Shaul Bible

Information taken from DAR Bible records Volume 10 page 236.
Volume located in NYS Library Albany, New York


Charles Wilcox Shaul - 19 Jan 1873 at Bridgewater, NY
Martha Henrietta Shaul - 4 May 1874 at North Litchfield, NY
Frederick Gersham Shaul - 10 Mar 1878 at Bridgewater, NY
Rodney Wilcox - 10 May 1806 at Stonington, Connecticut
Emily Davis Wilcox - 23 Jun 1908 at Frankfort, NY
Squire Gilchrist Shaul - 25 Jun 1850 at Cullen, New York


Squire Gilchrist Shaul & Emma H. Wilcox - 4 Oct 1871
Edward Miller & Louisa Miller Healy - 26 Jun 1901
Chaarles W. Shaul & Alice M. Carpenter - 10 Jan 1900

No Deaths Listed

Additional Information
John Shaul was a soldier in the Revolution and was captured by the Indians in 1778 and taken to Canada.  He and several others escaped and were recaptured and sentenced to death, but were ransomed by a British officer for $25 each.  Two of his brothers had been taken with him, Sebastian and Mathias; the latter, a boy of seven, was liberated and allowed to return home.  John Shaul married a Miss Brenner of Herkimer Co., they were the parents of seven children: Christian , John, Sebastian, Jacob who died about 1872 at Columbia, NY a Soldier of the War of 1812 , Daniel, also a soldier of the War of 1812 and father of John D. Shaul of Cherry Valley who earned his title in the Civil War and died in 1887, George, Elisabeth.