Town of Marcy

From "Town of Marcy Centennial History and Program 1832-1932"
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DIMBLEBY-- Rev. John. Jr., came to Marcy about 1835 from Lincolnshire, England, bringing his wife and several children in addition to his father Johnathon who was, at one time a champion prize-fighter of England.  They settled on the Radcliffe Road.  Rev. Dimbleby died in 1878 and is buried in Oriskany cemetery .  Of their nine children who lived, Charles had a son Charles;  John m. Rachel Graham (h. George and Ella) ; David m. Ellen Doyle; Wesley m. Ann Shadrick, daughter of Daniel and Mary Rockwell Shadrick, a descendant of major Rockwell who fought at Oriskany (ch. William J. married Anna A. Smith of Marcy and has children, Robert B. and Eloise A. and James, born is Marcy, now an undertaker in Whitesboro) ; Sophia m. James Watson and went west (ch. Andrew, George, Eva, etc.) ; Harriet m. Joseph Nash of Oriskany and settled in Nunday, N.Y. (ch. Morris) ; Sarah married Lester Barnes

EDIC-- Jacob Jr., son of Jacob and his wife betsey Weaver was born in 1782 and was one of the earliest settler in town.  He had children, Mary who married Ephraim Horne (ch. Nellie, Mrs. Rhodes, deceased) , had a son Bradford and grandchildren, Bradford Robert and Jane, now living in Marcy., Frank E. married Harriet Morris, Wm. G. Van Horne of Cleveland, who has s son Willard) ; Antionette (Mrs. Hannas) had children, Mary Hannas and Mrs. Franklin Hill, who has two daughters, Antionette Pine of Paris Hill and Sallie; Amos married, 1st, Calista Payne and had children, Lelia Standish, of Utica (had son Arthur) , Willis, of Utica (daughter May E. Owens) , Edward (children, Anthony, Edward, Florence, Emma, Eleanor, Albicker and Calista McFall), Ella (married Mr. Leibel and had children, Rachel Van Hatten of Marcy, Mary Burke of Clinton, Rosella Jenny of Utica and Anna Van Hatten of Marcy), Al, who had child Allie of Whitesboro (ch. Winifred and Florence Johnson of Marcy, who has children, Willie of Johnson City and Franklin of New York), Amos married, 2nd. Fanny Meyers and had one son, Theodore; James married Helen Shaw and had a son, Robert Edic of Westmoreland; Henry married, 1st Eliza A. Kipp (ch. George, E. Maude Hayes of Utica, Jacob of Cleveland, Fred, father of Margaret Kiefer, Ruth Everest and Helen Rhodes, ch. Bradford, Jr., Robert and Jane), Henry married 2nd Ellen Kiniry and had children James of Marcy (ch. Mary, Raymond, James, Christine and Jack) and Mary Perkett; Franklin had children Charles, Viola Van Zandt and Marion, all of Illinois.

ELLIS-- James, came to Stittville in 1840 and had children, Henry,  Oliver, Martha and Mary all born in Stittville. A granddaughter, Rose Cummins, daughter of Henry, lives on the homestead and has children, Lovell and Beatrice. William another son of Henry lives in Holland Patent with his daughter Mary. Oliver, deceased, has a daughter, Mrs. Nellie Campbell, living in Rome (two children).

ERNST-- John, married Anna Maria Wankmiller, 1845, came to Marcy, 1849, son Frederick enlisted, 1862 in Co. C. 146th NY Vols, ws taken prisoner and sent to Libbey Prison. Paroled and sent to Annapolis, Maryland, in May 1864 ws returned to to his regiment and served until the close of the war, married Sarah Chaplin (ch. George married Jennie Owens, daughter Grace married Harrison Jones, ch. Rosamond, Sarah, Marion, Edna, Jennie married Burton Jarvis, ch. Ethel married Lloyd Ellis ch. Genevieve, Gertrude, Marjorie, Mary, Edith, Betty. Florence married Claude Miller). John Jr enlisted 1863 Co. K. 2nd NY Heavy Artillery, died at Ft. Concoran Hospital, Virginia, 1864 and was buried at Arlington Cemetery. Rev. George married Rachel Potter. Rev. Henry married Gertrude Brown (ch. Henry married Anna Holmes daughter Dorothy), Rosa married Clarence Hendry (ch. Bertha married William Farrier, ch. Harold, Clarence, Rosa), Aleda married David Johnston (ch. David, Philip, Helen, Lynn), Leon married Dorothy Shaffer, Susanna married Rev. Ora Purington (ch. Elmer married Agnes Clark), Anna married Richard Griswold (ch. Leon, deceased, Hugh, deceased, Edna married Edward Drexelson Raymond, deceased), Samuel deceased.

