Mullany Bible

The following entries are for the MULLANY Family Bible.  This bible was
owned by my grandmother, Mary Katherine JORDAN until her death in 1972.
It is now kept by my cousin Alice.

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Entries are written as they are in the bible.

Stephen Mullany,
born in the village of Eniscrove County Sligo Ireland, A.D. 1814
Mary Loftus, born in the parish of Castle Connor, County Sligo, Ireland, A.D. 1816

The above were married A.D. 1836 by Rev. Father Hearan In a church of the parish Killglass, County Sligo Ireland.

Mary E., daughter of Stephen and  Mary Mullany was joined in wedlock to Patrick Baulf A.D. 1861-2-10
Ellen L, daughter of Stephen and Mary Mullany was joined in Wedlock to Peter Jordan A.D. 1886 -2-3.
Jennie L daughter of Stephen and Mary Mullany was joined in wedlock to Moses E. Jordan A.D. 1880-11-24.
Anna E. daughter of Stephen and Mary Mullany was joined in wedlock to William Latus A.D. 1907-9-25

Entries as written.

Born of Stephen and Mary Mullany
John Mullany, born May 1837
Bridget Mullany, born Dec. 1838
Mary E. Mullany born May 1841
Michael Mullany, born Aug. 1842
Katherine Mullany, born Dec 1843
Stephen Mullany, born 1845
Ellen Mullany born Aug. 1847
Winiford Mullany born 1851
The above were born in Ireland

Jennie L Mullany, born 1854-1-26
Ellen L. Mullany, born 1857-8-15
Anna Eliza Mullany born 1859-12-18

Born of Moses and Jennie Jordan
Edward P. Jordan born 1883-4-3
Francis S. Jordan Born 1884-12-20
William M. Jordan born 1887-1-12
Helen M. Jordan born 1897-2-17
Mary K Jordan born 1897-2-17

Entries as written
Children of Stephen and Mary Mullany
John Mullany died 1839 (June), aged 2 years
Bridget Mullany, died June 1839 aged 6 months
Michael Mullany died January 1843 aged 7 months
Katherine Mullany died Dec. 1846 aged 3 years
Stephen Mullany died at sea Apr. 1851 aged 6 years
Ellen Mullany, Died 1851 (May), aged 3 years, 6 months
Winiford Mullany, Died 1851 (April) soon after birth
Stephen Mullany, our father, died Nov. 24, 1875 aged 61
Mary Mullany, our mother died Feb. 19, 1874 aged 74 years
Mary  E. Baulf died Dec 4 1905 age 64 years
Anna E Latus died Sept. 6, 1907 age 49 years
Jane Mullany Jordan Sept. 4 1936 age 8(2)
Moses E. Jordan Oct. 15, 1936 age 8(1)
Frank S Jordan May, 1957
Helen M. Jordan May 4 1965
George M. Jones April 17, 1967
Theron Stewert Jones born Apr. 21 1875 died Sept. 5, 1969 (this entry was entered under the wrong name, the name was William Jones, Theron's father, unknown why the information was entered this way, it is written by two people.)