NY Census 1865, Floyd, Oneida County
Marriages, Deaths, and Misc. Statistics June 1864 - June 1865

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( ):  Native state or country
  S:  Single    W: Widow/Widower

Edward J. Edwards, 21, S 
Horace A. Miller, 22, S 
Elijah Park, 30, W 
Daniel S. Draper, 29, S 
William Anderson, 26, S 
Robert S. Roberts, 44, S 
Henry Sweetfinger, 22, S 
John W.Midlem, 32, S 
Dr. Francis Jones, 32, S 
Albert G. Bagg, Jr. 23, S 
Jane M. Jones, 20, S, Aug 2, Utica
Angeline Briggs, 22, S, Oct 15, Wyo
Fanny Keene, 19, S Mar ?, Rome
Roseanna M. Carpenter, 25, S, Apr5
Frances C. Townsend, 24, S, Oct 26,
Almira Smith, 42 W, Mar 4
Caroline Bridenstine, 19, S, May 22
Mary E. Warcup, 22, Jan 11, Wstrnvl
Anna S. Cary, 28, S, Nov 5, HollPatnt
Frances J. Barns, 21, S, June 29

Francis R. Park, 1yr Jun 26 (Iowa)
William Owens, 2yr Aug 7 (NY)
Almira B. Clark, 32, Jun 26 (NY) 
George Brooker, 31  Mar 13 (NY)
Robert Jones, 20, Oct 18 (Wales) 
Samuel Sherman, 32?, (NY)
Sarah A. Edwing, 3, May 15 (NY) 
Bridget Evans, 58, Mar 10 (Wales) 
Mary S.Williams, ?, July 27 (NY) 
Owen J. Evans, 56, Jul 27 (Wales)
Almira C. Midlem, 50, Dec 5(Onida)
Nyram Briggs, 67, Jan 7 (NY)
Elizabeth Groosebeck, 66, Apr5(NY)
James H. Sherman, 81, Dec 29 (CT)
John N. Kent, 33, Sep 7, (NY)

Miscellaneous Statistics [on the Social Condition of the People]

In this district there were one inns, hotels and taverns,…..two retail stores…..
REMARKS ON THE HARVEST OF 1864 –[compare with common year]
All the crops were injured by the drouth and Grasshoppers.  From Fifteen to Seventy five Per cent in this Town.  Average injury was Fifty Per cent on all the crops.
The number of domestic animals kept by those who occupy no farming lands, are Nine Horses, Twenty cows.
REMARKS ON THE INFLUENCE OF THE WAR UPON PRICES –Average Monthly Pay (including board) of farm laborers through the summer months?  $35     What by the Year?  $360     Price of farmland increased since 1860?  Yes.  Relative increase?  About one fifth.  What effect upon credit?  Good effect. GENERAL REMARKS – There is in my district an Unincorporated village known as the Village of Floyd Corners with a population of Eighty-nine inhabitants.  I  have noted on the population sheets the commencement and the end of said village.  All the Village lies in one district.
s/ John G. Jones, Enumerator  8 June 1865, Floyd, Oneida Co., NY

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