Bible of Case Family

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Some Contents of Case Bible
*researched by Helen Van Schaick Palmer Thurlow
**Writing was sometimes difficult to decipher and was typed as written

Marshall Wardell BARKER
Born April 15, 1801
Died March 12, 1892 Clinton, New York
Buried in Clinton, New York

Married to Malina LUMBARD March 11, 1824

Born October 12, 1804/05
Died August 14, 1846
Buried Clinton, New York

Charlotte BARKER, daughter of Marshall and Malina married Caleb CASE.

Julia, daughter of Zacheus and Minerva Lord CASE, born at New Hartford, N. Y., Nov. 18th, 1828.  Married Henry C. HOWARD of Bennington Township, Shiawassee County, Michigan, Oct. 21st, 1858.  Died at Owosso, Michigan, Sept. 19th, 1910.
Henry C. HOWARD, her husband, born at Saline, Washtenaw County, Mich., Sept. 25th, 1831, died at Owosso, Michigan, Aug. 16th, 1908.
They had one daughter, Minerva Rebecca, born at Bennington Township, Shia Co., Mich., Nov. 17th, 1861.  Married George W. WELLS Feb. 25th, 1885.
George W. WELLS, her husband, was born in Antrim Township, Shia. Co., Mich., Mar. 4th, 1861, died at Phoenix, Ariz., March 5th, 1904.
They had one daughter, Pansy Orpha WELLS, born at Morrice, Mich., Mar. 23rd, 1886.  Married Orrin T. JENNINGS of Owosso, Michigan, Sept. 18th, 1907.
Orrin T. JENNINGS was born at Bennington Township, Shia. Co., Michigan, Oct. 28th, 1884.  They had one son, J. Wells JENNINGS born Aug. 14th, 1908, died Aug. 24th, 1908.
A daughter, born March 3, 1914, Ella Louisa JENNINGS.

This Bible was the property of Zacheus CASE purchased in May 1832.  John L. CASE was the son of Zacheus CASE and the father of H. B. CASE (he died childless).
Zacheus CASE died June 30, 1858 aged 71 years, and is buried in the old cemetery corner Sanger Avenue and Oxford Road, New Hartford, N. Y.

Zacheus (1st) CASE married June 20, 1751
Zacheus (2nd) Born Cot. 23, AD 1752
Caleb Born July 24, AD 1759
Zacheus (3rd) Born September 23, AD 1756
Abgail Born September 7, AD 1758
Mary Born February 10, AD 1761
Sarah Born July 12, AD 1765
Theila (sp?) Born December 6, AD 1765
Rodia (sp?) Born July 4, AD 1768
Reith (sp?) Born February 19, AD 1771

**Writing was sometimes difficult to decipher.
**There is a not that says  “Born” = Probably an early Case family.  I’m sure it means that these children were born on that particular day.


George CASE died February 24, 1823
Orpha CASE TOMPKINS died Bebruary 3, 1856
Zacheus CASE the second, died June 30, 1858, aged 71 years.
Minerva S. CASE died December 30, 1864, aged 77 years.
Lucinda CASE (Cortlands wife) died October 6, 1870.
Susan CASE DeBERARD died April 6, 1898, aged 82 years, 8 mos., 9ds.
Cortland CASE died August 29, 1898, aged 81 years, 7 mos.
Zacheus CASE the first, died January (?) 28 (?), 1812 aged 82 years.
Caleb CASE, son of Zacheus CASE, died August 23, 1874, aged 60 years.
Charlotte CASE, wife of Caleb CASE, died April 6, 1837, aged 71 years, 10 mos.
Caleb CASE children:
Sarah died ?
Gantha (sp?), May 1, 1854
Caleb Jan. 23, 1854
Philip TOMPKINS died Aug. 23, 1901, aged 89 years, 2 da.
John Lord CASE died April 14, 1905, aged 81 years 4 da.
Julia CASE HOWARD died Sept. 19, 1910, aged 81 years, 10 mos.

**Writing was sometimes difficult to decipher.


Orpha CASE born June 29, 1813
Susan CASE born July 28, 1815
Cortland CASE born Jany 28, 1817
John CASE born April 10, 1821
Julia CASE born Nov. 18, 1828
Zacheus CASE born Jany 22, 1787
Minerva LORD born Jany 14, 1788
Caleb CASE Children:
Morris CASE born March 1776
Elizabeth born Jany 1718
Sarah July 1780
Zacheus Jany 22, 1787
Philemon (sp?) Nov. 1788
? ?  Feb. 1791
Jantha (sp?) Sept. 27, 1801
Caleb May 1803
Hiram June 1805
Delia An Jany 1807
Delia died Jan. 1, 1888 at Bristolville, Ohio
Marshall Barker PALANCE (sp?) born Jan. 10, 1870 Died July 13, 1955
Helen Van SCHAICK PALMER THURLOW born June 7, 1901

Herbert B. CASE born Dec. 2, 1855
Helen J. SEXTON CASE born Nov. 18, 1856 died July 19, 1896
Ellen Taylor CASE died September 14, 1937, aged 73 years, 11 mos.