West Leyden Evangelical Lutheran and German Reformed Parish
located at West Leyden, Lewis County, NY
Source:  Church Book of the Evangelical Lutheran and German Reformed Parish at West Leyden, Lewis Co., LDS/FHC microfilm #1479678 Item 6

This list completes the translation of this record (5 HTML pages in total), which includes a list of families, baptisms, marriages, deaths and confirmations.

The original records are handwritten in German.  The earlier years are in the difficult to read old style German script.  However, some years are written in German with a mixture of old style German script and a latanized version for the names and numbers which are a bit easier to read.  Entries may have additional information (when easily read, it's been written herein).  Please refer to the original source for the best possible translation and complete record!

Many years have no entries!

Please note that the names are the German equivalents of what most of these individuals used on a daily basis including, in some instances, the spellings of last names.  For instance Keesberger (still not spelled accurately, but phonetically closer to the German) was generally spelled Casbaker by the family members and Heinrich instead of Henry, etc..  I have left the spelling of all names as in the original source, as best as I could decifer them.  Where I'm unsure of the name or portion of a date, I have placed a "?" after it.  If I could not read it at all I have placed a "??", indicating the existence of the name/word, but that I couldn't read it well enough to even take a guess!  Anything written in [-] is my transcriber notes, based on my own research or on other material included in this church book.

I have left the format essentially the same as that written in the original document.

1. Louisa Klessman, daughter of Gottfried Klessmann, confirmed 5 Apr 1844
2. Friedricke Klessmann, daughter of Georg Klessmann confirmed 21 Feb 1847
3. Michael Jacky, son of Heinrich Jacky confirmed 28 Mar 1847
4. Georg Maurer, son of Fried. Maurer confirmed 23 Apr 1848
5. Catharina Klessmann, daughter of Georg Klessmann confirmed 23 Apr 1848
6. Salome Jonas?, confirmed 23 Apr 1848 in W. Leyden
7. Margarethe Peters, daughter of Johann Peters confirmed 23 Apr 1848
8. Georg Triess, son of Georg Triess, confirmed 8 Apr 1849
9. Georg Haas, son of Georg Haas, confirmed 8 Apr 1849
10. Saraie? Jackÿ, daughter of Christian Jackÿ confirmed 8 Apr 1849
11. Elisabeth Beÿel, daughter of Philipp Beyel confirmed 8 Apr 1849
12 Salome Ladenburg, daughter of Peter Ladenburg in Watson confirmed  8 Apr 1849

on 13 Apr 1851

Georg Eckhard
Andreas Roser of Turin
Georg Ziegler
Christina Beyl
Margareth Jacky
Philipp Rübel
Margareth Ziegler
Barbara Clessmann
Cathar. Meyer
Marie Stahbecker of Turin
on 11 Apr 1852
Peter Meyer
Friedrich Rübel
Margaretha Echkard
Louise Knieriemer
Catharine Meyer
Louise Meyer
Sophie Legleitner
Henriette Triess
Mathilde Wolff
on 12 Jun 1853
Elisabeth Franz
Elisabeth Wolf
Elisabeth Reimüller
on 19 Jun 1853
Heinrich Weber
Gottfried Klesmann
?? ??
on 24 Dec 1854
1. David Anken
2. Jacob Traxel
3. Ludwig Legleitner
4. Jacob Gerspacher
5. Jacob Rauscher
6. Sebastian Keim
7. Nicolaus Wolf
8. Johannes Anken
9. Caroline Traxel
10. Catharine Anken
11. Juliane Jacky
12. Charlotte Legleitner
13. Margaretha Beyel
14. Magdalene Ziegler
15. Maria Schmocher
16. Caroline Gerspacher
17. Magdalene Eckart
18. Elisabeth Feuerstein
on 7 Jan 1859
1. Johann Beyl
2. Jacob Beyl
3. Adam Franz
4. Jacob Lange
5. Wilhelm Triess
6. Georg Rauscher

1. Kathar. Franz
2. Katharina Wolf
3. Salome Legleitner
4. Louise Legleitner
5. Katharina Legleitner

on 8 Oct 1859 [adult confirmation]
Pauline Löffler nee Vielhauer, born 18 Nov 1840, child of Georg Balthasar Vielhauer and Johanna nee Nagel, wife of Gottfried Löffler
on 5 Mar 1862 [adult confirmation]
Catharine Klesmann nee Dauber, wife of Friedrich Klesmann
17 Apr 1862
1. Johann Wolf
2. Friedrich Beyl
3. Heinrich Seim
4. Emilia Augusta Triess
5. Engelika Carolina Feuerstein
9 Apr 1865
1. Georg? Müller, born 19 Dec 1850
2. Georg Heinrich Feuerstein
3. Samuel Heinrich Triess, born 14 Apr 1851
4. Heinrich Bohrer
5. Wilhelm Keesberger [Casbaker] born 16 Oct 1851
6. Magd. Seim, born 1 Jul 1849
7. Caroline Salome Beyel, born 22 Mar 1851
8. Salome Marg. Feuerstein
9. Karol Bohrer, born 10 Apr
10. Philippine Keesberger [Casbaker], born 6 Oct 1848
on 20 Sep 1868
1. Carl Beyel born 22 Mar 1854
2. Ludwig Seim born 4 Jan 1854
3. Maria Keim born 14 Aug 1854
4. Louise Feuerstein born 11 Nov 1854
5. Louise Weissmüller born 16 Feb 1854
6. Friederike Roser born 16 Mar 1854
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