EVANS-- Hugh, came to Marcy from Wales in 1831. His son, Isaac J., who married Margaret Thomas, still living in Marcy at an advanced age, is the father of Anna M. Jones, who married Edward J. Jones of Marcy (See Isaac Jones for descendants).

EVANS-- Evan, born  in Wales 1808, settled in Marcy on the Tobey road in 1832, when he married Sophia Thomas. Mr. Evans died in 1895 and is buried in Holland Patent. His son, Evan T., born there, died in 1904 and is buried in Holland Patent. There are descendants in Utica, Holland Patent and Trenton. John V. a brother of Evan T. born in Marcy in 1838 is buried in Forest Hill, Utica and has descendants in Utica.

EVANS—Rees, came with his wife and son Evan from Wales, settling in Marcy before 1835  (census).   Both Rees and Evan are buried in Maynard.   Evan died in 1855 and his daughter,  Miss Nellie Evans of Marcy is his only descendant.    The Cathenrine Evans and Richard Evans shown as heads of families in the 1835 census are the wife and nephew of Rees Evans.

FOX—Hazen, head of a family in Marcy in 1835 (census) , moved to Garder Prairie, ILL in about 1840. He had children, Seymour, of Belvedere, ILL., Cornelia, wife of Mr. Avery of Los Angeles, Maria C. Utica, deceased 1902, and Lydia Ann. Hazen Fox was a cousin of Seymour J. and Emma Carrier.

FULLER--Austin, came to Marcy in 1826 (ch. Russell married Frances Sanders, one son, James married Emma Crosby, George married Jane Potter, children Irving (deceased), Jane, Abel married Susan Mallory, child J. Brayton married Emma Jones). Brayton Fuller, three times member of the State Assembly, also supervisor of the town and Oneida County Clerk.

GATES—Ebenezer, came from Utica to Marcy in about 1835. He has one grandchild living, William Gerow, now living in Utica. (See Gerow.)

GAUS-- Christian, came to Stittville about 1850, married Rosina Sickenberger, both born in Germany (ch. Mary, Christina, Fred E. married Mame Merriman, ch. Winifred, deceased, John, deceased, married Janette Ricker, no ch.).

GEROW—John was living in Marcy in 1835   (census).   He had three children,  Mary, Robert and Solomon.  Solomon had four children, Jennie, Robert, James and William. William Gerow, fourth child of Solomon married Jennie Treat and had two children,  Jennie and Robert.   William Gerow is now living in Utica with this daughter Jenny (Mrs.  Charles  Stephenson)   who  had  two  children.  Mildred  and  Everett.  Robert Gerow married Edna Waterman and has two children,  Addie and Olive.   Mildred J Stephenson, Jennie Gerow's daughter, married Thomas Lafferty and they have two children, Jane and Jack.   They live in Utica.   Everett Stephenson, son of Jennie has two children.   Addie Gerow, Robert's daughter, married Gordon Perry and is living in  Holland  Patent.    They have  two  daughters,   Jane and Lamoin.    Olive  Gerow; Robert's second daughter, married Lynn Charles of Floyd, N. Y., and has children Leona, Betty, Patricia and Sharon.   James Gerow, oldest son of John, had two boys, Edward and Frederick.   Frederick had three girls and four boys, Ruth, Jennie, Mabel, Stewart, Carl, James and Edward.

GRAY—David, came to Marcy from Deerfield. He was generally known as Uncle Dave Gray, always jolly and fond of children. He had a candy-tree in his home which was shaken each time a child came to visit him. As a member of the state assembly he introduced the famous "Apple-barrel Bill" which passed after his death, standardizing the barrel measure. His large market wagon bore the words "Pocohontas Gardens—Half the Road and Fair Play.'" The following jingle was current. "Uncle David Gray, Remember what I say, 'Half the road and fair play,' Said Uncle Dave Gray." Two grandchildren, Dr. Gray Capron and Charles Gray are living in Utica.

GOSSIN-- James, Andrew, Patrick, three brothers settle on the Irish Road  about 1800, all built log houses and cleared land. Elizabeth, daughter of James and Mary married F.C. Mizer ch. James. Andrew was a captain in the Civil War.

GRANT-- William born 1785 died in Stittville in 1862. Tirza Trowbridge, his wife was born in 1781 and died 1865. Ch. William W., Wealtha, Sarah and Tirza. Wealtha married Azariah Haskin Raymer.

