyden, 9th inst., age 33 years (BL 15 Oct 1853)

HART, _____ - the 10 year old son of Isaiah Hart of Hubbertville, drowned at a lick (BL 9 Sept 1854)

HARVEY, Peter H. – of Boonville, m. Miss Lana M. Lehr, of Ava, in Ava, 30th inst. By Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 1 April 1854)

HAVEN, Clara Howard – died Constableville, 16th inst., age 7 mos, 14 days, infant daug. Of Warren N. & Susan C. Haven (BL 23 Sept 1854)

HAVEN, Sarah C. – died Lyons Falls, July 29th, age 27 years, wife of W.C. Haven of New London, CT * daug. Of Eleazer Plumb of Constableville (BL 5 Aug 1854)

HAWKINS, George C. – of Western, m. Lucinda A. Clark, of Copenhagen, in Copenhagen, 27th inst. By Rev. W.W. Hunt (BL 6 Jan 1855)

HELMER, Leonard – m. Miss Electa Brooks, both of Boonville, in Boonville, Empire House, 18th Inst. by Rev E.S. Barnes (BL 20 May 1854)

HIGBY, Lucinda – died Lewis, Lewis County, 11th inst. Age 42 years, wife of Benjamin Higby (BL 19 Mar 1853)

HIGHLAND, Julia Miss – died in this village, 25th inst., of consumption, no age (BL 28 Jan 1854)

HILDRETH, Mary Miss – of Turin, m. Henry G. Emm, at Hildreth’s Hotel, 1st inst., by Rev E.S. Barnes (BL 3 June 1854)

HILL, George – died yesterday, Third St., Herald (BL 19 Aug 1855)

HILTS, Charles – m. Miss Eliza M. Tibbits, both of Boonville, in Boonville, 3rd inst., by Rev E.S. Barnes (BL 6 Jan 1855)

HITCHCOCK, Isaac L.  – died Ashford, Catt. County, 10th day of July, age 63 years, formerly of Leyden (BL 2 Sept 1854)

HOLCOMB, Edgar B. – m. Miss Hannah L. Jacobie, both of Greig, this village, 5th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 9 Sept 1854)

HOVEY, Abigail Mrs. – died Turin, 4th inst., age 36 years, originally a Fairchild, a sister, wife, mother,
Leaves 6 children & a husband (BL 9 July 1853 & BL 13 Aug 1853)

HOY, Barnard – “Fatal Affray at Hawkinsville”, last Sunday, Barnard Hoy was drinking at the house of John Betzold, keeper of an unlicensed groggery, when he assaulted an Irishman named FRANK, he was shot & killed in the commotion (BL 14 Dec 1853)

HUBBARD, Huldah – died Leyden, 20th inst., age 43 years, wife of John Hubbard of Leyden, daug. Of Elias Miller of Leyden, his last child, Baptist, “Mother” (BL 5 Feb 1853)

HUBBARD, Timothy – died Leyden, 8th inst., age 86 years, formerly from CT., 1 of the early settlers of Lewis County (BL 17 Feb 1855)

HUBBARD, William – Article of the History of Lewis County, William Hubbard arrived in Lewis County in the summer of 1796 with his wife from Middletown, CT. via Fort Stanwix, “Mrs. Hubbard, now Mrs. SCOVIL, was the 2nd woman in this town” (BL 17 Feb 1855)

HULL, Martha Elizabeth – father Joseph Hull, esq., m. Josiah Eakor, in Boonville, 3rd inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 6 Aug 1853)

HURLBURT, George A. – died Shrewsbury, Mass. On 11th inst., age 3 years 3 mos 5 days, son of A. Hurlburt of Peoria (BL 29 Apr 1854)

HYERS, Almira – died Port Leyden, 28th inst., age 23 years, wife of Walter Hyers, daug. Of James Backer (BL 7 Oct 1854)

JACKSON, Clara A. – died on 12th inst., age 3 years, only daug. Of Morgan & Thirza Jackson (BL 18 Mar 1854)

