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The New York Genealogical and Biographical RECORD.
October, 1871
Vol. 2.
No. 4.
Published for the Society,
Mott Memorial Hall, No. 64 Madison Avenue,
New York City, NY
Pgs. 201-202
[Contributed by Martin H. Stafford, of New York City.]

The town of Sangerfield, Oneida county, N.Y., is situated in the southern part of the county, eighty-eight miles westerly from Albany, on the Cherry Valley turnpike, and seventeen southwest from Utica.  Its latitude is north 43 degrees 54’. With an elevation of about 1,375 feet above tide-water and 800 above Utica and the long level on the Erie canal.  Its shape is nearly that of a parallelogram, and contains about 18,900 acres.  This town was originally known as Township No. Twenty of the twenty townships laid out upon the west side of the Unadilla river.  It was surveyed in the summer of 1789, under a law of the Legislature passed February 25, 1789.  After its survey, and previous to its settlement, it was simply known to the land speculators of the day as “Township No. 20 of the twenty towns.”  It was included in Whitestown, Montgomery county, at the time of the survey, and in 1790 and 1791 was purchased of the State upon speculation, chiefly by Michael Myers, Jedediah Sanger, and John J. Morgan, a considerable portion being subsequently leased in perpetuity.  Feb. 16, 1791, upon the formation of Herkimer county, this township was included in that county, and the first step taken towards its settlement in the fall of this year.  Sangerfield was in Chenango county upon its formation, by an act passed March 15, 1798, but was annexed to Oneida county, April 4, 1804.
The town is essentially an agricultural one, although there is some manufacturing carried on in the village of Waterville, which stands chiefly upon lots Nos. 39 and 40; but a small part of the village is however, in the town of Marshall.
 By the census of June, 1870, the town contained a population 2,513,-- the village of Waterville containing about one-half.  On the 1st of March, 1871, the town numbered among its residents the following persons seventy years of age and upward:-
Mrs. Joana Carey             98
Mrs. Amy Wilcox             96
John Davis                        92
Mrs. Sally West                90
Jonas Banton                    90
Luthur Warriner                89
George Green                   89
Jonathan Jewett                88
Mrs. Hannah Dye             86
Lemuel Hill                       86
Mrs. Eliza Wells               86
Eleazar Tompkins             85
Mrs. Ziphah Carey           85
Nathaniel Putnam             85
Mrs. Nathaniel Putnam     84
Aaron Stafford                 84
Leander Gridley               84
John McCluskey              84
William Lawton                83
Mrs. __ Day                    82
Pliny Beebe                      82
Zerah Rowell                    82
John Haven                      82
Chauncey Baldwin           80
John Egbert                      80
Mrs. Moses Bush             76
Richard Pugh                   76
Terence Brady                 76
Homer Hale                     76
Joseph Miller                   76
Mrs. Zerah Rowell           75
Mrs. Mary Geer              75
Mrs. A. Miller                 75
Mrs. Joseph De Forrest   74
Chaucey Buell                 74
Henry Tower                   74
Loomis Miller                  74
Abner Stockwell            74
Martin Morgan               74
Isaac Risley                    74
James Ledwell                74
Miller Babbitt                  74
Jeremiah Tooley              74
Mrs. Susan Chase           74
Mrs Henry Tower           73
Mrs. Horace Terry          73
Thomas Keenan              73
John Winchell                  73
Randall Wightman                  80
Mrs. George Leaworthy         80
Mrs. Sarepta Stafford             79
Mrs. Tryphena Stetson           79
John Mott                               79
George Penner                        79
Darius Babcock                      78
Mrs. Amy Owen                     78
Mrs.___ Robinson                  78
Richard Damon                       78
Guy E. Edgerton                     78
Mrs. Susan Benedict               77
Mrs. Gilbert M. Gifford           77
Horace Tower                        77
Horace Bigelow                      77
Philip Lumbard                       77
Harry Chesebrough                77
Medina Preston                      77
Joseph DeForrest                   77
Mrs. Jonas Banton                 76
Mrs. Lemuel Hill                    76
Mrs. Aaron Stafford              76
Mrs. John Mott                     76
Mrs. Eliza Coggshall              76
Mrs. Rhoda Loomis              76
Mrs. Mary Duffy                   73
Hugh Brady                           73
Mrs. Elisha Peck                   73
Elexis Seymour                      73
Mrs. Elexis Seymour             73
Mrs. Dennis Bangs                73
Clark J. Rogers                     73
Bridget Manley                      73
Mrs. Stanton Park                 73
Elijah Conger                        72
Mrs. E. Bigelow                    72
Daniel Wells                          72
Mrs. A.B. Robinson              72
H.B. Norton                         72
Richard Hughes                    72
Mrs. James Ledwell             71
William P. Cleveland            71
Alvin Bugley                        71
Mrs. B. Southwick              71
Lyman Wolcott                   71
Julius Candee                      71
Asa Carter                          70
Adino Winchell                   70

  Ninety-six in all; and it is not a little singular that there is not a Smith, Jones, Brown, Black, or White among them, notwithstanding these families are all represented in the town, and two of them (Jones and White) largely so.  Aaron Stafford and Leander Gridley were born the same day.