Ames & Alvin Dana Bible Records


Lois Morrill

AMES & ALVIN DANA Family Record.
This record is on a sheet of old fashioned paper, blue, 9+1/4 x 11 inches, written on one side of the paper, about the 1870 to 1890 period, and was apparently taken from a Family Bible. The record was found in the papers of Dr. Angie Claire Hughes, D.O. by her brother Thomas Hicks Hughes, 1953.

JAMES DANA departed this life the 16th day of October 1817. Aged 86.
ELIZABETH DANA departed this life Sep. 3d 1819.
RUTH G. DANA departed this life Oct. 5th 1843. Aged 63 years and 3 days.
ALVIN DANA departed this life January 10th 1852. Aged 71 years 3 months 13 days.
SAMUEL GIBSON Departed this life May 31st 1817.
ALVIN DANA Born Sep. 27th A.D. 1780 On Wednesday.
RUTH GIBSON Born Oct. 2st A.D. 1780 on Monday.
ALVIN DANA married to RUTH GIBSON February 18th 1811 on Monday.
AMELIA C. DANA Born Nov. 29th 1811 on Fryday.
AUGUSTA M. DANA Born Sep. 22d 1813.
JAMES G. DANA Born June 23d 1815 on Fryday.
EMELINE ANN DANA Born Sep. 23d 1817 on Tuesday.
HARVEY W. DANA Born Sep. 29th 1820 on Sunday .
WALTER H. DANA Born April 24th 1823 on Thursday.
ABRAHAM HUGHES married to AMELIA C. DANA April 13 th 1837.
DAVID W. BARNES married to AUGUSTA M. DANA May 4th 1842(or 1843) on Wednesday.
WALTER H. DANA married to NANCY E. DRAKE Feb 25th 1847 on Thursday.
HARVEY W. DANA married to ELIZABETH ?T DANA April 10th 1849.
[from DAR records: Transcribed copy notarized 4 Feb 1953]