JACKSON, Mary Ann Miss – died in Boonville, 18th inst., age 26 years (BL 25 Feb 1854)

JENKS, Lysander – of Lewis, m. Miss Eliza Ann Harvey, the youngest daug. Of Daniel Harvey, esq. Of Boonville, in Boonville, 6th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 11 Feb 1854)

JENKS, Mary Ann Miss – m. Levi Dewey, both of Leyden, in Boonville, 16th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 23 Dec 1854)

JENKS, Polly – died Ava, 12th inst., at the advanced age of 80 years, consort of William Jenks, Mrs. Jenks came from a home of plenty in the state of CT. to West Leyden in early life, soon after she was mar to Mr. Jenks (Long Obituary – no vitals) (BL 14 Oct. 1854)

JILLSON, Cyntha – the youngest daug. Of the late Levin Jillson of Boonville, m. Jonathan S. Brown of Cincinnati, Ohio, in this village, 22nd inst. by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 24 Dec 1853)

JOHNSON, Mr? ______, - drowned in Oriskany, of Waterford (BL 16 Sept 1854)

JOHNSON, Eliza Mrs. – died New Haven, CT., 5th inst., no age given, wife of Horace Johnson, esq, of Constableville (BL 23 Sept 1854)

JOHNSON, William A. – of West Turin, m. Miss Lydia A. Thayer, of Leyden on 6th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes at his residence in this village (BL 16 Apr 1853)

JONES, Andrew – died Boonville, 15th inst., about 52 years (BL 20 May 1854)

JONES, Nathan W. – m. Miss Almarin Wheeler, all of Boonville, on 29th inst., at the residence of Albert Wheeler, esq., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 2 July 1853)

JONES, William – died this town, Thurs., last in his 19th year (BL 24 Sept 1853)

JOSLIN, Rufus, esq. – m. Miss Ruth Granger, all of Boonville, in Boonville on 24th inst., by ___ (BL _ Feb or Mar 1855 – date is cut off, the last paper in Vol. III, No. 49)

JUDSON, Giles M. – died Vernon, 26th inst., age 28 years (BL 5 Feb 1853)

KELLOGG, Clarissa, Miss – of Leyden, m. William B. Pullman of Greig, in Leyden on 1st inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 4 Feb 1854)

KENT, Ada Caroline – died Lewis on 13th inst., infant, only daug. Of Ambrose & Nancy P. Kent (BL 15 Oct 1853)

KENT, Charles – drowned in Lee on Friday of last week, in a saw mill pond, age 3 years 6 mos., only son of George W. & Harriet Kent (BL 4 June 1853)

KENT, Dwight L. – m. Miss Bianca Jenks, in Leyden, 9th inst., by Rev. A.M. Smith (BL 13 Jan 1855(

KENT, Marion F. – died in Ava, Sunday last, 25th year, only child of Remember & Triphena Kent (BL 26 Aug 1854)

KINGSBURY, Elias – died, 25th inst., age 83 years (BL 28 Jan 1854)

KINGSBURY, Erastus, esq. – m. Miss Anna Arnold, both of Boonville, in Verona on 15th inst., by Rev. Mr. Mosier (BL 17 Feb 1855)

KINGSBURY, Fanny Miss – died Boonville, 12th inst., age 39 years (BL 15 July 1854)

LACE, M.W. – trial of Miss Mary Ann Wheeler for killing M.W. Lace at Milwaukee (BL 28 May 1853)

LETSON, Mrs. ____ - found dead in Westmoreland (BL 26 Aug 1854)

LYMAN, Mary Jane – m. Alfred Greene, both of Martinsburg, in Copenhagen, 27th inst., by Rev. W.W> Hunt (BL 6 Jan 1855)

LYMAN, P.G. Mr. – m. Miss A. E. Barnford, both of Lowville, in Lowville, July 24th by Rev. N. Bosworth (BL 5 Aug 1854)

