More Oneida Men Drafted

Source: Daily Sentinel, Rome, NY, November 16, 1942

Oneida, Nov. 16--Oneida Draft Board 440, today sent its 31st contingent since November, 1940, for military assignment.

In the group are 42 of the 118 men who took their final physical examination a week ago in Syracuse. However, it was disclosed that many of those men were 4-F class and few were accepted this time for military service.

The contingent included Bernard Joseph Kaier, 44, of 432 Grand St, who lives with his widowed mother. Kaier is a veteran of the First World War, serving but one hour, being discharged, Nov. 11, 1918, when he was ready to report to a military camp. He is a brother of Patrolman William F. Kaier, veteran of the First World War, who now has two sons In the U. S. Marines, Pfc William E. Kaier and Pvt Richard Kaier, both in the Pacific.

Others are: Le Roy Worthington Biggar, 222 Walnut St, Oneida; Charles F. Kimball, 316 N. Main St, Canastota; Edwin Klock Waterbury, Chittenango; Paul Ellsworth Cruse, S4S Lenox Ave., Oneida; Robert Irving Harrington, 220 Lamb S t , Canastota; Frank Gallagher, 111 Terrace, Canastota, who was in the first contingent but rejected; Carl Charles Zielasko, R. D. 2, Oneida; Walter John Snyder, 35 Cobb St, Oneida; Walter Edward McPherson, Munnsville.

Le Grand Burt Schmidtka, R. D. 1, Cazenovia; Santo Haiti, 417 Lenox Ave., Oneida; Stewart E. Johns, R. D. 1, Oneida; Frank L. Chesebro, 828 Leonard St, Oneida; Irwin Henry Bristol, 818 W. Lewis St, Canasota; Edward Stanley Pisceld, R, D. 1, Williamstown; William Alexander Banovitz, 480 N. Willow St, Oneida; Robert Jay Ransier, 88 Seneca Ave., Oneida; Bernard Robert (Shamrock) O'Brien, 484 W. Elm St, Oneida, a businessman, and a brother of Corp. Walter J. (Duffy) O'Brien, U. S. Marines, now in the Pacific.

Raymond Henry Hafele, 214 Park Ave., Oneida, another businessman; Conzetti Anthony Finocchiaro, 210 Hickory St, Canastota; Raymond Frederick Mullein, 812 Lenox Ave., Oneida; Bernard Herbert Richard, Perryville; William Henry Fisher, 410 South Ave., Oneida; Joseph Anthony Mascari, 116 Souter St, Canastota; Raymond Ufford Shay, R. D. 1, Canastota; Ranio Colamaio, 211 W. Elm St., Oneida; Donald Leon Holt Earlville; Carl Isaac Randall, Perryville; Roy Harvey Christian, 313 Spring St, Oneida.

Nell Morell La Ment, 159 W. Center St, Canastota; Vito Rizzo and Augusta Rizzo, brothers, the former of R. D. 1, Rome., and the latter of 922 Bleecker St., Utica, and formerly of this city; Joseph Daniel Di George, Canastota; Robert Greene Wright, Lawrenceville, Pa.; William James Cronin, R. D. 2, Munnsville; Patrick Burns, R. D. 1, Oneida; Edward Matthew Dunn, 116 N. Main St., Oneida; Harold Otto Teepe, 808 John St, Utica; Arthur William Grabow, R. D. 1, Cazenovia; Malcolm James Church, R. D. 1, Morrisville; Harold Carl Hollenbeck, 423 Madison St, Syracuse; and Charles Francis Moon, R. D. 2, Chlttenango.