Robinson Family Bible Records


Jeanann Murphy
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Levi P. Ismond was born May Twenty Fifth 1821
Mary Ann Ismond was born March Eighteenth 1828
Polly Ismond was born April 2nd 1826
Hellen E. Ismond was born sept 15th 1847
John H. Ismond was born June 10th 1851
Harriet E. Ismond was born April 22nd 1853
Laurel Frances Feb 23, 1915  daughter of Floyd Robinson
Fleid Levi was born Dec 25 1890  (its actually Floyd)
Frank L Robinson was born April 2nd 1882
Kitty Robinson was born Febuary (hard to decipher, could be 11 20, th 20, 1h 20)
Fanny Robinson was born febuary (hard to decipher, could be M 19, 11 19)

Floyd L. Robinson and Edith H. Niles were married Aug. 27, 1913
Laurel Frances Robinson born Feb 23, 1915
Vincent Stanly Robinson born Nov 27, 1916
Merlin  Niles Robinson born Aug. 29, 1918
Marion Ethel Robinson born June 10, 1920
Vivian Gertrude Robinson born Aug 5, 1922
Donald Floyd Robinson born Apr 28, 1926 (looks like 6)
Floyd L. Robinson died June 24, 1928
Laurel F. Robinson died January 12, 1931

Levi P. Ismond was married to Mary Ann Tallmadge Sept 20th 1846
Levi Ismond was married to Polly Holmes Nov tenth 1861
George Risdorph was married to Hellen E. Ismond April 20th 1866
David Robinson was married to Harriet E. Ismond July 26th 1873
Grace May Robinson was born June 7th 1874
Maud Laperl Robinson was born Nov 20th 1875
Lula Bell Robinson was born Sept 5th 1877
Fredie Stanly Robinson was born February 18th 1880

Levi P. Ismond died Aug 12th 1884  Age 63 - 2 mos & 18 days
David E. Robinson died Dec 15, 1921
Hattie E. Ismond his wife died Feb 12, 1922
Floyd L. Robinson died June 24, 1928
Fany Helen Relinen died march 29, 1892
Maud Laperl Robinson died Feb 7th 1877
Grace may Robinson died Feb 27th 1877
Lula Bell Robinson died Feb 27th 1877