HALL-- Luther, of Durham, Mass paid cash for 500 acres of land in Marcy along the River Road in the year 1805. He is buried on the State hospital property, opposite Overlea. Children Harry, Rebecca, who married Charles Crane brother of Asa and Zina, and Eliza who married Morgan Buchanan. Harry was the father of Rev. Julius Hall.

HAMILTON-- Joshua, came to Stittville with wife Rury from Burlington, Vermonth in 1813 making way by ox-team. Son Martin born in 1818 married Melissa Austin, son Charles R. Hamilton (deceased) married Martha R. Evans (ch. Earl, Mary, Jay.)

HAINES-- Nathaniel born in Marcy 1805 in a log house. His father moved here from Connecticut with a team of oxen. His first wife was Eliza Treat, ch. John D., George H., William, Annie, Julie and Marietta, all deceased. John D had two sons and one daughter. Fred had no children and lived in Oriskany. Charles had son Raymond C. (deceased), Clara (deceased) married James Symond and had son Albert who married Dora Mildren Harris and had daughters Jane and Virginia.

HASKIN—Azariah, born in Norwich, Conn., in 1769. He removed to Pittstown with his father as a boy and lived there for many years conducting a general store. He married, 1st. Harriet Merriman and had one daughter, Harriet, who survived. He married. 2nd. Eliza Potter in 1798 and had Polly, Clarissa, Eliza M. (married Robert Stitt) , Amelia (married Wm. B. Hutchinson), and Julia (married Dr. B. E. Bowen and settled in Holland Patent). Harriet, daughter of the first marriage, born in Pittstown, N. Y., in 1793, married Conrad Raymer, born in the same place. They settled in Stittville in 1810 and had four children. Nancy, Melancthon, Azariah, 2nd, and Julia, Nancy married Geo. Powell (see) ; Melancthon married Martha Rulison (ch. Adelaide married Willard T. Atwood. son of Sylvester B. and Margaret Moulton Atwood, in 1871. Mrs. Atwood and her surviving daughter, Florence M., are now living in Stittville) : Azariah, 2nd. married Wealtha Ann Grant (see Grant).
The Dan Cadwell, Stitt, Townsend, Wescott. Hinckley and other families of the town are descendants of Azariah Haskins. great grandson of Elkanah Haskins, staunch presbyterian, who came to America from Scotland in 1700 and settled in Norwich. Conn.

HAZARD—John P., "The founder of the family in this part of the world." writes County Judge Frederick H. Hazard, "was my grandfather. John P. Hazard, who emigrated to some part of Herkimer county from the state of Rhode Island about the year 1835. He soon after moved into Oneida county and the town of Marcy, and lived there the remainder of his long life. He bought the homestead farm and moved upon it in 1841. He was a large, powerful man and, especially in his younger days, quite noted for his feats of strength and endurance. For a considerable number of years he was a magistrate in the town and was commonly known as 'Squire.' He left two sons, John W.. who, in midlife, removed to Herkimer county and died there. He left two sons, Seymour, now living in Clayville and Lee who lives in the vicinity of Cassville. The other son of J. P. Hazard was my father. George C., like his father, he was a magistrate in the town for a number of years and was looked upon as a sort of legal advisor in the neighborhood, where he drew many wills, deeds, etc. He was also something of a veterinarian and his services as such (always gratuitously rendered) were sought over a wide territory. He left two sons, myself and George F.. the latter a resident of Syracuse."
Frederick H. Hazard married Elizabeth Jones, granddaughter of Morris Jones of Marcy through her mother. Sarah J. Jones, who married John E. Jones. They have three children, Hazel, wife of Robert G. Ingraham of Providence, R. I. They have one son, Robert G. Ingraham. Jr. The oldest son is Fred G. Hazzard, unmarried. The youngest is Howard H. Hazard, he married Nina Wilbur of Utica and they have three children, Jean L., Wilbur H. and Suzanne Elizabeth.

HANDWRIGHT—James, came from Ireland in 1808 and settled on the "Irish Road." He died about 40 years ago and is buried in St. Agnes Cemetery, Utica. Sarah Handwright Martin of Holland Patent is a descendant, also Geo, Meyers of Utica.

HEMMINGWAY—Henry, cleared and settled on farm now owned by William Thomas, married Fuller, lived to ripe old age of  81, had one daughter Helen, who married Allen Holland, born 1846, died in Flordia, 1917. farm was sold to Stittville Canning Co. about 1909.

