Wm. Holstead

The following letter was submitted by Charles Rogers of Northridge, CA.  It is a letter by William Henry Holstead of North Bay to his family as he leaves to enlist in the Civil War.  William enlisted in the Union Army Co. C 26th NY Volunteers from North Bay.  He was in the following Battles:
Chantilly,, 1 Sept. 1861 Centerville, VA
1st Battle of Bull Run, 21 July 1862 Manassas, VA
2nd Battle of Bull Run, 29-30 Aug 1862 Manassas, VA
South Mountain, 14 Sept. 1862 Sharpsburgh, VA
Fredericksburgh, 13 Dec 1862 Fredericksburgh, VA
At the Battle of Fredericksburgh he was wounded by a rifle ball shot in the face.  Thereafter he wore a full beard to cover his scarred face.  William was born in Vienna, NY 12 Aug 1840 and married Caroline E, Horne on 9 May 1865 in North Bay.  She was the daughter of Lynch and Elmira (Mallery) Horne born on 27 Feb 1839 in Vienna, NY.

The Letter as written by William; Spelling is as it appears

North Bay, April 24, 1861
                    Mother, I leave this to let you know that I have gone to help defend the American Flag and to let you know of some little accounts standing out.  Mary Ann Faulkner owes me one dollar Henry Brown owes one half dollar Lary O' Connor owes thirty three cents on mortage and twenty five cents for whisky.  Lary's mortage should be sent to albar(?) I have about seven dollars which I will leave in Emma's Beaureau Drawer.  Augustus Reed said that he would take my place while father was sick.
                    Mother I leave this for a goodbye for I cannot say it to you in person.  I shall leave everything  except the clothes I wear for you to preserve until I return if ever, if I should not, do as you see fit with them.
                    Father I am sorry to leave you but it is all that has kept me to home since Monday night.  Mar Reed said that he would do all he could for you.

Your Son WH Holstead

You must not blame Clate
for this for he is my only friend