The town of Deerfield was formed from the town of Schuyler by an
Act of Legislature March 15, 1798.  It held it's first meeting was held in the
house of Ezra Payne on April 3, 1798.  The early settlement of this town was
in the year 1773, when George J. Weaver, Captain Mark Damoth, and
Christian Reall, moved to the vicinity of Deerfield corners and built themselves
log houses.  In 1792 the first bridge was erected between Deerfield and Utica

Current Historian: Ms. Virginia Loin
5418 Walker Rd.
Deerfield, NY 13502

Note: Please check the Town of Schuyler and the Town of Frankfort in Herkimer County for additional research.

Cruikshank- Northside Farm