From Our County and its People, by  Daniel E. Wager,  1896.
Hiram Spencer Kellogg was born in  Westmoreland, 5-23-1843,son of Uriah and Mary E.(Nichols) Kellogg._____Uriah Kellogg was born in New  Hartford, Oneida County, and came to Westmoreland in 1840, where he conducted a farm until his death in  1890. Mrs. Mary Kellogg his wife was born in New Hartford in 1815, and died in Westmoreland in  1884._____ Hiram Spencer Kellogg was educated at the Williams Collegiate Institute. He has always been  prominent in politics, and has been successful, although a democrat, in being elected supervisor in a town that
has always given a large republican majority. This was due to Mr. Kellogg's popularity, and high personal
esteem in which he is held by the members of both parties;this being a very notable instance in the history of the
county._____ Mr. Kellogg is a member of the Hampton Lodge No. 347, and one of the oldest Masons in the
Lodge.____ He married Fannie A.Slocum, of Clinton, by whom he had three children:Clara L.,Charles S., &
Lena M.___ Clara L. Kellogg is married to Dr.Samuel Gifford, of Whitesboro, Oneida County.____ Mr.
Kellogg was inspector of the middle division of the canals of the state of New York for three years,and was
also on the Democratic County Committee.
Bill Kellogg

Capt. John Kent was among the very early settlers in Remsen, coming from Southwick, Mass. His wife, Grace, born
   in Southwick July 31, 1751, was a daughter of John & Anna Loomis Root. Mr. Kent was a soldier in the Revolution
   having enlisted three times; the last time to serve three years, but the war closed before the expiration of the time of his
   enlistment. Broughton W. Green is authority for the statement that the first marriage in Remsen was that of a daughter
   of Mr. Kent; and also that he kept the first hotel in the township. He died here in 1795 or 96.
   A Narrative History of Remsen New York including parts of adjoining townships of Steuben and Trenton 1789-1898,
   by Millard F. Roberts, pub. 1914
   Kathy Last

Silas Kent Sr., born in Southwick, Mass. February 5, 1778, came to Remsen before 1800 and was married here
   March 25, 1801. His wife, Annis, was also a native of Connecticut, born in New Milford, October 1, 1782. He died
   here February 17, 1813, aged thirty-five years, and his widow survived him until June 17, 1864, dying at the age of
   eighty-one years. Their children were Chester, born January 1, 1802; Grace G., born March 1, 1803, married
   Norman Brainard, removed to Oakland county, Mich.; John, born November 7, 1804, removed to Chautauqua
   county, NY, died April 13, 1873; Sylvina, born July 27, 1806, married Eleazer Green and removed to Harmony, NY;
   Silas Jr. born July 7, 1808, a successful farmer, died August 27, 1896; and Annis (Mrs. Sage), born May 6, 1812,
   removed to Fauquier county, Va.
   A Narrative History of Remsen New York including parts of adjoining townships of Steuben and Trenton 1789-1898,
   by Millard F. Roberts, pub. 1914
   Kathy Last

Dr. George L. Kilborn was born in Jefferson county in 1863. His father, Dr. Henry F. Kilborn was born in Brockville,
NY in 1844 and practiced medicine for twenty-one years in Croghan, Lewis county. He is one of five sons and four
daughters born to Lewis Kilborn, a farmer of Vermont. The Kilborn (or Kilnburn) family dates back many
generations, three brothers from England, who settled in the east and burned lime, whence the name Kilnburn.
Henry F. Kilborn, father of George L., now a practicing physician in Watertown, married Sarah Nichols, by whom he
had these children: Anna, George, Mary, and Nellie. The daughters all married doctors. Mr. Kilborn has been a
member of the order of Odd Fellows for twenty years, and in politics is a Repulbican.
George L. Kilborn received his preliminary education in Lowville Academy and Utica Business College, after which he
taught school for two years, and then took a medical course in the University of Vermont; in 1888 he was graduated
from the Kentucky School of Medicine in Louisville, KY, after which he practiced with his father in Croghan one year,
thence to West Leyden, Lewis county, where he remained three years. In 1892 he removed to Forestport, where he
now enjoys an extensive and lucrative practice. He is a member of the SFI, of which he is the medical examiner. In
1889 he married Laura, daughter of Joseph and Margaret (Bush) Bush, by whom he has three children: Luverne, Blain
and Henry.
Our County and its People, a Descriptive Work on Oneida County, New York, edited by Daniel E. Wager, 1896
Kathy Last

