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Bloss Family Cemetery Blossvale Rd. Inactive
Maple Hill Cemetery Coal Hill Rd. Active
Old Taberg Cemetery Rt. 285 Inactive
Segar Family Cemetery Rt. 285 Inactive
Stanford Cemetery Sheehan Rd. Inactive
St. Anne's Cemetery Gossner Rd. Active
St. Patricks Cemetery Rt. 285 Active
Whiffen Cemetery Reilly Rd. Inactive
Barber Cemetery Glynn Rd. Inactive
Brewer Cemetery Jeffers Rd. Inactive
Brouillette Farm Cemetery Brouillette Rd. 
Currie Cemetery Wells Gifford Rd. Inactive
Hillside Cemetery Cooper Street Active
Hubbard (aka Woods or Kimball) Cemetery Kimball Rd Inactive
Knoxboro-Augusta Cemetery South Street Active
O'Toole Cemetery
Parker Cemetery Knoxboro Rd. Inactive
Powers (aka Burns) Cemetery Burns Rd. Inactive
St. Joseph's  Cemetery Madison Road, Oriskany Falls  Active
Stafford Cemetery McNeill Rd. Inactive
Thistle Hill (Cole) Cemetery Skyline Dr. Inactive
Warren Family Cemetery Sayer-Huth  Rd. Inactive
Ava Cemetery West Ava Rd.  Near Vary Rd. Active
Cullings Family Cemetery Creek Road Inactive
Flinttown Cemetery Flinttown Rd. Inactive
Foster Family Cemetery Ava Corners Rd. Inactive
Thornton Cemetery Webster Hill Rd. Inactive
Wood Cemetery East Ava Rd. Near Flint Rd. Inactive
Alder Creek Cemetery Rte. 12 Active
Alder Creek Presbyterian Cemetery Rte. 12 Inactive
Boonville Cemetery Cemetery St. Active
Brooks Cemetery Hawkinsville-White Lake Rd. Inactive
Egypt Road Cemetery Egypt Road Inactive
Gifford Cemetery Boonville/Buck Hill Rd.  Active
Hall Cemetery Jackson Hill Rd./Arab Hill Rd. Inactive
Hayes Cemetery Hawkinsville Rd. Active
Holmes Road Cemetery Holmes Rd. Inactive
Joslin Cemetery Pines Rd./Hawkinsville Rd. Active
Justin Cemetery Hawkinsville-Forestport Rd. Inactive
Raymond Family Cemetery Denslow Farm, Alder Creek Inactive
Sabin Family Cemetery Furman Rd Inactive
St. John's Catholic Chrisoton Wingert Rd Inactive
St. Josephs Cemetery Moose River Rd Active
Backus Family Cemetery Donelly Rd. Inactive
Benham Cemetery Babcock Hill/Marshall Rds Inactive
Brown Family Cemetery Rte. 8/Rte. 20 Inactive
East Street Cemetery East St. South of Shaul Rd. Inactive
Fairview Cemetery Cemetery Rd. Active
Quaker Cemetery Rte. 8 Inactive
Rhodes Cemetery Unknown Inactive
Universalist Cemetery Village Inactive
Unknown Inactive
Brewer Road (aka Parke Family) Cemetery Brewer Rd Inactive
Forest Lawn Cemetery Rte. 13 Active
Forest Park Cemetery Rte. 13 Active
Hillside Cemetery Steam Mill Rd Active
North Hillsboro Cemetery Hillsboro Rd. Inactive
Old Mexico Street Cemetery Mexico St. Inactive
Seventh Township Cemetery Rte. 13 Inactive
Skinner Settlement Cemetery Skinner Settlement Rd.
St. John's Cemetery Rte. 13 Active
Westdale Cemetery Cemetery Rd.
