Minnierva Hale

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Robert Patrick (1740)

     3/1/1792 Minierva Hale and wife and Nathan Gurney with wife and infant moved to Sangerfield, Oneida Co., from New Hartford, Oneida Co., where they had lived a year or two. Their conveyances were ox teams and sleds. Hale purchased land adj. lot 42 which was Mr.
Phelps. Gurney bought lot 40-now in Waterville. They lived with Phelps until they built their  houses. Shortly after the Hale house was occupied a neighbor-seriously injured-was brought there  £or amputation. 1/20/1793 Seneca Hale-the £irst white child in Sangerfield, was born. The .1st  Cong. Ch. of Sangerfield organ. 3/15/1797-to which the Hales belonged. In 1823 half of this  congregation separated and formed the 1st Presby. Ch. of Sangerfield.

          Annals and Recollections of Oneida Co. by Pomroy Jones-1851

     Minnierva Hale died on his farm 1/28/1840 age 76. Only child living (1888) is Jerome Hale of  Waterville. Ralph Patrick a Democrat in 1803. Was father of Erastus and Mrs. Aseneth Miller-still living in Sanger£ield.

                                   History of Sangerfield by A.O.Osborn Sept 1888 Oneida Hist. Soc.

Nixon-Dixson Ancestry

          John Dickson or Dixson b 1567 d 1625. Lived 20 mi. from Ayreshire. David Dickson or Dixson (John) b 1583 in Glasgow. 1622 deprived of his ministry; 1623 allowed to return to his Irvine chg.;

          1637 cited before the High Court; 1638 signed nat. covenant;: 1639 mem. of Gen. Assembly, Chaplin of Scotch Army and Moderator of Gen. Assembly. 1640 Doc of Div. and Prof. of Div. Univ. of Glasgow, 1650 Chair of Div. at Univ. 0£ Edinburgh; 1653 on comm. of Kirk to welcome Charles 2nd and mod. of Gen. Assembly, wrote “Oh mother, Dear Jerusalem; 1660 declined oath of supremacy and ejected from Univ. of Edinburgh; 1663 died aged 80 yrs. Wife Margaret, Children John, Alex. & Robert.

          Robert Dickson or Dixson (David, John} born ,Irvine 1630, prob at battle. of Pentland -Hil1s 11/28/1666 for he sailed £or Ireland in few days after. Prob. settled in Co. Antrim.

          Mar. 1670 Priscilla, daughter of Hugh Kennedy (she died before 1700) .Known children:  Archibald, David, Robert and John. All but David emig. to New England. (1670)

          Robert Dixson (Robert, David, John) b. in Ireland 1675, emig. to Mass.'1719. Settled in New London. Co. Conn about 1739. Moved to Voluntown 4/29/1740. Children William, Robert, James  & John. ,
          John Dixson (Robert, David, John) b. 1679 in Ulster. Mar.(1) Agnes_________ 1700. She d. 1708 or 09 leaving 2 sons and 1 dau. In 1719 he and 2 sons and 1 dau. emig. to Boston and moved  to New London, then to Colchester where bro. Robert was living and then returned to New London where he mar. (2) Anna Lester 5/3/1726. In 1727 became agt. (sic)of Voluntown prop. and moved there. Wife Anna died without issue and he mar. Janet Kennedy 8/7/1741 in Voluntown at 62 yrs of age. In 1747 moved to Kil1ingly and d. 5/6/1759. Buried in Oneco (Sterling). Will mentions eldest son Robert, 2nd son John, eldest dau. Janet, 2nd dau. Margaret  Anderson, 3rd son James and 4th son William. Also names dau. Mary. Widow Janet died between 1796 and 1797. There were two other children-Wm. and Mary-who had died quite young.

          Archibald Dixson (Robert, David, John) b. 1677. Settled in Suffolk Co., Mass. Had several children who had mar. before he emig. A son Archibald mar. Eleanor Mi11er of Roxbury, Suff. Co. 10/6/1751. She was b. 1727. They lived in Pomfret, Windham Co., Conn. then moved to
     Lebanon, New London Co., Conn. and then to Underhill, Vt. He died. 5/26/1800 -Had 7 sons.

           Dixson ( Robert, Robert, David, John) b. in north of Ireland 1701 and came with father to Mass. 1719. In 1721 in Lyme. 11/30/1721 married. -New London to his cousin Janet Dixson, dau of John Dixson by his first wife Agnes. John Dixson then lived in New London. Moved to Voluntown 1728. His wife Janet died Oct. 1754 and the prob. ct.(sic) of Plainfield appt. him guardian of his children James, Mary, & Isabel-, In Dec. 1784 had only one surviving son-Thos. Died in Voluntown 3/30/1787. Wife was Rebecca. His daughter Mary Dixson married (as his first wife)
    Jacob Patrick

          My wife has a very large Dutch ancestry: Rosecrans, Roosa, Kierstede, probably Van Sickle, DeWitt, Jansen, Jans, Dekker, Van Etten, Dircks, Wagenen and Van Buren. Her New England ancestors inc. Stephens, Babcocks, Brookins, Gallups, Reade's, Fellows, Ayers, Lakes and Jones.  Her Virginia, Penna., Maryland and Kentucky ancestry inc. Bruners, O’Bannons, Lewis's,  Penicks, Pates, Owens, Burroughs, Nevilles etc.

          Quite a jump from Annetje Jans and Hans Kierstede to Capt. John Gallup and the Lakes in the north and from the O'Bannons and Lewis's to the Nevilles in the south.