Pension Papers of Charles Wilsey

Town of Forestport

Submitted by Phil Arcuri

Pension Papers of Charles Wilsey
Forestport, Oneida County, New York

Affidavit of Harvey Sykes

Dated: July 24, 1882:

I have known Charles Wilsey over 30 years and know that before he entered the service he was a
sound man, when he first was discharged and for three months he could not leave the house with
diarrhea.  Could not work at all & for three years was troubled with it, and lung disease, so as to
 prevent his laboring but very little, during that time and from that time to the present he has been constantly ailing taking different kinds of medicine but with no prospect of a permanent cure & during the whole time he has not been able to labor but little of this time & not at any time as he could before contracting these diseases, he has been and is now up one day & down the next, sometimes better & sometimes worse, constantly ailing and unable to labor, & can get no medicine that will effect a permanent cure, I am a dealer in Patent Medicines and have sold he at different times several kinds of medicines for his complaint which have failed to effect any cure or to benefit him to any extent.

Harvey Sykes
Forestport, NY

Affidavit of Jeramiah O’Brien
Dated: February 17, 1890:

I have known Charles Wilsey some thirty years or more.  I have lived in same town with him during most of that time.  He has done considerable work for me in making and mending boots and shoes.  During the latter half of that time I know that he has been a ????  He had told me that he suffered with chronic Diarrhea and I know that he suffers from a cough that indicates lung disease.  I think this cough has been more persistent and sever during the last few years often it ???? very bad for several years past.

He keeps a little shoe shop.  Sometimes we find him in the shop trying to work.  Sometimes muffled up and barely able to talk to his customers.  And quite often, I have found him sick as hell.

In my opinion this man should be treated as wholly unfit to perform any kind of manual labor.

Jeremiah O’Brien

Affidavit of James H. Duff
Dated: February 17, 1890:

That I have known the above named claimant Charles Wilsey about 10 years that I know him to be suffering from Diarrhea and Lung Disease That since the year 1887 he has been unable to labor, but part of the time by reason of above disease.  He is very short of breath upon the least ????.  Since 1889 he has been confined to his bed several times of 4 and 6 weeks duration.  His family Physician Dr. James K. Abbott who died in April 1889 has often treated him for above diseases.

In my opinion I believe the claimant totally disabled from performing manual labor.  On account of the above diseases and has been so since 1887.

James H. Duff
Forestport, NY

No. 278255
United States of America
Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions

It is hereby certified That in conformity with the laws of the United States, Charles Wilsey who was a Private, Co. “G”  8oth Regiment, New York Volunteers Infantry is entitled to a pension at the rate of Four dollars per month to commence on the Twenty-fourth day of July one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four and Eight dollars per month, from May 14, 1890.  This pension being for: Chronic diarrhea and resulting disease of rectum and disease of lungs.  Issued in lieu of Certificate dated October 7, 1884 and subsequent issue to correct disability and rate and allow increase.

Given at the Department of the Interior, this Thirtieth day of July one thousand, eight hundred and ninety and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and fifteenth

Geo Chandler
Acting Secretary of the Interior

Application for Accrued Pension.

State of NY County of Oneida, ss:  On this 3 day of November, 1890, personally appeared Mary A. Wilsey, who, being duly sworn, declares that she is the lawful widow of Charles Wilsey, deceased; that he died on the 1st day of Oct. 1890; that he had been granted a pension by Certificate No 278255 which is herewith returned; that he had been paid the pension by the Pension Agent at Buffalo, NY up to the 4th day of September, 1890 after which date he had not been employed or paid in the Army, Navy, or Marine service of the United Sates except……….that she was married to the said Charles Wilsey on the 18th day of Sept. 1865, at Forestport, in the State of N.Y., that her name before said marriage was Mary A. Jones; that she had (or had not) been previously married; that her husband had (or had not) been previously married; that she hereby makes application for the pension which had accrued on aforesaid certificate to the date of death; and that her residence is Forestport, County of Oneida, State of N.Y. and her Post Office address is Forestport, Oneida Co. N.Y.

Signed: Mary A. Wilsey
Also personally appeared James H. Duff, residing at Forestport, N.Y. and Harvey Sykes. Residing at Forestport, N.Y., who, being duly sworn, say that they were present and saw Mary A. Wilsey sign her name (make her mark) to the foregoing declaration; that they know her to be the lawful widow of Charles Wilsey, who died on the 1st day of Oct. 1890 and that their means of knowledge that said parties were husband and wife, and that the husband died on said date, are as follows:  That they were near neighbors and attended funeral of the soldier.

Signatures of Witnesses:
James H Duff
Harvey Sykes.