Note: Please check the Town of Schuyler, in Herkimer County for additional research
Bell Hill RC Church Cemetery Bell Hill Rd Removed
Graham Cemetery Deerfield Dr Inactive
Methodist Church Cemetery Davis Rd Inactive
North Gage Cemetery North Gage Rd Active
Walker Cemetery Roberts Rd Inactive
Weaver Cemetery Trenton Rd Inactive
Blaisdell Cemetery Rte. 285 Inactive
Davis Cemetery ThompsonCrnrs/Florence Rd. Inactive
Driscoll Cemetery Forty-Six Corners Rd. Inactive
Empey Family Cemetery Thompson Corners Inactive
Florence Hill Cemetery Hayes Road Inactive
Grilley Cemetery Rte. 285 Inactive
Graves Cemetery River Rd. Inactive
Loveland Cemetery Rehm Road Inactive
Miller Cemetery Miller Road Inactive
North Florence Cemetery Redfield Rd. Inactive
Old State Rd Cemetery Old State Rd.
St. Mary's Cemetery Cemetery Street Active
Brooker Cemetery Floyd-Steuben Rd. Inactive
Davis Cemetery Unknown Inactive
Floyd Cemetery Koenig Rd. Active
Moulton Family Cemetery Rt. 365 Inactive
Potter Family Cemetery Soule Rd. Inactive
Shattuck Cemetery Ritchie Rd. Inactive
Wallis-Hicks Cemetery Rt. 274 Inactive
Ward aka East Floyd Cemetery Rt. 274 Inactive
Wilcox Cemetery Unknown Removed
Beechwood Cemetery Woodhull St. Active
St. Patrick's Cemetery River Rd. Active
Woodgate Cemetery (White Lake) Woodgate Active
Barker Road Cemetery Barker Road Inactive
Brimfield St. Cemetery Brimfield St. Inactive
Crown Hill Memorial Park Paris Road Active
Chuckery (aka Kellogg Cemetery) Kellogg St. Inactive
Deansboro Cemetery Rt. 12B Active
Hamilton College Cemetery Hamilton College Campus Active
Kirkland Cemetery French Road Active
Manchester Cemetery Rt. 5 Inactive
Old Clinton Burial Ground Clinton Inactive
Prospect Hill Cemetery Skyline Dr./Cemetery Rd. Active
St. Mary's Cemetery St. Mary's Ave Active
Sunset Hill Cemetery Franklin Ave Active
Belcher Road Cemetery (aka Smith Family) Belcher Rd. Inactive
Eames Family Cemetery Lee Taberg Rd. Inactive
Evergreen Cemetery Rte. 26 Active
Graves Cemetery Thomas St Inactive
Hall Cemetery Point Rock Rd. Inactive
Lee Center Cemetery Vets. Mem. Pkwy Inactive
Lee State Road Cemetery Rte. 69 Active
Lee Valley Cemetery Lee Valley Rd. Active
Point Rock Cemetery Sulpher Spgs. Rd. Active
Quaker Cemetery Rte. 26 Inactive
Sly Hill Cemetery Sly Hill Road Inactive
West Branch Cemetery Rte. 26 Active
Baker-Brownin Cemetery Fox Road Inactive
Benton Road Cemetery Benton Rd near River Rd Removed
Bethania (Marcy-Welsh) Cemetery Corner of Luke and Fox Roads Inactive
Buhannan Hall Cemetery River Road Inactive
Carr Cemetery Rte. 291 Active
Cary Family Cemetery Benton Rd. and Rt 291 Inactive
Cavana Cemetery Cavanaugh Rd. Removed
Cleaver Cemetery Rte. 49
Crane Family Cemetery River Road Inactive
Evergreen-Methodist Cemetery Maynard Drive
Glass Factory Rd. Cemetery Glass Factory Rd.
