Pension Papers for Mary alias Molly Fellows

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Widows Pension Papers for Mary alias Molly Fellows widow of Rosel
File #17899
Certificate #2624

Document 1:
State of New York, Oneida County

Mary otherwise called Molly Fellows a resident of said county aged 85
years and upwardly personally appeared in open court this 12th December
1836 in the Court of Common Pleas held in aforesaid county who being
first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following
declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the
act of Congress passed July 4th 1836 - That she is the widow of Rosel
Fellows who was a soldier of the Revolution, ____ - that he enlisted in
Captain John Watsons Company at Canaan Con in the Spring of 1775 and in
Colonel Charles Burrells Regt for the term of one year so this deponent
believes - and that he marched with the company & the north and was in
service for the full term of nine months as this deponent believes -
when he returned home with many others - and that in the month of May
1776 he went a second time in the same Company & the North - where he
remained until September when he returned from service having served at
this time four months - that this deponent understood that her husband
was a corporal but has no certain knowledge of that fact.

She further declares that she was married to the said Rosel Fellows on
the 1st day of July 1771 at Canaan Con as will appear by the annexed
copy of the record - her name having been Mary (otherwise called Molly)
Partridge - that her husband the aforesaid Rosel Fellows died on the 3d
day of May 1813 and that she has remained a widow ever since.

As will appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed & further that
the annexed [I cannot make out the next part word for word but it says
the court clerk swears it was received and annexed]

Signed:  John D Leland Clerk
Signed:  Molly Fellows
Oneida County: Fanny Williams of Rome in said county being duly sworn
deposes and says that she is granddaughter of Rosel and Molly Fellows -
that she was living in their family at the time the said Rosel Fellows
died which was on the 3d of May 1813 - and that the said Molly Follows
has remained a widow ever since the death of the said Rosel Fellows

Sworn before me this 12 Dec 1836 & I certify she is a woman of truth &
Signed: BV Johnson, Sup Court Com

Signed: Fanny Williams

Oneida County: Gates Peck of Rome being duly sworn deposed & says that
he is neighbor to Molly Fellows widow of Rosel Fellows deceased - that
said Rosel Fellows died at Rome the 3d May 1813 and this deponent was
present at the time of his death - and that said Molly (who is also
called Mary) has remained his widow ever since his death - and this
deponent further says that he has had frequent conversations with said
Rosel Fellows during his life time about his service in the
Revolutionary War - and well recollects his discussing the celebration
of the declaration of Independence at Crown Point in 1776 after news of
the same was rec'd there - that the said Rosel Fellows was a very
respectable man a magistrate of the Town of Rome and that his widow is a
woman of great respectability

Sworn before me 12th Dec 1836 and I certify said Gates Peck is a man of
truth and veracity
Signed: BV Johnson, Sup Court Com

Signed: Gates Peck
Clerks office Oneida County: I John D Leland Clerk of said county do
hereby certify that the above proceedings were had ____  Court In
Testimony whereas I have subscribed my name & affixed my seal of office
this 12th day of December 1836

Signed: John D Leland Clerk

Document 2:

Albany 2624
Molly Fellows, widow of Rosel Fellows, Conn who died on the 3 May 1813
of Oneida Co in the State of N York who was a Private in the company
commanded by Captain Watson of the Regt commanded by Col Burrell in the
Connecticut line for 8 months

Inscribed on the Roll of Albany at the rate of 26 Dollars 66 Cents per
annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1831

Certificate of Pension issued the 22 day of April 1839 and sent to BP
Johnson Rome N York

Arrears to the 4th of March 39 223.28
Semi-annual allowance ending 4 Sep 13.33

Revolutionary Claim, Act July 4, 1836, Section the 3 -
Recorded by D Brown, Clark, Book A Vol 2 Page 108

Document 3:

A record of those who were joined together in the marriage
Rosel Fellows and Mary Partridge both of Canaan July 1st AD 1771

I hereby certify the above to be a true extract from the Records of the
Second Congregational Church in the town of Canaan in the county of
Litchfield & State of Connecticut
Henry H Woodbridge, Pastor of the 2d Congregational Church

Document 4:

I Isaac Fellows of Canaan Litchfield County and State of Connecticut of
Lawfull age testify and say that according to my best recollection my
Brother Roswell Fellows enlisted into the Revolutionary Service under
Captain John Watson and in Colonel Charles Burralls Regiment in the
Spring of the year 1775 and went to Crown point and was in the Service
then during the summer and until he was regularly dismissed & it is my
impression he enlisted for nine months or a year that in the year 1770
he was lawfully married to Molly Partridge who remains his Widow and she
was received by my Father into his family as was considered as one of
the Family and further the deponent says not

Signed: Isaac Fellows

Litchfield County, Canaan 27th August 1836: Personally appeared before
me Isaac Fellows and made oath to the truth of the above deposition by
him subscribed before me and I further certify that the deponent is a
Creditable witness

Signed: James Ham, Justice of the Peace

Document 5

REV & 1812 Wars Section
January 27, 1927

Clarence D Smith
Rome, R.F.D. #3
New York

     I have to advise you that from the papers in the Revolutionary War
pension claim W 17899 it appears that Rosel (name also appears as
Roswell) Fellows enlisted in Canaan, Litchfield County, Connecticut in
the spring of 1775 and served nine months as private in Captain John
Watson's Company, Colonel Charles Burrall's Connecticut Regiment, then
enlisted in May 1776 and served four months in the same company and
regiment. He died May 3, 1813 in Rome, New York. His age is not given.
     Soldier married July 1, 1771 in Canaan, Connecticut, Mary or Polly
Partridge, both then of said Canaan. She was allowed pension on her
application executed December 12, 1836 while a resident of Oneida
County, New York aged eighty-five years.
     Their granddaughter, Fanny Williams, was living in Rome, New York
in 1836, names of her parents not given.

Winfield Scott, Commissioner

Document 6

Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, DC, Sept 24,

In reply to your request for a statement of the military history of
Rozel Fellows, a soldier of the Revolutionary War, File 17899: enlisted
spring 1775 for 9 months as a Private and May 1776 for 4 months as a
Private, both under Capt Jno Watson, Colonel Chas Burrell, Connecticut

Battles engaged in - none stated
Residence of soldier at enlistment: enlisted in Canaan, Conn
Date of widows application for pension: Dec 12, 1836
Residence at date of application: Oneida Co, NY
Age of widow at date of application: 85 years
Remarks: Soldier married July 1, 1771 in Canaan, Litchfield, Co, Conn
Mary (or Molly) Partridge of said place. He died May 3, 1813 in Rome,
NY, no further family information, soldiers brother Isaac testified and
a granddaughter Fanny Williams of Rome, NY in 1836

Doc 7

Letter dated 20 Jan 1927 from Clarence D Smith of Rome, New York,
requesting the pension record of Molly Fellows

Doc 8
Letter undated, round dated 12 Aug 1920, to Commissioner of Pensions
from SM Fox 721 Pierre St, Manhattan, Kansas: ...... said Rozel Fellows
died at Rome, Oneida Co, NY in 1813 -- probably too early to become a
pensioner. He had married Polly (or Mary?) Partridge, who long outlived
him. Later his widow applied for a pension, but there was some trouble
in proving the marriage, as it was a runaway match from home. Was a
pension ever granted to said widow ........ In August 1814 Milo Andrew
Lester, a member of Capt Gates Peck's company of NY militia, of Rome,
Oneida Co, NY was called into service in the War of 1812, at Sacketts
Harbor, NY. Is there any record of his military service? Did he become a
Signed SM Fox