LYON, Henrietta Miss – the daug. Of the Late Caleb Lyon, esq., sis of Hon. Caleb Lyon, M.C., m. Dr. R. Holland of New Graefenburgh, in Lyonsdale, 29th inst., by Rev. Mr. Sawyer (BL 23 Dec 1854)

LYON, John, esq. -  m. Miss Eliza Backer, all of Boonville, in this village, 29th inst., by Rev. A.M. Smith (BL 1 Apr 1854)

MAHAFFY, William – died Boonville, 4th inst., age 7 mos., son of John Mahaffy (BL 6 May 1854)

MALCOLM, Emily – died in Leyden, March 2nd, age 25 years, wife of Andrew J. Malcolm, 2 children: 1 age 2 years 1 age 2 mos. (BL 18 Mar 1854)

MANCHESTER, Mary Jane – died this village on 1st inst., age 3 years, daug. Of G. W. Manchester, esq (BL 3 Dec 1853)

MARKHAM, Charles – died West Turin, 6th inst., age 12 years, son of Henry Markham (BL 16 Dec 1854)

MARSHALL, Mary Francellia – died in Hawkinsville, May 1, age 11 mos 19 days (BL 14 May 1853)

MASSEY, Hart – died Watertown, 20th inst., age y 6 (sic) (BL 26 Mar 1853)

MASURY, Martha Jane – died this village on 29th inst., age 1 year 5 mos 9 days, the youngest daug. Of Dr. John & Mary Masury (BL 3 Dec 1853)

MEEKER, Job – m. Miss Melissa A. Hilts, all of Boonville, in Boonville, 25th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 28 Jan 1854)

MERRIAM, Helen M. – the dau. of Gen. Ela Merriam, m. B. Rush Bagg, esq., of Detroit, Mich., in Leyden on 22nd, by Rev. L.S. Stevens, pastor of St. Paul’s in Constableville (BL 27 Aug 1853)

MILLER, Aaron – died Leyden, 20th inst., “at a very advanced age” (BL 24 Sept 1853)

MILLER, Alexander – died this town, 15th inst., age 79 years, born Williamsburg, Mass., on May 1, 1773. At age 21 years he removed to Whitestown and to Boonville the next year. Married 1800 to Miss Eunice Preston of Remsen who died 1817. He married Mrs. Mary Fox. Presbyterian (BL 19 Mar 1853)

MILLER, Caroline – died Constableville, 12th inst., age 47 years, consort of Peter Miller, esq “A Child” (BL 16 Sept 1854)

MILLER, Merilla – died Syracuse, the morning of July 31, at the residence of her son, Dr. George L. Miller, age 51 years, wife of Loren Miller, esq., 1 of the 1st settlers of Boonville (BL 5 Aug 1854)

MILLER, Sarah Mrs. – died West Turin, 25th inst., age 70 years, original name Sarah Wilcox, native of Granby, CT., removed to Leyden at the age of 24 years (BL 30 July 1953)

MITCHELL, Asaph ‘Deacon’ – died this village, 9th inst., age 67 years, funeral tomorrow at Union Church (BL 11 Feb 1854)

MITCHELL, Asaph – born Meriden, CT., 4 Nov, 1786, removed to Norway, Herkimer County as a child with parents, resided at Norway until his marriage at age 20 years, then he removed to Steuben where he built a home in the wild forest, lived there 11 years, buried his first wife, he remarried a few year, in 1817 at the age of 37 years he removed to Boonville, joined the Presbyterian Ch. In 1819 (BL 18 Feb 1854)

MORSE, Charles M. – m. Miss Diana Stephens, both of Lowville, on the 2nd inst., by Rev. M.D. Gillett (BL 19 Mar 1853)

MURRAY, ___ - the youngest daughter of Mr. Murray died in Hawkinsville on 3rd inst. (BL 5 Mar 1853)