Potter Cemetery Rte. 291
Salem Congregational Cemetery Church Road
Sherman Family Cemetery Removed Removed
Swartout Family Cemetery River Rd. Inactive
Bogan Road (aka Cutler Family) Cemetery Bogan Rd. Inactive
Dicksville Indian Burial Ground Inactive
Four Corners (aka McConnell Family) Cemetery Post St. Inactive
Hanover Cemetery Hanover Rd. Inactive
Hubbard Cemetery Rte. 12/Summit Rd. Inactive
Moores Corners Cemetery Shanley/Gridley Rd Inactive
Occom Grove Cemetery Inactive
Pioneer/Eastman Cemetery Daytonville Rd. Inactive
Sawyer Cemetery Sawyer Rd. Inactive
Van Hyning Road Cemetery Van Hyning Road Inactive
New Hartford
Beckwith Family Cemetery Inactive
East Hill Cemetery Higby Rd/Mohawk Rd Active
Ensworth Family Cemetery Higby Rd.  Removed
Green Lawn Cemetery Seneca Turnpike Active
Lasher Family Cemetery Oneida St., Willowvale  Inactive
Mallory Family Cemetery Mallory Road Inactive
Old South Street Cemetery Oxford Road Removed
Pittman Family Cemetery Upper Tilden Avenue Inactive
Quaker Cemetery Oxford Rd. Inactive
Sacred Heart Cemetery Middle Settlement Rd. Active
Temple Emanuel Cemetery Roberts Road Active
Baptist Cemetery Marshall Road Inactive
Budlong Cemetery Reservoir Road Inactive
Hillcrest (aka Presbyterian) Cemetery Rte. 12
Holman City Road Cemetery Holman City Road No Stones
Lake Cemetery Crooked Hill Road
Old Sauquoit Cemetery Pinnacle Road
Sauquoit Valley Cemetery Church Road Active
St. Mary's Cemetery Church Road Active
St. Paul's Cemetery Snowden Hill Road Active
Village Burial Ground Pinnacle Road
Bethel Cemetery Bethel Road
Capel Bont Cemetery Bardwell Mills Rd.
Dayton Family Cemetery Dayton Road
Enlli Cemetery Fairchild Road
Fairchild Cemetery Bardwell Mills Rd.
Jones Cemetery Old State Road
McDonald/Nash Cemetery Old State Road
Pen Y Caerau Cemetery Bardwell Mills Rd.
Pen Y Graig Cemetery Old State Road
Root Cemetery Rte 12
Burrows Cemetery Rome Oriskany Road, (Rte. 69) Inactive
Coonrod Cemetery Rome-Taberg Road, (Rte. 69) Inactive
Greenway Cemetery Greenway- New London Rd. Inactive
Hamil Cemetery Oneida Rd. & Rt. 26 Inactive
Hazard Family Cemetery Brown Road Inactive
Hitching - Kent Burial Ground East Rome Inactive
Hoag Family Cemetery Oneida Rd. Inactive
Lauther Road Cemetery Lauther Road Inactive
Link Road Cemetery Link Rd. Inactive
Lorena Road Cemetery Lorena Rd. Inactive
Niles Cemetery Rome-Oriskany Road, (Rte. 69)  Inactive
Oneida County Home Cemetery (text view) Floyd Ave. Inactive
Perry Cemetery Oswego Rd.  Inactive
Polish National (aka All Saints) Cemetery West Thomas Street Active
Potter Road Cemetery Potter Road Inactive
Rome Cemetery Jervis Ave. Active
St. John the Baptist Cemetery E. Dominick St. Active
St. Mary's Cemetery Pt1  Pt 2 Liberty Street Active
St. Peter's Cemetery E. Dominick St. Active
Stanwix Cemetery Oriskany Road (Rt 69) Active
Wright Settlement Cemetery Cemetery Rd. Active
Belfield Family Cemetery Kemp Road Inactive
Buckley Family Cemetery Rte. 20 Inactive
Pleasant Valley Cemetery Pleasant Valley Rd. Inactive
Sangerfield Cemetery Rt.s 12 & 20 Inactive
St. Bernard's Cemetery Tower St. Active
Stockwell Cemetery Frog Park Rd Active