HICKS—William, came to this country in or about 1800 from England. He settled in the town of Marcy and had two sons and three daughters, William, Joseph, Mary, Martha and Agnes. William stayed in Marcy and had six children. John, George, Fred, Elizabeth, Annie and Agnes. Of these children, John married Hariet Powell of Marcy. Their son. Wm. P. Hicks has two daughters. Other members of the family left Marcy. John Hicks, father of William P., was one of the volunteer workers of the Marcy Grange Hall and was assessor for years in the town. Their farm became a part of the Marcy State Hospital. The family left Marcy in 1906.

HILL, William, married Lois, youngest daughter of Elijah Webster in 1810 and settled on the farm her father had taken up in the wilderness. Elijah Webster came to this part of the country, then known as the far west, from Litchfield, Mass., in 1798, and settled on a farm of 500 acres on the river road. The farm was subsequently owned by Thomas Parry. Mr. Webster erected a log cabin until he could clear land and build a frame house for his family, still in Connecticut. Before this was done he died and was buried in the Whitesboro cemetery, where his headstone still stands, the oldest in the cemetery. Mrs. Webster traveled with her five children on horseback to this home in the wilderness and took up the work, with her boys, which her husband had commenced. Mr. Hill's people were also early settlers in Deerfield, coming from Rhode Island. Grandchildren of William Hill and Lois Webster are Mrs. Alida Buchanan Jones (ch. Myrtle, Kathryn Lambert, Fred (ch. Russel James and Wellington John) and Webster (ch. Ann Snyder, Clarence, Webster, Irene and Warren of Utica.) ; Fred Buchanan, Whitesboro; Milton Buchanan whose daughter Jennie Budlong has children, Mildred, Beatrice and William; Frank Ritchie, son of Mehitable Hill and Thomas Ritchie (ch. Lewis Ritchie of Marcy and Mabel Ritchie of New York City). Other grandchildren are Fred Grain of Whitesboro, Hiram Grain of Vernon Center, Charles N. Grain of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Lois Hill of Boulder, Colo.

HOUSER—Theophlis and Margaret, came from White Lake, settled in Stittville about 1850. Son Theodore, married, family living in Florida. Daughter Lizzie married Eugene Benton, both dead (children and grandchildren living in New York City). Clara, deceased, Laura, teacher in New York City, Louisa married Peter Freely, deceased.

HORNE-- Ephraim, born in 1824, was son of Cornelius and Talthea Knapp. He married Mary Edic, daughter of Jacob Edic, Jr.

HUBER—Mrs. Mary Turk Huber, was born in Germany in 1830 and came to America in 1844. She married Anthony Huber in 1848 and settled on a farm near Stittville. Mr. Huber built a cider- mill and a saw-mill on Nine Mile Creek. Their dwelling afterwards burned and all other buildings were later removed. A son. George Huber is living in Tonawanda and a daughter, Mary (Mrs. Kiefer). of Rome has a daughter, Mrs. Rosa Joint, and a son George in Utica. A daughter, Anna (Mrs Cunningham), of Clyde, N. Y.. has a son Edwin.

HUMPHREY—Edward, came to Marcy from Wales about 1850 and married Ellen Owens, daughter of Owen Owens. He was wounded in the battle of Cold Harbor during the Civil War and returned home after having been given up for dead. A son, Edward Lincoln, of Cold Brook has a daughter. Mrs. Ruth Morgan employed at the Marcy State Hospital, a son. Egbert Lincoln, in Penn Yan and a daughter Mrs. Warcup in Marcy. There are other descendants in Herkimer, Ilion, Schenectadv. and Utica.

HUTCHINSON—John, married Eliza Lewis, daughter of Clark Lewis and Sarah Ormsby. He was a householder in Marcy in 1835. Five children lived to grow up. Mr Hutchinson's father died when he was a boy living in Massachusetts. His rnother for some reason came to this section and the boy was bound out to a man in Floyd. Discontented, he ran away, working for farmers in the vicinity. He last worked for the Carey’s who gave him, in pay for his services, about $400 in money and a yoke of oxen. He immediately bought the farm on the old Hutchinson road in the town of Marcy. Of his children, Mary married Francis Guiteau and had children, Mary E., Harriet and Laura. Mary E. married Frank Powell and their son Guiteau is living in Stittville. Harriet married James Brown and Laura married Dr. Charles MacLaughlin of Glens Falls and has one child Helene, who married Fred Bascomb. Charles married Tirzah Hunt and had one child, Charles Lewis, who married Mary E. Watson and is living in Marcy. Sarah married George G. Chassell of Holland Patent, and had one daughter, Frances E., who married William Lloyd, deceased, and had three children, George Chassel. Howard W., and Eleanor. George Chassel Lloyd married Mabel Evans and has one daughter, Doris. Howard Lloyd married Beatrice Carter and has three children, William, Gordon and Eleanor, all living in Holland Patent. Mrs. Chassel, Mrs. Lloyd and George C. are also living in Holland Patent. Descendants of George who married Sophia Olmstead are living in the west.

