Old Welsh Baptist Church, Utica, NY

  Second Baptist Society of Utica.
Thanks go to Joan Jones for typing this list


Year 1832
July 26    John Owens to Marie Evans, both of Utica
Aug. 1     John Jones to Mary Owns, both of Utica
        10   James Jones to Sarah         , both of Utica
        11   Thomas Williams to Mary Roberts.

Year  1833
March    5   David Reed to Thusan Dicensua, both of Utica
            14    William Fraserroy to Sarah Fowler, both of Utica
May     13    Evan Jones to Ellenor Jones, native of Wales
            16    Ebenezer Jones to Elizabeth Jones, native of Utica
            22 Richard Williams to Mary Thomas, native of Utica
            23 John McCartirey to Elbelau
            July      4       Moriah Humfres to Mary Roberts, native of Wales

Year 1834
Jan. 17     Thos. Jones of Steuben to Janet Jones of Utica
Apr  8       John Huse of Turin to Maria Griffis of Utica
May 15     Wm. Salvin to Jemima Dickens of Utica
16 Owen Roberts to Elener Evans of Utica
July 14      Griffith G. Roberts to Ann Williams of Utica
Sept. 2       W. B. Leyman to Elizabeth Owens of Utica
Oct. 10       Evan Williams to Catherine Roublent of Utica
Nov. 19     Micke? Roberts to Elizabeth Williams of Utica

Year 1835
Feb. 4        Owen Owens to Ann Huse, both native Wales
March 24  Edward Knight to Jane Lewis
April 21    George W. Beebee to Mary E. Hoyt by Abraham Williams
Dec. 25      Mr. Isaac Thomas to Elizabeth Evans from town of Marcy, both native of Wales

Year 1836
Apr. 20     Michail B. Lagne to Hane Ann Colings, Deerfield
July 4       Hugh Jones to Elizabeth Williams
16 Richard Davish to Elizabeth Morish
Aug 28     Henry Alexander Pagg to Minerva Fish
Oct 17      John Townsend to Catherine Pary

Year 1837
May 29    Rowlant Jones to Elizabeth Roberts

Year 1838
Jan 14      Evan Richards to Elizabeth Roberts
March 8   John N. Richard to Anne Jones

Year 1839
Feb 24     John Roberts to Janet Huse
March 23 Richard D. Richards to Almira Le?u
March 23 Robert Johneson to Lusinda Lock

Copied by Edith Batsford Swancott, Member of Oneida Chapter, N.S. D.A.R 164756, Utica, NY June 1925