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Baechle/Schellhorn 50th Wedding Anniversary
John Allison Bowes Family
Genevieve Cruikshank
Genevieve Cruikshank and husband Thomas Stone
Daughter of Genevieve Cruikshank and Thomas Stone
Henry Clinton Cruikshank
Cruikshank Homestead
Dennison, John
Ferry, Frank L & Anna Sheard
Goppert, Anna Murphy
Goppert, Catherine Baechle
Goppert Wedding Photo
Goppert, Veronica Baechle
Graduation Day 1899
Hoxie, Phebe Drake
Inglis, Warren and Helena Pfeifer
Lehndorf, Minnie
Lorraine, Bessie
Mervine, Admiral & wife Amanda
Pfeifer, Helen Boes
Pfeifer, Carl Boes
Pfeifer, Charles
Pfeifer Home in Utica
Pfeifer family
Pfeiffer/Dauer Wedding
Pfeiffer Family
Pfeiffer, Ruth
Pfeiffer, William and Augusta Lehndorf
Pfeiffer, William "Willie"
Smith, Albert E.
Stiefvater Sisters
Unknown Woman
Valvo, Carmelo & wife Lorenza Minuto