MURRAY, Harriet A. – died Hawkinsville, 3rd inst., age 4 mos, the youngest daug. Of Ezra B. & Minerva Murray “within 4 weeks, they lost all their children” (BL 11 June 1853)

MURRAY, Louis Ellen Miss – of Lowville, m. Rev. John E. Buttin, “Rector of the Parish”, at the Trinity Church in Lowville on 6th inst., by Rev. L.S. Stephens (BL 17 Feb 1855)

MURRAY, William A. – died Hawkinsville, June 9th, age 2 years 1 mos 9 days, the only son of Ezra & Minerva Murray (BL 18 June 1853)

MURRAY, William J. – died Hawkinsville, 3rd inst., age 1 year 17 days, only son of James & Mary Murray (BL 12 Mar 1853)

MURRAY, Mary Ellen – died Hawkinsville, 21st May of canker rash, age 3 years 8 mos, daug. Of Ezra & Minerva Murray (BL 28 May 1853)

NARCROSS, Sidney – died 2nd inst., (sic) about 23 years old, legs burned off, Plattsburg Whig (BL 22 Oct 1853)

NELSON, Martha Miss – died Boonville, 22nd inst., age 17 years of poison (BL 28 May 1853)
NELSON, Martha. – died of poison, father  - Paul C. Nelson, mother Emeline “Big Write Up” BL 4 Jun 1853)

NEWCOMB, Michael Mr. – died Boonville on the 13th inst., “no age given” (BL 17 Dec 1853)

NICHOLS, Ezra – Suicide in Van Buren, last week, he was of Warner’s Settlement, Town of Van Buren (BL 18 Feb 1854)

NOBLE, Zimena – died Vienna, 4th inst., age 44 years formerly of Boonville, relic of Luke Noble (BL 12 Feb 1853)

NOLAN, Mary Miss – died this village age 30th year (BL 17 Sept 1853)

O’BRIEN, James – killed in Boonville, Sunday, by James McCarn “Murder, Run, Jealousy” (BL 23 July 1853)

OSTRANDER, Charles – drowned in Moose River, Greig, on 10th inst., age 31 years, 3 children, leave a young wife & 3 small children who were deprived of an own’s mother’s care about 1 years since. Member I.O.O.F. (BL 17 Sept 1853)

OWEN, Ann Miss – of Lee, m. John Hews of Annsville, in Boonville at the hotel of R. Hurlburt, by Rev. A. Hall, Jr. (BL 20 Jan 1855)

OWENS, Eliza A. Miss – the daug. Of Joseph Owens, esq. Of Boonville, m. Ezekiel W. Butler of Rome, in this village the 24th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 28 Oct 1854)

OWENS, James – died Trenton, July 31, age 74 years (BL 13 Aug 1853)

PARRY, Henry – died Atlanta, GA April 23, age 23 years, son of John Parry of Westmoreland, with the firm of J.J. & H. Parry, Masons, Rome, born Trenton, removed to Hamilton (BL 7 May 1853)

PARSONS, Aaron – died West Turin, at his residence, age 84 years “early settler” (BL 9 Sept 1854)

PARSONS, Jane Mrs. – died Leyden, 26th inst., age 79 years, wife of Aaron Parsons, removed to Whitestown with parents in early life, native of Lyme, CT., Member of the Baptist Church for 40 years, removed with husband into the unbroken forests of Leyden (BL 3 Sept 1853)

PEARSON, Salome A. Miss – of Boonville, m. Mr. Joseph W. Britten, of Cleveland, Ohio, at the residence of Philip Schuyler on 29th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 30 Dec 1853)

PEASE, Addison – of Lewis, m. Miss Catherine Burke, of West Turin, in West Turin on 14th inst., by Rev. D.D. Barnes (BL 23 Sept 1854)

PERKINS, Henry – died Greig, 7th inst., age 24 years, belonged to the Order of Odd Fellow (BL 16 July 1853)

PERRY, John – died West Turin, 9th inst., age 4 years, son of David & Mary Perry (BL 21 Oct 1854)

