Smith Family Bible

Submitted by Donna Stevens Boyd



Married in Rome at the residence of the bride's father November 10th, 1869 by the Rev. H. L. M. Clark, Mr. Charles Sherman Smith of Westmoreland to Miss Kate R. Bones of Rome, N.Y.

Mr. Francis Rowland Smith to Miss Ida M. Holmes at New Jersey, July 14th, 1896

Mr. Lyle Avery Smith to Miss Esther Capron at Rome, August 19th, 1896. By Rev. Dr. John H. Egar

Married at Plainfield, N. J., Donaldson S. Wean and Esther C. Smith, Sept. 18th, 1926

Married at Trinity Church, City of New York, John Bayley O'Brien and Cornelia I Smith, June 16th, 1936


Charles Sherman Smith born September 7th, 1835 at Western, Oneida County, New York
Catharine Rice Bones born September 7th, 1835 at Carthage, Jefferson County, New York
Francis Rowland Smith born Thursday P.M. December 29, 1870 at Westmoreland, Oneida County, New York
Lyle Avery Smith born May 18th, 1874 Monday A.M. Rome, Oneida County, New York, 320 North George Street
Cornelia Isabella Smith born July 9, 1899 Sunday at Rome, N.Y.  320 North George Street
Esther Catherine Smith born June 13, 1905 Saturday at Utica, N. Y. 42 Oneida Street


Entered into rest Wednesday, February 26th, 1890 at his residence, 320
North George Street, Rome, N.Y.  Charles Sherman Smith aged 54 years 5
months 19 days
Entered into rest at Rome, N.Y. on Monday, August 30th, 1897, after a
brief illness Francis Rowland Smith aged 26 years
Entered into rest November 19, 1917 Catharine Bones Smith aged 82 years
Entered into rest December 7, 1919 Esther Capron Smith age 50 years
Entered into rest January 13, 1954 Lyle Avery Smith age 79 years.

Transcribed by Donna S. Boyd