Terrytown Cemetery Mason Rd. Inactive
Waterville Cemetery Buell Ave Active
Whalen Cemetery Whalen Rd Inactive
Capel Isaf Cemetery Starr Hill Road Inactive
Capel Ucha Cemetery Starr Hill Road Inactive
Clark Family Cemetery Steuben Rd Removed
Cobin-Nant Cemetery Ellis Rd. Inactive
Davis Family Cemetery Off Penn Mount. Rd. Inactive
Fink Family Cemetery North Steuben Rd. Removed
French Road Cemetery French Road Active
Fuller Cemetery Fuller Road Inactive
Griffith Family Cemetery Pritchard Road Inactive
Hughes Family Cemetery Starr Hill Rd. Inactive
Morris Family Cemetery North Steuben Rd. Inactive
North Steuben Cemetery Buck Hill Rd. Active
Old Steuben Corners Cemetery Soule Rd. Inactive
Pen Mountain Cemetery Old Pen Mountain Rd Inactive
Sixty Road Cemetery Sixty Road Active
Sizer Family Cemetery Fuller Road Inactive
Starr Family Cemetery Pen Mountain Rd Inactive
Steuben Corners Cemetery Cemetery Road Active
Steuben Family Cemetery Fuller Rd. Inactive
Steuben Valley Cemetery Williams Rd. Active
Waterbury Family Cemetery N. Steuben Rd. Inactive
Weeks Cemetery Starr Hill Rd. Inactive
Williams Farm
Evergreen Cemetery Poland Rd. Active
Hinckley Protestant Cemetery Main St. Inactive
Holland Patent Cemetery Holland Patent Active
Olden Barneveld Cemetery Mapledale Rd. Active
Prospect Cemetery Prospect Active
St. Ann's aka Hinckley Catholic Cemetery Main St. Active
Sherman / Moore Cemetery Trenton Falls Rd. Inactive
Townsend (aka Stittville) Cemetery Rte. 365 Active
Welsh Trenton Rd. Inactive
Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery Coombs Rd. Inactive
Note: Please check the Town of Schuyler and the Town of Frankfort in Herkimer County for additional research.
Baptist Church Cemetery Herkimer Rd.
Beckwith Family Cemetery Pleasant St./Beckwith Circle Inactive
Bethel Cemetery Genesse St.
Burton Cemetery Herkimer Rd. Inactive
Calvary Cemetery Oneida St. Active
Deerfield Schuyler Cemetery Herkimer Road Inactive
Forest Hill Cemetery Oneida St. Active
French Cemetery French Road Inactive
House of Israel Cemetery (aka Sons of Benjamin) Mason Road Active
New Forest Cemetery 2001 Oneida St. Active
Potter Street Cemetery Potters St. Removed
Sherman Family Cemetery Riverside Dr., Horatio St. Removed
St. Agnes Cemetery Arthur St. Active
OLD St. Joseph's Cemetery St. Joseph's Street Removed
St. Joseph's Cemetery 1427 Champlain Ave Active
St. Mary's Cemetery Webster Ave Active
St. Peter's Cemetery Coventry Rd. Active
Weaver Family (aka Cosby) Cemetery Cosby Road Inactive
Cooper Cemetery Cooper St. Active
Maple Grove Cemetery Rt. 5 Active
Oneida Castle Cemetery Second St. Active
Sargeant Cemetery Arquint Rd. Inactive
Skinner Cemetery Lyons Road Active
Twitchell Cemetery Potash Hill Rd. Inactive
Vernon Center (aka Bronson) Cemetery College Hill Rd Active
Blackman Corners Cemetery Blackman Cnrs Road Inactive
Cagwin Cemetery Rock Road Inactive
Doxtader Road Cemetery Doxtader Road Inactive
Grove Cemetery Irish Ridge Road Active
Happy Valley Cemetery Happy Valley Road Inactive
Jackson Cemetery Germany Road Inactive
Joslyn Cemetery Rock Road Inactive
New Union Cemetery Happy Valley Road Active