PERRY, Seymour A. – m. Miss Laura A. Ragan, eldest daug. Of Henry Ragan, esq., both of Turin, in Turin, 1st inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes of Boonville (BL 3 June 1854)

PHELPS, Mrs. ____ - died West Troy, last night, no age given, “John Phelps Murdered His Wife” (BL 15 Apr 1854)

PHILLIPS, John M. – Notice for claims against the estate of John M. Phillips (BL 2 Sept 1854)

PITCHER, Daniel -  died Boonville, on 7th inst., age 62 years (BL 13 May 1854)

POLLY, Daniel Mr. – died Alder Creek, on 26th inst., age 29 years (BL 28 Jan 1854)

POMEROY, Charles A. – of Leyden, m. Miss Sylvia A. West, of Butler, Wayne County, in Butler, Wayne County, on 21st inst., by Elder W. Guthrie (BL 3 Feb 1855)

POST, Almira C. Miss – of Leyden, m. Ira D. Hall on 18th inst., by Rev. R. Sawyer (BL 20 & 27 Jan 1855)

POTTER, Francis D. Mr. – died Hartford, CT., 2nd inst., age 32 years, formerly of Boonville (BL 9 July 1853)

POTTER, Ruth Mrs. – died Leyden, 7th inst., age 72 years (BL 12 Nov 1853)

PRESCOTT, Walter – died in this town, 19th inst., age 6 mos 21 days, only son of Peter & Sarah Prescott (BL 26 Nov 1853)

PRESTON, Jerusha Mrs. – died Ava, 27th inst., age 72 years, b. Southwick, Mass. 1782 in 1795 she removed with parents to Steuben, she married her late husband Jonathan in 1799; shortly thereafter they removed to Brownsville, Jefferson County, in 1807 she accepted the LORD publicly, shortly after they removed to their last residence, her husband d. 1838, had 12 children, 7 survive (BL 25 Nov 1854)

PUTMAN, Diana Miss – the daug of David Putman, esq., of Boonville, m. William H. Diefendorf, in Boonville, 20th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 24 June 1854)

RARIDON, Mary Miss – m. John Caghlin, all Boonville, in Constableville 23rd inst. (BL 27 May 1854)

RAY, Charles H. – of Gardner, Mass., m. Emila H. Wetmore, of Camden, in Camden, 4th inst., by Rev. Mr. Jenks (BL 15 Oct 1853)

READ, Charlotte M. Miss – m. Thomas E. Lawrence, all of Boonville, 31st inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 4 June 1853)

RICH, Stephen – died Alder Creek, 28th inst., age 50 year (BL 14 Jan 1854)
RICH, Stephen – Notice for claims against the estate (BL 20 May 1854)

RIGGS, Sophia Wilcox – died Turin, 16th inst., age 1 year 6 mos., daug. Of Charles G. & Julia A. Riggs (BL 22 April 1854)

ROBERTS, Maria Mrs. – died Leyden, 8th inst., age 35 years (BL 10 June 1854)

ROBINSON, E.L. Miss – m. Mr. H.A. Fuller, all of Richfield, in Richfield, 1st inst., by Rev. Mr. Pratt (BL 14 may 1853)

ROGERS, Sarah Miss – died in this town, 28th inst., age 5 years, daug. Of Joseph & Lydia Rogers (BL 28 may 1854)

ROSER, Caroline 0 died 17th inst., age 6 mos 16 days infant daug. Of George F. & Magdalen Roser (BL 23 Sept 1854)

RUGG, Franklin B. – of Leyden, m. Miss Jerusha Brown, the eldest daug. Of John Brown, esq., of Lewis, in Lewis on the 15th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 18 Feb 1854)

RUSSELL, Emeline – died Alder Creek, Thurs., July 28th, age 39 years, wife of John Russell, daug. Of Harvey Phillips, esq. (BL 6 Aug 1853)

