The town of Steuben derives it's name from Frederic William Augustus,
Baron de Steuben, the major general of the Revolutionary War and whose
patent of 16,000 acres for his service made up a large portion of the town
of Steuben.  The town was created on April 10, 1792 and held it's first town
meeting in the same month.  The first settler to this area was Samuel Sizer in
the year 1789.  Later in the spring of 1792 Captain Samuel Fuller arrived with
his family and others soon followed which included David Starr,
Joseph Ingham, Noadiah Fairchild and Joel and Samuel Hubbard.

Current Historian:
Leonard Wynne
Starr Hill Rd.
Remsen, NY 13438
(315) 831-5443

1850 Sketch of Steuben in Rome Citizen

Baron de Steuben's role in the Revolution

Steuben Residents 1907