JEPSON -- John, born in England in 1828, came to Stittville in 1843. He had children. Charles, Martha. Libbie and Edward. Charles married Carrie Whittaker, Martha married Silas Baker, Edward, in the state of Washington, is the only child living.

JOHNSON—Chester, came from Columbia, Herkimer county in 1817. His son Aaron was born here in 1822. Aaron has sons, Chester and Charles, who married Luphemia Roberts, both living in Whitesboro.

JONES—David, came here from Wales sometime before 1829. His son John was born in 1831 and died in 1884 and is buried in Salem Church Cemetery. His only descendants are a son, Benjamin J. Jones of Marcy and a granddaughter, Anna Jones, a teacher in Utica.

JONES—Edward, Mr. and Mrs. Jones came from Remsen, N.Y.. in 1835 and settled on the river road on land now owned by the State Hospital. Both are buried in Maynard Cemetery, Marcy. Mr. Jones died in 1858. Of his descendants, one grandchild is at present living here, Emma Thomas Potter, two great granddaughters, Lucia Potter Humphrey and Helen Potter Brown, also a great, great grandson. Allen Humphrey Potter. George E. Thomas of Whitesboro is a grandson.

JONES—Evan D., Mr. and Mrs. Jones came from Wales in 1852. Mr. Jones died in 1900 and is buried in Carr cemetery. Two daughters, Mrs. George E. Thomas and Miss H. Martha Jones reside in Whitesboro, also a grandson, Clarence J. Jones and his three children. Other descendants are living in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

JONES—Evan J., settled in Marcy about 1833 on Luke road. He and his wife are buried in Carr Cemetery. Ch. Sara m. Robt. Williams (ch. Robt., Catherine, Evan, Mary) ; Mary m. Millstead, no descendants; Elizabeth m. Alex Morgan (ch. Charles J., Hattie, Arthur, Louis, Flora. Mary) ; Katherine m. Mr. Watkins; Thos. O. m. Edith Jones, no descendants; Robt. m. Mary Price.

JONES—Robert T., m. Ann Davis, were early settlers. Their sons, Robert and Richard, still reside here. A sister Nettie, deceasd, was the wife of Henry Powell, one child, Fred.

JONES—Andrew, lived here on Luke road before 1840. His son, Robert Andrew, died at his home in Whitesboro in 1924, age 84. Margaret Jones of Whitesboro is a descendant, also Genevieve Jones, Milgate and Mariam Jones, Remsen.

JONES—Mr. and Mrs. R. Price, came in 1875 from Wales (ch. Edith m. Thos. O. Jones, Louis, deceased, m. Elizabeth Jones, Louise m. Will Dorgan, two sons, Margaret, deceased m. Raymond Farquar, two sons, Amy m. Frank Early, one daughter, Roger, children. Eldie M.. Ardie m. Myrtle Burton. Marion m. Milton Evans, two sons, James and Howard.

JONES—Isaac, came to Marcy before 1850 from Wales. His son John T. married Charlotte Cavana. Their son. Mr. Edward I. Jones is living in Marcy. He married Anna M. Evans and has children. Willard E.. Alvin J.. Ernest E., Mabel A., Herbert W. and Edna M., all born in Marcy.

JONES—Morris  (See Hazard).

JONES—Robert, children. Robert Jones and Richard Jones.

JONES—William, came to Marcy from North Wales before 1835. He has grandchildren, Mrs. Whitney Davis of Utica, Myrtle Jones. Marcy. Margaret Ira Gaymonds. Mrs. Kathryn Lambert. Fred Jones (ch. Russel James and Wellington John) . Webster Jones (ch. Ann Snyder, Clarence Jones, Webster Jones, Irene Jones and Warren Jones).

KENNEDY—Michael, came to Marcy from New York Mills, of Scotch-Irish stock. Descendants are a daughter, Mary Kennedy and grandchildren, Mrs. Azelia Parry (ch. Elliott of Syracuse and Walter of Utica) and Miss Libbie B. Gates of Utica.

