SOURCE:  Extracted from the book, "A Quarter of a Century," A Sermon, preached to The Bleecker Street Baptist Church, on the First Sabbath in January, 1867, by D. G. Corey, Pastor, Utica, N.Y., Griffith & Warren, Printers, 1867.

Contributed by Laura Perkins


Just at the close of the last century, and beginning of the present, when our beautiful city was but a small village, a company of Christians, sustaining different ecclesiastical relations, established religious worship. They met in the school house of the place, located on Maine street.  But there was no regularly organized Christian church until 1801.  This church was founded September 12th, of that year, and was composed of twenty-two Welsh Baptists, who had recently emigrated from Wales.  It was not only the first Baptist church, but the first church of Utica. They met in a log house on Varick street, near the Globe Mills.  In 1806 they erected a chapel on Hotel street, ground now occupied by the Erie canal. This building was subsequently removed to their present location on Broadway, and in time gave way to a more convenient house of worship. In 1819, seventeen persons were dismissed from this church to form the Second Baptist Church of Utica, located on Broad street. The reason assigned for this step was, ignorance of the Welsh language.  In 1837, December 3d, the Second Church, (now the Tabernacle Baptist Church, of this city,) appointed a committee to superintend religious worship in West Utica, until the following May. This measure was prompted by the growth of the city, and the additional fact that a building known as the "Old Bethel," formerly occupied by the Third Presbyterian Church, was now unoccupied. During the winter of 1838, Utica was blessed with a wonderful revival of. religion. Under the preaching of the Rev. Jacob Knapp, a distinguished evangelist, hundreds were hopefully converted to God.  Some of the most useful christian men and women now among us, are the fruits of that great work.  And as a historical fact, it should be stated that this work of Divine grace commenced with this little company of disciples, and in their humble place of worship. So numerous were the converts anxious to find a home in a Baptist Church, it was resolved to effect a permanent organization. Accordingly, on the 21st day of March, 1838, eleven persons met for that purpose.  They met in the private dwelling of  Edward Bright, now publisher and editor of the Examiner and Chronicle. Then and there they resolved to be known as "The Bethel Baptist Church of Utica."  The name was suggested by the fact that the Presbyterian Church, who formerly occupied the building, were connected with the Bethel Society, and devoted more or less to the welfare of boatmen on our canal. It was also their purpose to prosecute the same work, which they did for a number of years.

Such was the origin of this Church of Christ.  The germ was planted when those eleven disciples met and consecrated themselves to the work of building up a New Testament Church.  I give their names: Dea. Asa Sheldon and wife, Dea Harlow Hawley and wife, Betsy Van Buren, Alma Anable, Cynthia Sheldon, Palmer Townsend, Edward Bright and wife, and Horace H. Hawley.   This was the nucleus around which so much precious material has gathered.

*As this sermon, by  D. G. Corey, Pastor, is quite long, I've extracted the following information on church members mentioned in other sections of the sermon:

----- Preceding Pastors of the church were, Rev. L. O. Lovell from October 1, 1838 and resigned January 27, 1840;  Rev. Edward Bright from January 3d, 1840 and resigned November 12, 1841; Rev. D. G. Corey from the 14th of November, 1841.

----- Among the number who have been connected with us, three are now actually engaged in the work of the ministry, or preparing for it, viz: Thomas M. Ind, John J. Lewis and David Watson.  Five of our members have left us to labor as missionaries among the heathen. Rev. Corodon H. Shafter and his wife, went to Siam in 1838, and died April 7th, 1841.  His widow is now the wife of Rev. Dean, Missionary in China.  Helen Crossman Chandler went to Siam in 1841, and is still living.  Emily C. Chubbuck Judson went to Burmah in 1846.  After the death of Dr. Judson, she returned to this country, and died in Hamilton, June 1st, 1854.  Lydia Lillybridge Simons went to Burmah in 1846, and is now spending a brief time in her native land.

-----It is proper that I speak also of some whose venerable age and eminent usefulness, deserve more than a passing notice.  I refer to Deacon Asa Sheldon and wife, Deacon Harlow Hawley and wife, and Father Seaton and wife, all lived to a good old age.  In addition, there was a man (a member of the Broad Street Baptist Church) who was our sincere friend, and contributed liberally for our support, Alexander M. Beebee, for thirty-three years editor of the New York Baptist Register, printed in this city.

-----The first death in the Church occured July 16th, 1839, and am told that brother John H. Peak, was the first one who went from this Church to glory, was held in high esteem.



