Kellogg Bible

This Bible had been in Bill Kellogg's possession for 18 years
before he passed it onto his son.
The origin of this bible is Frederick Kellogg 1783-1864 of
New Hartford, Oneida County, NY

Family Record  Marriage
Frederick Kellogg to Hester Guthrie Aug.5,1805

Family Records  Births
Mary Kellogg  Nov. 3, 1806
Nancy Kellogg  Jun. 9, 1808
Frederick Kellogg  July 8, 1810
Urial Kellogg May 2, 1812
Laban Nichols Mar. 29,1777 - Bethia Lee Nichols, His wife Mar.30,1783.
Their children as follows:
Daniel Nichols 7-29-1807
Ammi Nichols 3-8-1806
Submit Nichols 1-1-1808
Benj. Nichols.8-2-1810
Alonzo Nichols 2-20 1813
Mary Nichols July 25, 1815
William Nichols 3-22-1818
Cordelia Nichols 7-28-1821
Harriet Nichols 7-23-1824
Juliaett Nichols 8-13-1826

Family Record  Deaths
Margaret Moore Kellogg, wife of Frederick Webster Kellogg  Oct.3,1803
Frederick Webster Kellogg Jun 7,1817
Mary, wife of F. W. Kellogg Nov.15,1812
Hiran Kellogg Feb. 28,1826
Riley Guthrie Jan. 17,1827
Keziah Guthrie Jun.24,1828
Abraham Guthrie Dec.12,1830
Dr.Urial Kellogg Feb.8,1844
Amanda Norton May 27,1844
Warren Guthrie May 17,1846
William Nichols Apr. 21,1851
Elisa Williams Sept.10,1853
Mary Nichols Oct.26,1854
Polly Mallory Nov.23,1854
Ashbel Mallory Feb.15,1856
Ammi Nichols Sept.14,1856
Webster Kellogg Jan.23,1859
Nancy Gaylord Oct.22,1861
Frederick Kellogg Sept.16,1864
Hester Kellogg Mar.17,1870
Mary E. Kellogg Feb.10,1885
Urial Kellogg Jun.6,1890
Alice G. Kellogg Mar.16,1905
Laban Nichols Nov.12,1844
Bethia Nichols Oct.1O, 1848
Daniel Nichols Apr.4,1870
Benj. Nichols Dec.12,1894
Alonzo Nichols Apr.? 1873
Cordelia Nichols Mar.19,1860

Bill Kellogg