King, A. E., was born in Clayville, January 21, 1855, son of Harmon H. and Hannah King.  Mr. King has been connected with the foundry business all his life, and the enterprise which he now conducts was founded in Holman City by his father, and Mr. King has been sole proprietor for nine years.  The plant consists of a machine shop and foundry, and with the outlying premises comprises three acres of ground.  in 1876 he married Jenny Talcott, by whom he has two daughters: Florence and Dora.  Mr. King proposes to move his foundry to Clayville in the near future.
Our County and its People

William King was born in Holland in 1850. His father, Henry King, was born about 1825 and was a barber in
   Holland. He came to New York about 1851, and soon after came to Forestport, where he worked many years for
   Dr. Platt Williams. He married Hannah Nichols, daughter of Christian and Anna Nichols, natives of Holland, who
   came to America and settled in Forestport. Mr. and Mrs. King had these children: William, Charles, Anna, deceased,
   wife of Charles Cronan, Albert, Henry and Hannah; the three latter died young. Mrs. King died in 1860.
   When twelve years of age William King began as a chore boy for Dr. Williams. When twenty-two years of age he
   began his apprenticeship as a blacksmith, and in 1883 started a shop for himself on his present site in Forestport,
   where he has made a success and up to 1893 manufactured wagons and sleighs. He is a member of the masonic
   fraternity of Forestport. In 1876 he married Sarah, daughter of William Farley, of Boonville by whom he had these
   children: Anson, Lee, Grace Mabel, and Clarence.
   Our County and its People, a Descriptive Work on Oneida County, New York, edited by Daniel E. Wager, 1896
   Kathy Last

Rev. Samuel Kirkland
In 1766, Rev. Samuel Kirkland, a native of Connecticut, and a graduate of Princeton college, New Jersey, settled among the Oneidas, as a missionary. Through his influence they were restrained from engaging on the side of the British during the war of the revolution.
Mr. Kirkland remained among the Indians during the war, was interpreter to the American officers who visited the, and officiated as chaplain to the army during Sullivan's campaign. After the revolution he settled again in Oneida county, and the legislature of the state granted him the township of Kirkland, as an acknowledgement of his valuable services to the state of his adoption..
From "Geography of the State of New York" published by J. H. Mather & Co. at Hartford in 1847. Pages 280-281.
Sheila Hoffman

Knox, J. Theodore, was born in Knoxboro, NY, December 13, 1845, and  came  from the family that founded the village bearing  the name. they  were among the prominent citizens in the town of Augusta, and instances  (?)  became conspicuous among the clergy and financiers, in a larger field.  His grandfather , John J. Knox, came from Montgomery County in 1811 and settled at the place which later became  Knoxboro.  James c. Knox,  father of J. Theodore, was born at Knoxboro, November 29, 1818, and spent his life there, engaged in active and successful mercantile  and manufacturing business;  he died July 16, 1894.  October 2, 1844 he married Mary E. Whitely, who was a native of Utica, born December 2, 1818, who is still living on the old homestead  in Knoxboro.  J. Theodore received his education at Dwight’s rural high school in Clinton and at the age of sixteen entered his father’s store as clerk and bookkeeper, and in 1865, although only twenty years of age, entered into partnership with his father, which continued until 1881; at that time selling to his father the interest he held in the store, having in the meantime engaged in the general insurance business, which he still continues besides conducting the affairs of his farms.  Mr. Knox has held the office of town clerk for two terms, and in 1881 received the nomination for the assembly.  February 20, 1873,he married Lucy Anna Barbour, of Pittstown, Rensselaer County, who was born August 7, 1848, and received her education at north Granville and temple grove seminary;  her father Rev. P. Barbour was then pastor of the Presbyterian church of Augusta.  They have three children:  Mary Barbour, born March 10,  1883; Ruth Agnes, born November 6, 1886; and William Curtis, born may 3, 1889.
From "Our County and Its People" (section 3, page 58).

George M. Kunkel Jr. was born at Whitesboro August 2, 1862, son of George and Mary Kunkel, who settled in this
   county about 1855. George Sr. is engaged in farming, and is interested in all affairs of his town and county. George M.
   Kunkle Jr. is one of ten children: Emma, Leonard, Anthony, George M., Peter, Mathew, Joseph, Mary, Francis,
   Kittie. He married Louise, daughter of Michael and Mary Van Hatten. He is a member of St. Peter's Church in
   Deerfield and is also interested in all public enterprises.

   Our County and its People, a Decriptive Work on Oneida County, New York, edited by Daniel E. Wager, 1896
Kathy Last