J. C. Bailey 
William B. Walling
John Ryals 
John H. Champman
Isaac Ryals 
William H. Scranton


J. C. Bailey 
Russell Wheeler 
C. W. Warren
William H. Scranton 
Robert Middleton 
John H. Chapman
Isaac Whiffen 
William B. Walling 
A. Leach


C. W. Warren, Superintendent 
Isaac Ryals, Assistant Superintendent 
Miss Mary Carey, Superintendent of the Infant Department


Samuel Hardcastle 
Daniel Wright 
Harriet C. Griffith 
Alexander M. Houston 
Ellen Jackson 
J. F. Lovejoy 
John E. Roberts 
Miss Kate Walters 
H. C. Edwards 
Thomas Jepson 
William J. McKown 
Willard Becker 
George H. Bellinger 
Miss Jennie Stevens 
Miss Sarah Jane Richards
Miss Esther Morgan 
Miss Sarah Eaton 
Miss Mary Mathewd 
David Ritchie 
Miss Carrie Watkins 
Miss Delight Partridge 
Mrs. Ann Cheetham 
William Fisher 
Hattie Colbrook 
Martha Penson 
Thomas B. Howard 
Horace Champlin 
Miss Ann Morgan 
Miss Sarah Graham
Mrs. Julia Stearns 
Mrs. Catharine Jennison 
Miss Marietta Dennison 
Miss Pudd 
Miss Jane Ann Evans 
Miss Mary Bond 
Mrs. Catharine Schraeder 
Miss Eliza Deming 
Miss Elizabeth Thomas 
Miss Maggie Davidson 
Miss Annie Hughes 
Miss Emma Potter 
Miss Emma J. Corey 
Miss Mary Makepeace
John Ryals} 
Isaac Ryals}Bible Class Teachers 
Albert Potter}


W. Payne, Superintendent 
William Fisher, Assistant Superintendent


Willard Becker 
John Bevine 
George Harris 
Precilla Hughes 
Martha Penson 
Norman Pegg 
Samuel Hardcastle
Mary Edwards 
Fanny Clare 
Evelina Dickinson 
Lucy Nourse 
Sarah Fredericks 
Amanda Filkins 
Mary Mickle


Mrs. Almon Leach 
Mrs. Joseph Illingworth 
Mrs. James Owens 
Mrs. David Huntoon 
Mrs. John Buswell


J. C. Bailey 
William B. Walling 
John Rya's 
William Scranton 
Isaac Ryals 
John H. Chapman


TREASURER---Wm. H. Scranton 
CLERK---O. W. Warren 
ORGANIST---Henry E. Nourse 
LIBRAIAN-- -John Watkins 
SEXTON---Kirtliff Ulmer



John H. Peak 
Charlotte T. Hosmer 
Nicholas Banker 
Julia A. Banker 
Rev. Coroden H. Shafter, 
     Missionary to Siam 
Alfred F. Corban 
Daniel Doland 
Betsy Van Buren 
Daniel Walpole 
Gilbert Barrett 
Isabella Sheldon 
Ann Robins 
Delilah Tames 
Mary A. Corey 
Hannah W. Corey, wife of 
     the Pastor 
Asa Sheldon,aged 88,and 74 
    years a professor of religion 
Sally Barker 
Joseph Seaton 
Julia Merrifield 
Hannah P. Banker Wright 
Almena Hopkins 
Ruth Blair 
Eliza Batley 
Susan A. Clark Tyrrell 
Helen E. Merrill 
Elizabeth W. Gray 
Mary E. Barber 
Welthea Partridge 
James Hall
Mary King 
Ellen Cramphin Loomis 
Agnus Auld 
Orpha Corey 
William Carey 
Edward Chapman 
Mary Mackie Nott 
Ellen Thomas
Maria Clark 
Maria Batley Auld 
Caroline C. Wilkle 
John Stafford 
Elizabeth Seaton 
Josephine Cossleman 
Sarah Stephens 
Lyman C. Osgood 
Mary Lyman 
Andrew J. Tucker 
Mrs. _____  Gray 
Elizabeth Banker 
Phebe Downer 
Ann C. Harris 
Sarah Tames Ralph 
Mary Goodrich 
Sarah E. Higgs 
Sarah Hamar 
George Hatfield 
Anna Maria Freeman 
Ellen Wall Butcher 
Mary Auld Castle 
Mary A. Abbey 
Mahala Tyrrell
Ellen E. Thomas 
Winifred Roberts 
Letitia A. Roberts 
Dorothy Mann 
Jane Maltman 
David H. Davidson 
Jane W Corey 
Alson R. Tennant 
Lucy S. Rectmyer 
Elizabeth Budlong 
Sarah Pugh 
William P. Case 
Benjamin W. Raymond 
Mary J. 0. Wheeler 
Margaret Bond 
William A. Richardson 
Elizabeth Orcutt Harvey 
Albert A. Paul 
Daniel Budlong 
Martha F. Bevine 
Richard Pollard 
Juliett Halstead 
Ann A. Bellinger 
George Kirton 
Mary S. Etheridge 
Elizabeth Blakeman 
Salina Kimball 
Mary Harvy Biggs 
Francis C. King 
Mary E. Smith 
William H. Lewis 
Catharine E. Havens