SCHUYLER, Philip M. – died this village, 10th inst., age 49 years, funeral tomorrow at Union Church (BL 11 Feb 1854)
    For sale – the house of P.M. SCHUYLER by A. Bamber (BL 8 April 1854)

SCOUTEN, Lester –died Boonville, 1st inst., age 4 years 6 mos 27 days, son of Richard & Rosana Scouten (BL 4 June 1853)

SCRAFFORD, Adam – of Port Leyden, m. Miss Sylvina S. Clark, the youngest daug of John Clark, esq. Of Leyden, in Leyden, 1st inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 4 Mar 1854)

SEYMOUR, Charles B. – died this village, 10th inst., age 22 mos only son of Elizabeth & Allen Seymour (BL 12 Nov 1853)

SEYMOUR, Lyman – “Sad Accident” – A long time resident near this village went over the bank with his wagon in E. Martinsburg. From N. Journal (BL 5 Aug 1854)

SHAVER, John C. – died Constableville, 7th inst. age 30 years, native of Columbia County, came here in boyhood, charter member-Order of Sons of Temperence (BL 12 mar 1853)

SHEPARD, George – died Champion, Sun. The 1st inst., age 56, leave 11 children, Mason (BL 7 may 1853)

SHIPPY, Laura Mrs. – died Ava 11th inst., age 37 years, daug of Jeremiah & Rhoda Chase of Ava (BL 20 Jan 1855)

SHOPHER, Mr. ____ - died West Leyden or Lewis, 1st inst., age 69 years (BL 11 Feb 1854)

SIMONDS, Mary A. Mrs. – died Lowville, suddenly, 18th inst., age 34 years, wife of Daniel Simonds (BL 6 Jan 1855)

SIMPSON, Gustavus – formerly of Watertown, m. Mary E. KEMP, of Havana, Ill., Jan. 3rd by Rev. I. Piper (BL 5 Feb 1853)

SIPPELL, Peter B. – m. Miss Mary J. Waterman, all of Boonville, on 14th inst., at the residence of W.H. Raymond, esq., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 16 April 1953)

SMITH, Henry M – died 2nd, age 32 year, editor of the St. Lawrence Republican (BL 16 Sept 1854)

SNOW, Sally – died in this village on Sabbath evening, 11th inst., age 77 years, at the residence of Albert H. Snow, of injuries from a fall 12 days previous; born in Lancaster, Worcester County, Mass. Sept 18th 1776; she removed with her husband the late Doctor Jotham Snow to Oneida County in 1797, having been a resident of this town more than 50 years; Member of Baptist Church in Boonville from its organization in 1810 (BL 17 Dec 1853)

SPENCER, David B. – of Leyden, m. Miss Esther A. Arthur, of Turin, in Boonville, 2nd inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 7 Jan 1854)

SPENCER, William George – died Boonville, 16th inst., age 22 years (BL 22 April 1854)

SPRIGGS, George – Suicide, Saturday, last week, resident of Vernon, hanged in apple tree (BL 3 Sept 1853)

STICKNEY, William – died Rock Island, Ill., 23rd March, age 73 years, long resident of Boonville, went West for health, died at the residence of his daughter; the remains arrived Thursday evening last, accompanied by son from St. Louis, buried yesterday (Fri), other services tomorrow at Union Church, Member of Baptist Church (BL 1 April 1854)

STIMPSON, Cleantha – died Leyden, on the 8th inst., age 18 years, daug of Nelson & Irene Stimpson, funeral at Pres. Church at Leyden Hill this afternoon (BL 10 Dec 1853)

STOUT, Annis – died 28th inst., in this town, age 22 years, wife of Peter Stout (BL 3 Jun 1854)

TAFT, George W. – died Rochester, July 31, age 52 years (BL 12 Aug 1854)

TALCOTT, Levanita h. Miss – m. Theodore Oakly, all of Talcottville, no dates, by Rev. L.L. Palmer of Constableville (BL 20 Jan 1855)

