Adsit Bible

Bible owned by Mrs. T.O. Williams, Marcellus, NY 13108


Erastus Adsit was born in the year 1802 May the 29th day.
Permelia Adsit was born in the year 1801 August the 10th day
Abzina Adsit was born in the year 1827 January the 12th day.
Susan Adsit was born in the year 1831 May the 24th day
Stephen W. Adsit was born in the year 1835 February the 4th day
Leonard E. Adsit was born in the year 1842 June the 27th day
Ellen Suits was born in the year 1845 February the 2nd day.
Charles S. McIntosh was born in the year 1863 March the 17th day
William J. Bennett was born in the year 1866 October the 7th day - died 1938

Marriage Contract

This certifies that the Marriage Contract between Leonard E. Adsit of Steuben, Oneida County, New York and Ellen Suits of Western, Oneida County, New York was duly solemnized by me at Western on this twenty first day of February, One Thoussand eight hundred and sixty six.  W.B. Parmlee, Clergyman.  Witnesses Present : Job Tripp, Edmond Fuller


Erastus Adsit and Permelia Weast was married October 2nd 1825
Edmond Fuller and Abzina Adsit was married Setpember 2nd 1844
Charles B. McIntosh and Susan Adsit was married Janaury 23, 1850
Stephen W. Adsit and Elizabeth A. Woodridge was married February 20th 1856
William J. Bennett and Jessie E. Adsit was married December 12th 1894


Charles B. McIntosh died Janaury 13th 1870
Permelia Adsit died February 24th 1875
Erastus Adsit died April 11 1886
Susan B. McIntosh died November 25 1886
Jessie E. Bennett died February the 11th 1897
Charles S. McIntosh died December the 15th 1902
Stephen W. Adsit died April the 16th 1907
Abzina Fuller died September the 9th 1908
Leonard E. Adsit died October the 1st 1908
William Bennett died 1938
Ellen Adsit died March 14 1932

Mrs. T.O. Williams