Hill Family Bible

Submitted by Donna Stevens Boyd



Josiah Church was born March 10th 1742 in Granville [Hampden Co.] and State Massachusetts
Mariah Clark was born April 25th 1741 in Granville [Hampden Co.] and State Massachusetts
David Hill was born April 3d 1780 in Guilford [New Haven] State of Connecticut
Laura Church was born January 1st 1788
Henry Rensselaer Hill was born February 11th 1814 in Westernville [Oneida] New York
Harriet Hill was born February 11th 1815
Clarissa Ann Hill was born July 25th 1817
William Hill was born 1820.
George Washington Lafayette Hill was born August 7th, 1825
Morrell Theodore Hill was born March 25th 1827


Josiah Church and Mariah Clark were married in Granville [Hampden Co.] March 31st 1768
David Hill and Laura Church were married in Western in New York May 8th 1813
Harriet Hill and John Colvin Capron were married November 14th 1835
Henry Rensselaer Hill and Clarissa Clark were married October 1st 1836
Clarissa Hill and Hason Annis were married 1837
William Hill and Laura Clark were married February 19th 1840
Morrell Theodore Hill and Julia Halleck were married March 31st 1847
G. W. Lafayette Hill and Caroline Clark were married June 16, 1848
G. W. Lafayette Hill married 2d Angeline M.....   1850
Morrell Theodore Hill married 2d Jennie M. Bartlett September 25th 1872


Josiah Church died July 7th 1819
Mariah Church wife of Josiah Church died August 16th 1828
Harriet Hill Capron wife of John Colvin Capron died October 29th 1839 in Lee.
Caroline Hill wife of G. W. Lafayette Hill died April 13th 1849
Clarissa Hill Annis wife of Hason Annis died November 28th 1850
David Hill died May 11th 1856
Laura Hill wife of David Hill died December 30th 1866
G. W. Lafayette Hill died October 11th 1878
Clarissa Hill wife of Henry Rensselaer Hill died September 5th 1882
Henry Rensselaer Hill died September 24th 1894
Morrell T. Hill died October 8th 1900
William Hill died January 21st 1903