Oak Orchard Cemetery Wood Creek Road Inactive
Prostestant Cemetery Center and Randel Rds Active
Rathbunville Cemetery Happy Valley Road Active
Sand Hill Cemetery Sand Hill Road Inactive
St. Francis Cemetery Center and Randel Rds Active
St. Mary's Cemetery Irish Ridge Road Active
St. Peter's Cemetery Verona Mills Road Active
Verona Cemetery A-L | M_Z Main Street Active
Verona Beach Cemetery Oneida Street Inactive
Wagner Cemetery Rocks Road Inactive
West Verona Cemetery Irish Ridge Road Active
Brodock Cemetery Herder Rd. Inactive
Eckel Family Cemetery Rte. 49 Inactive
Field Cemetery Old St. Rte. 49
Elpis Road Cemetery Rte. 49 Inactive
Fish Creek Landing Cemetery Cook Rd. Active
Harvey Family Cemetery Elpis Rd.  Inactive
Janes Family Cemetery Rte. 49 Inactive
Jewell Cemetery Mill Rd. Active
Littlefield Road Cemetery Littlefield Road Inactive
Maple Flats Cemetery Tynan Rd. Active
McConnellsville Cemetery OFFSITE
Maple Flats Road Cemetery Maple Flats Rd. Inactive
Murray Brook Road Cemetery Murray Brook Road  Inactive
North Bay Cemetery West Lake Rd. Active
St. John's Cemetery Mulholland Rd. Active
St. Mary's Cemetery Rte. 49 Active
Vienna Cemetery Rte. 13
Carmichael Family Cemetery Western Inactive
Carmichael Hill Cemetery Carmichael Hill Rd. Active
Delta Cemetery Driftwood Drive Inactive
Frenchville Cemetery Rt. 46 Inactive
Keys Family Cemetery Webster Hill Inactive
Morse Family Cemetery Stokes Rd. Inactive
Nisbet Family Cemetery Abandoned Section of Kotary Rd. Inactive
Rogers Cemetery Webster Hill Rd. Inactive
Stone Family Stone Rd. Inactive
Welch Church (Quaker Hill) Cemetery Krezewinski Rd. Inactive
Westernville (Presbyterian) Cemetery Stokes/Westernville Rd. Active
Bartlett Cemetery Bartlett Rd. Inactive
Brainard-Brown Family Cemetery Fairway Dr. & Theime Rd. Inactive
Dean Cemetery Deans Highway  Removed
Dewey Cemetery Stone Road Inactive
Dix (aka North Baptist Church) Cemetery Bartlett Rd.  Inactive
Evergreen Cemetery South St.  Active
Hecla Cemetery Cooper St.  Inactive
Hecox Cemetery Rt 5 Inactive
Jones Family Cemetery Eureka Road Inactive
Lairdsville (aka Blackmer) Cemetery Route 5 Inactive
Lay (LaRoy) Family Cemetery Daily Road Inactive
Lowell Cemetery West of Rt. 26  Active
Quaker Cemetery On Bartlett Rd.  Inactive
Westmoreland (Old) Cemetery Rt. 233 Inactive
Westmoreland Union (New) Cemetery Stone Rd. Active
Wilcox Family Cemetery Seneca Turnpike Inactive
Coleman Mills Cemetery Unknown Inactive
Community Church Cemetery North of Westmoreland St. Inactive
Con Tifereth Zui Woods Rd. Active
Gibson Cemetery Gibson Rd. Inactive
Glenside Cemetery Beech Place Active
Grandview Cemetery West St. Active
Holy Cross Polish National Cemetery Woods Rd. Active
Holy Trinity Cemetery Champlin Ave
House of Jacob Utica Cemetery Woods Rd. Active
Mount Olivet Cemetery Woods Road Active
Oriskany Cemetery Cider St. Active
Parkhurst Cemetery Rt. 69 Inactive
St. George Lithusnian Cemetery Woods Road Active
St. Peter - St. Pauls Cemetery Woods Rd. Active
St. Stanlius & Casimer Cemetery Woods Road Active
Temple Beth El Cemetery Woods Rd. Active

Cemeteries in Unknown Locations