KIMLINE—Henry, a native of Bavaria, came to Marcy in 1847. Mrs. Fred Buchanan is a daughter.

LLOYD—David, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd moved to Marcy from Trenton, N. Y., in 1864. Mr. Lloyd died in 1897 and both he and his wife are buried in Carr Cemetery, Marcy. A son, John A. Lloyd and several grandchildren reside on the old homestead here. Another son, Dr. David Lloyd lives in

LEAVENWORTH--Amos, died in Marcy in 1828. His daughter Isabel married Jacob Edic Jr.

LEWIS-- Ebenezer, came to Marcy in 1859. He died in 1878 and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica. There are no descendants in town.

LUKE-- Elias, came to this country from Bala, North Wales and settled in Marcy in 1845. He married a sister of Evan D. Jones. Hi descendant, John J. Luke of Luke road, Marcy, married Jennie R. Lewis in 1880. (see Robert Owens)

LAIRD-- Dr. Wm. A., came to Stittville in 1849, having married Sarah, daughter of William and Sarah T. Townsend in 1849. Dr. Laird was born in Lairdsville, his parents having come and settled in that place from Scotland. They had children, Dr. Wm. T. Laird of Watertown, and Dr. Frank Laird of Los Angeles, all deceased. Edward R. Jones now lives on the Laird farm.

MARTIN-- Jirah, extensive carpenter and builder, born at Dartmouth, Bristol County, Mass, 1804 came to Stittville 1839, married Angeline Sanders at Newport 1828. Both died 1889. Funerals held M.E. Church Stittville. Membres for half century buried in Townsend Cemetery. Several children. One son Noble 80 years of age, resides in Utica.

MARSON-- Edward T., was supervisor of the town in 1858-9. His descendants living in Marcy are William D. Marson, Hilda Marson Roberts, L. Rowena Roberts, Joy M., Weltha, and Wm. D. Marson, Jr. Mrs Emma Richards Thomas and Irving Richards.

MAYHEW-- William and Merchant, sons of Robert and Mary, who came to this county from England in 1796, settling in New Hartford. The two sons came to Marcy in early youth. Merchant settled on a farm on the river road, now included within the State Hospital property. He married Hannah Haskill and had children Melissa, wife of Thomas W. Carr, and Mortimer, who married Jane C. Fuller, daugther of Austin and Laura Fuller and had children, Laura F. adn Carolyn H. The latter married Mr. Lewis and Laura married Mr. Meyer by whom she had two children, Helen and Jane now living in Yonkers. William, brother of Merchant, ran a tavern on the old plank road running north through Marcy. When the Berean Baptist Church was built, Mr. Mayhew was converted, abolished the tavern and became an ardent church supporter. William Jr., sold the place to Alfred Weaver, Sr. in 1884. It was afterwards sold to the state as part of the hospital site by his son, Alfred M. Weaver. Alfred Weaver Sr came to Marcy from Deerfield in 1869. After selling the property, William Mayhew, Jr. moved to California and died in Los Gatos. He left four children, Clara, a missionary, Milton, William and Welcome, all of California.

McNEIL-- Charles, came to Marcy in 1800. He is buried in Whitesboro. His son, Miller married Rowena Sweet and had a daughter Laura, who married William Marson. Their son, Edward Miller Marson, married Ellenatta Roberts (ch. William David married Mernon Segovis of Canada and has children, Joyce Mernon, Weltha Eleanor, and William D. Jr.); Ruth E. married Frank Kidder;  Homer R. married Evadne Wright and has children, Jean Ardath and Harry Edward; John E. married Elizabeth Chisholm and has children, Ruth Isael and John Alec; and L. Rowena Marson, deceased, married Isaac Roberts and had a daughter Hilda Marson Roberts living in Marcy.

MORGAN-- Asa, came to Stittville with his wife, Elsie Luddington in 1800. Their son, Asa H. married 1st Jennie Williams, daughter of Hezekiah. At her death he married Addie, another daughter of Hezekiah and had children Raymond H., living on the WIlliams homestead in Stittville, and Jennie, a teacher in Utica, with whom Mrs. Addie Morgan is living.

MORGAN-- Evan H., a native of Wales, came to Marcy in 1836. He helped to cut the stone to build the Utica State Hospital. He died in 1881 and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery. His son, Alexander Morgan, resides here, also his son, Charles J., who had children Charles Jr., Kenneth, Betty and Mary.