TALCOTT, Lyman B. – of Leyden, m. Amanda J. Dexter, of West Turin, on 28th inst., by Rev. L.L. Palmer of Constableville (BL 6 Jan 1855)

TAYLOR, William G. – died this town, Feb 2nd, age 27 years (BL 5 Feb 1853)

THAYER, ___ - died Leyden  on 2nd inst., the child of Andrew & Irene Thayer (BL 10 Dec 1853)

THAYER, Chancey A. – of Rome, m. Miss Almeda H. Arnold, of Boonville, on 12th inst., at the residence of Jerry Kingsbury, esq, by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 19 Nov 1853)

THAYER, Harvey H. – m. Miss Mary J. McManis, both of Leyden, in this village on 11th inst., by E.S. Barnes, at his residence (BL 17 Dec 1853)

THAYER, Harvey M. – “Accident” – died 1 ½ miles south of this village, killed drawing sand, married about 6 months ago, worked for Messrs. Constables (BL 10 June 1854)

THAYER, Lovina – died Leyden, 3rd inst., age 55 years, consort of Ira Thayer, esq, funeral at Universal Church in Talcottville, Sunday (BL 6 & 13 Jan 1855)

THAYER, Oscar S. – died Leyden, 31st inst., age 2 years, f. Sangar Thayer (BL 13 Aug 1853)

THAYER, Sarah E. – died Leyden, the morning of 18th inst., 23rd year, funeral at Pres. Church – Leyden Hill (BL 19 Nov 1853)

THOMAS, David – died Thursday in Steuben, age 18 years, son of William Thomas of Steuben, hurt by logs on Thursday & lived an hour (BL 23 Dec 1854)

THOMAS, Evan P. – m. Miss Anna Shepard, both of Alder Creek, in Remsen, 13th inst., by Rev. Mr. Redhead (BL 21 Oct 1854)

THOMPSON, Edmond W.  – m. Miss Sarah E. Root, only daug of Charles Root, esq, both of West Turin, in West Turin, 7th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 10 Feb 1855)

THORNTON, Eli – of Leyden, m. Miss Jane Wetmore, of Boonville, in this town, 8th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 12 Feb 1853)

THRASHER, Thomas Rev. – died Trenton, at son’s, on 6th inst., age 82 years, former resident of Eastern States, Methodist (BL 19 mar 1853)
THRASHER, Rev. Mr. – Obit should have read “Francis Thrasher”, age 86 (BL 26 Mar 1853)

TOPPING, Harriet Miss – m. John E. Andrus, in Leyden, 12th inst., by Rev. R. Sawyer (BL 23 Sept 1854)

TRAFFARN, Savillion – of Alder Creek, m. Miss Mary Fox, of Osceola, at the Eagle Hotel, 2nd inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 8 Oct 1853)

TRAFFORN, Charlotte – died Alder Creek, 27th inst., age about 23 years, wife of Leander Trafforn (BL 5 Mar 1853)

TREAT, Emeline O. – died this village on 20th inst., age 37 years, wife of Hiram F. Treat, esq, daug of Mr. Charles Tuell, of this town (BL 29 July 1854)

TYLER, Lovina M. Miss – of Leyden, m. Daniel P. Rankins, of Little Falls, in Leyden, 3rd inst., by Rev. A.M. Smith of Boonville (BL 5 Nov 1853)

UTLEY, C.B. – of Delta, m. Miss Elizabeth H. Cornish, of Lee Centre, in Lee Centre, Nov. 16th by Rev. Mr. Pritchett (BL 19 Nov 1853)

VANDERWATERS, Daniel – m. Miss Lucy Phelps, daug of the late Dr. Dyer Phelps both of ___ville, Canada West, Advocate at Hamilton, GW (BL 10 Dec 1853) (Parts cut off)

VAN WORMER, John – shot & killed by brother, William, Thursday of last week in Milford, Otsego County (BL 19 Aug 1853)

