1869 Oneida County Directory Business Advertisements

Submitted by Sheila Hoffman

1869 Title Page Henry W. Pell J.M. Orton & Sons Camden Foundry
Black River Herald Dillenback & Nisbet Miller, Forgham, Claesgens, Barton Greene
Bickley and York Hoyt & Butler Hoehrlien Henry Pell
Jones, Kavanagh Lewis, Siegrists, Whiffen, Payne Oriel Selden & Sanford
Servey Shaver Temperance Patriot Spence, Hayden, Quigley
A.H. Munson & G.T. Jones C.H. Williamson & David Marble John Emdin & Philo Curtis The Roman Citizen
Charles Tuttle & John Coult J.P. Davison and Son James Kincaid Singleton and sons & Sanford Hall
George Cranwell and Bros P.A. Hart and James B. Sykes J.W. Hannahs & Swortfiguer J.M. Childs, McQuade & Carney
A.A. Hoffman, Miller & McMaster Benj. B.W. Brabazon Hayden & Thomas, M.C. West MD Utica Morning Herald
J.B. Smith & Mrs J.B. Smith L.C. Payne, George Silcox Charles Dieckow G.J. Leach & N. Hollister
Utica Morning Herald Printing H.L. Rose & A.H. Wheeler Mrs. L.J. Shaw Metcalf & Dering , C.W. Shapley
John W. Isham Mrs A.E. Moore, E.E. Mott A.B. Southwick MD, Thomas Gorman Dr. Kingsley
Eli Overton Eratus Lee Petch, Parker & Batchelor J & L Gompf's Jewerly
Old Forest Hill Marble Works Globe Life Insurance (Hovey) A. Leach, W. Perkins L. Dean , J. Louis
Biderman & Faber H.J. Hilliard , B. Cline D.P. Cox & A.J. Stone J.M Childs & Co.
George Windheim & F.W. Klages Utica Daily Observer National Savings Bank (list of trustees) McKown & Co
S. Barringer's Billiard Camden Journel Paris Furnace Murray House (W.S. Hickox)
Mrs. R & J Wicks Joseph Wicks J.A. Morgan & Albertus Lewis Allen P. Weld & Wm. E. Scripture
Mundy & Williams Saturday Evening Telegraph W. S. Taylor & Co. W. C. North Photographs
Wood & Mann Steam Engine Co. N. C. Newel & Son S. F. Tremain Dentistry John W. Brown Steam Dyeing
Waterville Times (R.S. Ballard) Rome Academy (K.S. Putnam) J.A. Williams Millenery Chas. R. Tuft & Jas. L. O'Reilly
Clinton Courier (Raymond Bros) Warrior Mower (J.P. Davison & Sons)