Elizabeth J. A. Atkins.


Mary Barnard 
Richard Barby 
Isaac Bond 
Mary Barrett 
Catharine Barrett 
J. C. Bailey 
Sally Bailey 
Mary Ann Barby 
Rebecca J. Batley 
Ann Batley 
Charles Bailey 
Persis Y. Baldwin 
Mary J. Bailey 
Fanny A. Benton 
Mary Jane Budlong 
Emily Burrows 
Louisa Birdsey 
Mary E. Bates
Daniel Barrett 
William Beare 
Laura Beare 
Caroline C. Buswell 
Rachel Burton 
Mary Blakeman 
George H. Bellinger 
John Bevines 
Sarah G. Breese 
Jane Bowers 
Martin Burrows 
Amy Butcher 
Ellen Bronson 
Caroline Biggs 
Abagail Burlingham 
James Booth 
Sophia Booth 
Phebe Brezee
Afred S. Brown 
Cornelia M. Barby 
Helen M. Booth 
Libbie Beckwith 
Mary E. Baker 
Jane Brown 
Willard Becker 
Elizabeth Becker 
Georgia Buswell 
Daniel Bacon 
Charlotte Bacon 
Cornelia A. Bond 
Mary L. Bond 
Martha Banks 
Orville M. Budlong 
Esther Banks 
Rev. Henry Brown 
Phebe Brown


Rev. D. G. Corey 
Aaron J. Clark 
Louisa Clark 
Francis Christian 
Nancy Case 
Hannah Carey 
Emily Case 
Ann Chadwick 
Amanda Collins 
Mary Carey 
Sarah Collins 
Frederick Crippin 
Ellen Coxen 
Ann H. Cheetham
Francis Church 
John H. Crawshaw 
Mary E. Carey 
Anna Codner, 
Harriet Colbrook 
Willlam Curtis 
Ellen Church 
John H Chapman 
Abby Chapman 
Horace Champlin 
Sarah Champlin 
Sarah Ann Carey 
Emma J. Corey 
Fanny B. Clare
Sarah A. Collins 
Martha Cartright 
Jane Clark 
Sarah Colbrook 
John H Carey 
William V. Collins 
S. N. Cookingham 
Clara J. Cookingham 
Marietta Cook 
Josephine M. Cox 
Sarah Colledge 
Anna P. Crane


Sarah Davenport 
Marietta Dennison 
Sarah Davis 
Rosetta A. Davis 
Nancy M. Dobie 
Sophronia Dean 
Evelina Dickinson 
Ellen Davis 
Celia Deming 
Brazill Deming 
Catha.ine Davis 
Elisa Deming
Mary Deming 
Martha Divine 
Charlotte Dickinson 
Libbie H. Davis 
Caroline Dickinson 
Jennie L. Davis 
Marie Davis 
Julia Devine 
Cornelia Deming 
Mary De Marsh 
Louisa Davis


Mary B. Evans 
Mary A. Edgerton 
Jane M. Enquest 
Ann Evans 
William Etheridge 
Sophia Etheridge 
Phillip Edmunds 
Ann Evans 
Jane Ann Evans 
John Eynon 
Laura Eaton 
Mary Ann Eaton
William Edmunds 
Ann Edmunds 
Henry Edmunds 
Mary Evans 
Sarah J. Evans 
Hannah Edmunds 
Sarah Eaton 
Hezekiah Edwards 
Mary E. Edwards 
Ann Evans 
Josephine Eaton


