The town of Whitestown was formed by an act of the Legislature on
March 7, 1788.  It is the site of the first settlement of the county.
Hugh White removed from Middeltown, Connecticut in May of 1784 and
arrived in Whitestown on the 5th of June.  Soon several of his relatives
arrived and began the settlement of Whitestown.  Among other settlers of
the town there included William G. Tracy, Seth Capron, John Green,
William M. Cheever,Benjamin S. Walcott, Needham Maynard,
Dr. Elizur Moseley, Alvan Bradley and Uriah Stevens.

Current Historian:
Marilyn Collea
2324 Arnold Ave.
Yorkville, NY 13495

Postcard of Whitesboro

The Whitestown Seminary

Genealogy of the White Family

The Whitestown Map

From an excerpt from John Warner Barber's Connecticut Historical Collections
which was published at New Haven in 1838 provides excellent information.

1850 Sketch of Whitestown in Rome Citizen