WARD, Huldah – died West Turin, 17th inst., age 75 years, wife of Ithamer Ward, mother of Emory & William Allen, daug of Moses Hall of Meriden, CT. b. Meriden, CT Jan 6, 1779, married 1799 – Ebenezer Allen & moved to this wilderness, her husband died in 1829, 1 child died, 6 children, married 2nd Ithamer Ward, Organizer of Baptist Church (Big write up) (BL 26 Aug 1854)

WEAVER, John – died Wilna, near Natural Bridge, 1st inst., no age (BL 5 Aug 1854)

WEBSTER, Mrs. ___ - the wife of the late Prof. Webster of Boston died in Boston on 10th inst., “his crime cast a gloom over her” (BL 22 Oct 1853)

WHEATSON, ____ - Antwerp, A murdered man named Wheatson found (BL 17 Feb 1855)

WHEELER, Ebeneser, Jr. – died Constableville, 15th inst., age 62 years (BL Feb or Mar 1855, date cut off, last paper in Vol. III, No. 49)

WHEELER, Mary Ann Miss – trial for the murder of M.W. Lace at Milwaukee (BL 28 May 1853)

WHITTLESEY, Clarissa Mrs. – died West Turin, on 26th inst., no age, daug of Lemuel Scovil of West Turin (BL 4 Feb 1854)

WIGGINS, Thomas Jefferson – died Boonville on 9th inst., of croup, in his 4th year, oldest son of Matilda & George Wiggins, funeral today, Saturday at the Methodist Church by Rev. Smith (BL 11 mar 1854)

WILLARD, Aaron G., esq – m. Mrs. Mary Ann Gleason, all of Boonville, in this village, 10th inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 12 Mar  1853)

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth – died Port Leyden, 24th inst., no age, granddaughter of the late Rev. S. Williams of Clinton County, funeral tomorrow in Port Leyden (BL 25 Feb 1854)

WILSEY, Cordelia – died this village on 13th inst., age 31 years, wife of Hiram Wilsey, daug of Gould Denslow (BL 18 mar 1854)

WILSEY, Hiram – m. Miss Ann E. Boyd, all of Boonville, in Boonville, 23rd inst., by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 25 Nov 1854)

WILSEY, Mariette – died this village, 11th inst., age 5 years, only daug of Hiram & Cordelia Wilsey (BL 15 Oct 1853)

WINNE, William – of Leyden, m. Miss Mary Prichart, of West Leyden, in Boonville on 10th inst., at the Eagle Hotel, by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 18 Mar 1854)

WINTHROP, Sandusky Mr. – died Harrisburg, 13th inst., age 31 years (BL 5 Aug 1854)

WOLF, Mary – died this town, 6th inst., age 51 years, husband Henry Wolfe, eldest daug of Levin Jillson, married at age 21 to Cyrus Whitmore, 5 years later she was left a widow, 3 children, married Wolfe over 20 years (BL 9 July 1853)

WORMUTH, Romeyn – died Boonville, 8th inst., age 3 years, youngest son of John D. Wormuth, esq of Williamsville (BL 10 June 1854)

WRIGHT, John – of Macomb, m. Miss Maria Fishbeck, of DePeyster, St. Lawrence County, in DePeyster, Jan 4, by O.C. Jillson, esq (BL 20 Jan 1855)

YATES, Jerome – died last evening, taken to his parents in Western (BL 11 Nov 1854)
YATES, Jerome – died 10 Nov 1854 in his 20th year, Verse “A voice from the tomb” written by friend E. Pitcher (BL 18 Nov 1854)

ZINK, ____ - died, a boy about 14 years old was his by a whiffletree towing a boat from Hawkinsville (BL 20 May 1854)

ZUFELT, Henry – of Leyden m. Mary Helen Hilts, of Boonville, in this village, 22nd inst., at the residence of Nathan Wheeler, esq by Rev. E.S. Barnes (BL 25 Feb 1854)