Catharine Falkner 
Anne Furguson 
Mary Furguson 
Phebe Furguson 
Mary C. Fuller 
Charles H Furguson 
Sarah Furguson 
Jacob Faber
Sarah Fredericks 
Sarah Frances 
Mary Ann Filkins 
Amanda Filkins 
Lucy A. Fenton 
Ellen M. Fairman 
William Fisher 
Margaret Fisher


Fanny A. Griffiths 
Sarah A. B. Goodrich 
Adeline S. George 
Alida Goodliff 
Mary A. Griffith 
Jane Gossin 
Isaac F. Griffiths 
Betsy A. Griswold 
Mary E. Griswold 
John B. Griffith
Candace E. Giles 
Sarah Graham 
Francis Goodwin 
Clara Green 
Eliza E. George 
John F. Griffith 
Harriet E. Griffith 
Ruth H. Gibbs 
Mary Green 
David G. Griffiths


Elizabeth Howell 
Ann Hall 
Sarah Hartness 
Hugh S. Hughes 
Sarah Ann Hurlburt 
Rebecca Hannahs 
Sarah Hastings 
Frances M. Hannahs 
Mary A. Harrington 
Sophia C. Hopkins 
James H. Havens 
Richard Hatfield 
Mary H. Hastings 
Ellen T. Harper
Elizabeth Hatfield 
Finette Hickcox 
David Hatfield 
Elizabeth Hatfield 
Elizabeth Hunter 
Jamnes Hunter 
Elizabeth Hughes 
Mary Hatfield 
William Hatfield 
Noble Hopkins 
Jennie Hopkins 
Elizabeth C. Hobby 
Alexander N. Houston 
Annie E. Hughes
Harriet E. Howard 
Samuel Hardcastle 
Cortland E. Hyde 
Frances Haynes 
Nannie M. Hamar 
Frances Howard 
Precilla Hughes 
Nettie Harris 
Thomas B. Howard 
Mary A. Holly 
Lottie Houston 
George Harris 
Maria J. Huntoon 
Rosa A. Hodges


 Mary Illingworth


Thomas James 
Jane James 
Catharine Jennison 
Ann Jones 
Mary J. Jones 
Lucinda Jacobs 
Mary James 
Elizabeth James 
Sarah James 
Ellen Jones 
Mary A. Jones
Jennett Jones 
Laura Jones 
Mary Ann Jones 
Lemuel H. James 
Anna J. James 
Thomas E. Jepson 
Caroline Johnson 
Ellen Jackson 
Mary A. Jones 
Lamyra Jones 
Frederick Jennison
Helen Jarrett 
Fanny Jones 
Joshua A. Jones 
Josephine Judson 
Jennie Jones 
Lydia Jones 
Mary J. Johnson 
Mary Jones 
Mary Jones 
Robert W. Jones


Charles E. Kirkland 
Statira Kelly 
Mary Kincaid
Elizabeth Kincaid 
 Sarah E. Kling 
Francis Knight


Mary J. Leach 
Almon Leach 
Lydia C. Leach 
Sarah A. Lee 
Effie Leslie 
Asula Lowell 
Charles Lloyd
Fanny R. Lloyd 
Maria J. Lane 
Anna Lloyd 
Almira Lane 
Jacob Lohrer 
Eunice Ladd 
Esther Lewis


Martie Mason 
Mary Makepeace 
Fanny Millbury 
Sarah Miller 
Thomas Mann 
Eliza Mann 
Minerva Maynard 
Rachel Millbank 
Sarah Morgan 
Esther Morgan 
 R. B. Mason 
Harriet Mason 
George Mainwarring 
Harriet Morgan 
Ann Morgan
Susannah Mills 
Maria T. Mills 
Isaac Middleton 
Margaret Middleton 
Sarah H. Miller 
Annie M. Mason 
Carrie Miller 
Phebe J. Miller 
Elizabeth Miller 
Susa Mills 
Sarah J. Mercer 
Mary T. Mickel 
Mary Matthews 
William J. McKown 
Roxa Ann Mitchel


 Margaret Northrup 
Ann Newhouse 
Henry E. Nourse
Sarah Nourse 
Lucy Nourse 
Nettie Norton


Catharine Owens 
James P. O'Donnell 
Ellen T. Owens 
Thomas Owens
Lena Ohle 
John D. Owens 
Margaret Owens 
John B. Orendorf


