Bible of Garner and Lucy [Ingraham] Jones

Thanks to Lisa Slaski for submitting this bible record!

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Garner Jones born March 25th 1793
Lucy Ingraham born April 9th 1801

then a line between the above and the next info:

Sarah Maria Jones was born October 3rd 1829
Sarah Maria Jones was born June 18th 1832
Diana Rebecca Jones was born June 11th 1836
Evarancy Amelia Jones was born June 27th 1839

next column (still Births):

Ferdinand N. Carpenter born August 9th 1855


Garner Jones was married to Lucy Ingraham January 9th 1828

next column (still Marriages):

Sarah Maria Jones married George Washington Carpenter Oct 25, 1854
Everancy Amelia Jones married George Boyes Temple Mar. 7, 1866


Sarah Maria Jones died September 11th 1830
Garner Jones died July 18th 1853
Diana R. Jones died Dec 27th 1857
Lucy Jones died March 14th 1895

next column (still Deaths):

Ferdinand N. Carpenter died June 14th 1885
Sarah M. Carpenter died March 1st 1911