Abigal B. Parsons 
Catharine Powell 
Esther Prentice 
Malvina Peek 
Lucy Partridge 
Sarah Ann Phillips 
Evan Pugh 
Willoughby Payne 
Lucy Patridge 
Susan Pepper 
Lucy Payne 
Emma Potter
Jane S. Porter 
Albert Potter 
Martha Penson 
Minnie Parker 
George Penson, 
Delight Partridge 
Nelie S. Potter, 
Jennett Pullman 
Clara Pegg 
J. N. Pritchard 
Wayne S. Parsons 
Norman Pegg


Martha Richardson 
Elizabeth Richards 
Sarah Richards 
William A. Richardson 
Susa Ritchie 
Kate E. Reed 
Mary E. Roberts 
Martha F. Richardson 
Mary A. Ryals 
Isaac G. Ryals 
John Ryals 
Catharine Richardson 
David F. Ritchie 
Charlotte A. Rees 
Ann Eliza Rees
Jane E. Rosevelt 
Catharine Ritchie 
Richard Richards 
Ann Richards 
Lonisa Roberts 
Sarah Jane Richards 
Ann Rowe 
John Rowland 
Mary Ann Roberts 
Jane A. Roberts 
John E. Roberts 
Sarah H. Russell 
Henrietta Riley 
D. L. Russell


Jane Steel 
Catharine Stuber 
Julia S. Stearns 
William H. Scranton 
Alexa Scranton 
Eliza Schwab 
Helen E. Sherman 
George Shapland 
Eliza Sampson 
Harriet Stratton 
Elizabeth Smith
Mary Schwab 
Matilda Snyder 
Anna M. Squares 
Orissa Smith 
Catharine Schraeder 
Richard Street 
Elizabeth Street 
Frederick Schraeder 
Mary J. Simpson 
Catharine Sprague 
Lottie Stone
Martha Sampson 
Julia S. Stephens 
Isabella K. Sprague 
Jennie E. Stephens 
Mary T. Shapland 
Susan Stephens 
Mary Eliza Stewart 
Nellie A. Sayles 
Violetta Snyder 
Daniel H. Smith


Elijah Tyrrell 
Parmelia Tyrrell 
Persis W. Thurston 
George Tuttle 
Sarah Ann Tuttle 
Elizabeth Thomas
Ebenezer Thurston 
Ann E. Tucker 
Phebe M. Taylor 
Angie H. Thomas 
Ann H. Tillinghast 
Almira Thompson


Kirtiff Ulmer Fanny Ulmer


William Van Patten 
Hannah Vance
Eliza Van Vleck


Ann Webb 
Edward Williams 
Addie Willams 
Annie Wood 
Elizabeth S. Whiffin 
Elizabeth Wright 
Russell Wheeler 
Amanda Wheeler 
Ann R. Williams 
C. W. Warren 
Elizabeth Willams 
Sophia Wellington 
Esther Williams 
Caroline E. Warren 
Catharine Walter
Morris Wheeler 
William B. Walling 
Lydia Walling 
Thomas Williams 
Mary J. Williams 
Mary Wilkins 
Mary Ann Williams 
Celia A. Wright 
Jane D. Williams 
Lucy Williams 
Carrie E. Watkins 
David Watson 
Henry C. Welton 
Sarah C. Welton
Fanny A. Whiffin 
Charles W. Woodruff 
Daniel Wright 
Elizabeth S. Wright 
Ann E. Whiffin 
Euphenia Woodworth 
Isa e Wi' marth 
Margaret Wilmarth 
Mary E Whiffin 
Hannah Ward 
Mary Ward 
Sarah Warrington 
Ce'ia C. Wilson


John H. Young



Harriet E Burlison 
Lavina Birdseye 
Sarah M. Butcher 
Jane A. Baldwin 
Caroline S. Barrett 
Margaret Colledge 
Hattie Clark 
James Colledge 
Ray Carr 
Sylvia Deming
Mary Ann Davies 
Esther W. Eynon 
William Ellis 
Ellen Griffiths 
Jane S. Hughes 
Rebecca Housham 
Louisa A. Jones 
Sarah M. James 
Mary Ann Johnson 
Frederick Lovejoy
Roxana Long 
Mrs. F. Lovejoy 
Mary Morgan 
Barbara Middleton 
Cornelia M. Parsons 
Mary Richards 
Elizabeth Scranton 
Martha J. Wolf 
Euphemia Woodward 
Mary S. Wright


Elizabeth Hamar 
Rosana Oatley 
P. R. Oatley
Emeline Oatley 
Theo. Dixon 
Mrs. T. Dixon
Mrs. S. Fralick 
Nancy Samson 
Mary J. Buchholz


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